Has Your Car Ever Been Stolen or Broken Into?

By Ford Social Member

We here at theFordStory.com know the feeling, because it’s happened to us. You head out to begin your day like normal, walk to where your car should be and…a window has been busted and thieves have stolen whatever contents you had, even if it was a gym bag you left in the backseat that to their disappointment will be a score of only stinky clothes. Or worse, you walk to where your car should be and…it’s gone.

On the upside, the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report revealed we currently have the upperhand over the bad guys; there was a 7.2 percent decrease in auto thefts in 2010. Thankfully, vehicle owners are getting smarter, no longer leaving keys inside or the doors unlocked and the vehicle unattended.

When it comes to safety technology for the vehicle, Ford continues to be one step ahead of the thieves, too. While no system is foolproof, a deterrent is sometimes all it takes. "The biggest advancement that we've had was the electronic immobilizers that are built into the keys; it pretty much eliminates the possibility of hot wiring the vehicles. It's a little electronic chip that has encryption, so it's very hard to get around,” Mark Zielinski, Supervisor of Security and Radio Frequency Products at Ford said. Additionally, the available Ford Passive Entry-Passive Start allows for unlocking and engine starting remotely, while the available Intrusion Sensing System deters against smash-and-grab thefts. The Perimeter Alarm System deters against unauthorized entry via the doors, hood and trunk/liftgate.

Ford dealers also offer Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) etching on windows and other surfaces, making vehicles less attractive to thieves because all windows must be replaced before the vehicle can be tagged with a fake VIN and resold. You can also install wheel locks, which help protect against wheel theft by requiring a special key to remove all of the lug nuts, plus you can add LoJack, the vehicle tracking system that helps police locate and recover vehicles.

There are also basic, simple steps you can take that aren’t about technology: Take your keys, never leaving them inside or on the vehicle (and don’t leave the vehicle running without being there). Always close and lock all windows when you park, which, by the way, should always be in areas with good lighting. If you’ve got a garage, park your vehicle in there. And of course, never leave valuables where they can be seen (or in the vehicle at all).

Finally, if you have information on an auto theft crime, first report it to police and then see if there is a theft prevention program like Michigan’s Help Eliminate Auto Thefts program (1-800-242-HEAT), which offers potential cash rewards for information on auto theft crimes.
Tylor Morrison 09/28/2011
My mom's chevy uplander got broken into once... the theives used a prybar to open one of the sliding rear doors.. took the DVD player and screens from off the back of the seats....

then someone broke into my sport trac when i still had it... mom forgot to lock the doors... stole my wallet with my ID, and 100 dollars.... but didn't grab the blackberry, 400 dollar camera... or anything else.. :/ retards...
Jimmy Carnline 09/27/2011
No it hasn't.
Jamie At Ford 09/23/2011
Hi Carl Linthwaite,
Residential noise compliance regulations partly dictate the maximum decibels of factory installed car alarms. Please keep this in mind and I’m sorry to learn of the incident with your Focus. I hope everything was okay and nothing was damaged or stolen!

Ford Customer Service Division
Don Phillips 09/21/2011
Sherriff's Office blew me off!!! Im sure he's a retired cop of somke sort!!!
Don Phillips 09/21/2011
Yes, Im sure a "security guard" stole a hand gun from my Super Duty in 2008 while staying at the Seattle Holiday Inn express at the airport! He ran my license plate and found out i have two cw permits and broke in and stole it as nothing else was molested!!! not the 33.00 in cash in the ash tray or the gps on the windshield etc!?? Wouldnt that make you suspicious????
Michael Brown 09/21/2011
Never stolen but one Escort and one Mustang were broken into. Got the Escort radio, Mustang was to tough for them.
Fox Body Mustangs 09/21/2011
Yes had my Radio stolen once..
Antonio Isas Smith 09/21/2011
all.. like!!
Kyle Gudgell 09/21/2011
yeah i broke into my own truck once just 4 a beer
Victor Omar Solorzano 09/20/2011
Yes my navigator a week after I bought the car in May of this year, broke into
Mortimer Duke 09/20/2011
Had a Chevy stolen once. It was one of the biggest favors anybody's done for me. Didn't know whether to file a police report - or send a thank you card.
Marcelino N Wendy Bravo 09/20/2011
Kevin Bjorklund 09/20/2011
My 85 F-250 diesel was stolen. I'm glad we caught the guy and now he has to pay me money for the truck. I'm looking at a 99 F-250 Power Stroke to replace the 85.
David Abruzzese 09/20/2011
Scot Fahey 09/20/2011
Cars stolen, 1970 Caprice, 1970 Datsun 1200, and some poor fool stole a working 8-track player out of a Fiat 124 (1974)
Nick McIntosh 09/20/2011
My Ford F350 was stolen years back and I haven't seen it since. The cops are lazy and refuse to go look for it also. Pissed me off!
Amro Bin Anwar Al-Qader 09/20/2011
Not yet, thank God
But I cought someone was about to key the car & showed him ...
David Ulvog 09/20/2011
Yeah my 2000 mustang last night...
Mike Williams 09/20/2011
I grabbed a kid getting in to my 93 convert stang. I gave him what he had comming. He didnt like it much
Wade Zogie 09/20/2011
I had my Ford ranger broke in to. They broke my window to get in to steal my radio the funny part is my doors were unlocked.
Jason Shank Flash 09/20/2011
Some one stole my 85 Mustang GT 5speed T-top got it back but it was hammered.... spent alot of money on that beast only to scrap the car!!
Mark Pesta 09/20/2011
yeah broke into my 94 danger ranger stole cds and stuff. before i hit ice and rapped it around a tree. i miss that truck! it had the adittude of a race car and the heart of a 1 ton. and the engine and tranny still live on in another truck.
Paul Smallman 09/20/2011
yeah my M reg escort, was broken into couple years ago, they took my halfords crappy subwoofer the ripspeed stereo my bro sold me, but amazingly they tried to nick the car but failed. All the backbox was ripped open - but ford ftw - even for an mk 5b escort, it stumped the morons the immobliser! Cheers ford!
Thomas David Mattingly 09/20/2011
Window busted out. They licking I did not find who
Robert Shea 09/20/2011
My brother stole my 70 cougar once and only once. Moms 77 ltd key would work if got the right jiggle and I have the scar on my hand to prove it. It was from my brothers face
Charles Cross 09/20/2011
Had two XD Falcons stolen. The v8 was never retrieved. The straight 6, I walked up the road a little to about where I though it would be and there it was. Gotta love those after market fuel cut-off switches.
Rene Cruz Ruiz 09/20/2011
unica en su tipo por el momento
Remis Andrews 09/20/2011
yes broken into
Susy Calle 09/20/2011
My 05 ford f150 was broken into. The key hole was pushed in and that popped the door open. It was the STX model so it didn't have power locks or anything but they didn't take anything. The driver's seat was all the way back as if someone had sat there. This was in December of 09. Ended up getting rid of it lol.
Bill Weber 09/20/2011
I'm not sure if people are truly getting smarter, or if the people who leave his or her keys in the car can't afford to buy another car in which to leave his or her keys in again.
De Rhoden 09/20/2011
My 99 super duty was last winter, they went in under the
Key hole on the passenger door
Dan Berkeley 09/20/2011
Yes, if anyone see it let me know. In 1981 i bought a 1978 F100. I restored it in 2003 and it was stolen. Black metallic paint. Only thing left to do was rebuild the inline 6 300. That engine had 160k miles on it and never been touched. It was on it's 5th tranny, however.
Deborah Stickler 09/20/2011
Yes 1997 Mustang GT by a moron that couldn't drive a stick. Drove it across the street. Got it back messy but ok. He got caught the next day with my keys still in his pocket. Goes in the stupid thieves category
Jeremy Woodside 09/20/2011
Yes.. Bloody thieves
Jim Adams 09/20/2011
Might as well just leave your doors unlocked and have a battery kill switch cuz them idiots ill break any window to get to a stereo
Patrick Bell 09/20/2011
yes it was a 93 ford aerostar and they got into it pretty easily and had it started pretty quickly. if it was not for the broken exhaust i would not have heard it being backed out of my driveway!
Konrad Wilusz 09/20/2011
No, I have Skoda octavia :D
Travis Tortorige 09/20/2011
My F250 has been broken into twice and attempted once.
Robert Pierce 09/20/2011
Some hoodrats tried breaking into my Crown Vic I had about 10 years ago. I chased them across town trying to P.I.T them around.every corner. Haha
Jim Dowdell 09/20/2011
Yes and they where fords F350/E250 Both having plastic door handles with door locks in the plastic handles. It takes nothing to get in them.
Peter Nehemia 09/20/2011
Very easy to break in to. Dont know how many times mum lock the keys in the falcon.
Adam Auksztulewicz 09/20/2011
Never any of my Fords but my wifes 2000 Monte Carlo got it's window smashed cause she left her cell phone on the dash and her 1991 Honda civic got stolen twice and recovered twice but the second time the insurance paid us for it before the cops found it and we couldn't buy it back ;( no more Hondas, currently we garage my F150 and my wifes Fusion...
Charles Anthony Kozak 09/20/2011
I bet if you made an exploding steering wheel, theives would only steal a car once, HA!
David Kehlert 09/20/2011
Nobody want my old Mondeo, so Nobody Stell it. Best Safety Feature ever :D
Kelly Dudley 09/20/2011
Yes! I actually saw the guy Going through my truck and the police did get him.
Carl Allen 09/20/2011
people will steal anything these days. My friend got a window broken out, just so the person could take a half pack of cigarettes. Ugh that kind of stuff gets my goat.
Dena-Marie Elrich 09/20/2011
Yes,i've had my car broken into and stolen,but I wasnt driving a ford then. It was my 86 chevy camero. No matter what you drive and your car is broken into or stolen it really sucks to be a victim of auto theft!!!!
Patricia Herbert Irwin 09/20/2011
Yes! They pried the rear passenger window out of my Explorer in Cincinnati, in broad daylight when we attended a TallStacks Festival several years ago. Alarm did not even go off!!
Nick Stamis 09/20/2011
Yup both
Joey Rodriguez 09/20/2011
Ya on my old 77 el camino I had a system but no tint he force the window down it had power windows factory I came out and got in to it but I was handcuffed to when the cops came so much for justice.
Jose Robert Camacho 09/20/2011
Carl Allen 09/20/2011
@Aaron Bishop, that is true. When my car got broke into they made a hole about 6 inches around and reached thru it and open my door, I didn't have an alarm.
Beverly Verdier 09/20/2011
Yes some jerk broke into my freestyle and stoled my make-up! Go figure
Bill Harris 09/20/2011
Bad Boys Toys
Lisa Nazar 09/20/2011
hahahaha. Carson thats funny as man. But dnt think poss. Lmao. Im puttin a tracker in mine so can get to the theif b4 the cops do. Lol. Oh and i had some speakers stolen outa my 95 ef wagon
Andrew 09/20/2011
I've had cars stolen out of the driveway, had friends that had their cars broken into and wheels stolen, I've even coat hangered my own car when I accidentally locked the keys in and left them on the seat :S
Jyll Lenae 09/20/2011
It's been broken into but I Love my fords!!! Always treated with love!!! Can't bring myself to sell my Mustang with my growing family because I love it so much!!! : ) and the Ford Fusion is so great for kids!!! : )
Jason Holder 09/20/2011
The value that Ford offers to the automotive industry is superb! I currently don't even drive, and have noticed this, but once I get my cars, I will certainly be sitting behind the wheel, of a Ford. :)
Doyle Evins 09/20/2011
One time, I left my Crown Vic P71 unlocked and unoccupied for a week, and everything was still in place. :D
Carson Walker 09/20/2011
You need to start putting a self destruct option in your vehicles so if it gets stolen we can blow it up.
Derik Geddings 09/20/2011
My 70 mustang 302 coupe was stolen and found wrapped around a telephone pole :(
Dennis Vranic 09/20/2011
Yes, my 1988 XF Falcon, first they stole the stereo, second time they stole the car only to have it retrieved undamaged 2 days later and 3rd time car stolen again but no so lucky as car was written off. And yes, I did buy another Ford :)
Anthony Austin 09/20/2011
I love the keyless entry pad on Fords, thats a major item that I look for in Fords. I'm able to lock my keys inside if say I'm going to the beach, or to the gym and wish to leave them hidden in the car. Or going into the convinience store for a few minutes and leave the car running so it keeps the car cooled.
Edward Hardee 09/20/2011
Jeff Krull 09/20/2011
Yes, by me. Locked my keys inside. Didn't have to break a window. Now I carry a spare key.
William Dyer 09/20/2011
Yup stole my 89 ranger show truck from work and stripped it got what was left of it back and rebuilt it it sucked
James Coon 09/20/2011
Yes. Some thugs knifed the top on my 91 5.0 LX Vert and stole the radio, all my CD's and my backpack with all of my school stuff in it. Gotta love Phoenix AZ. Couldn't wait to graduate and move back to Michigan.
Wissem Nasri 09/20/2011
toujours the best ....... I love it FORD
Tracy Banks 09/20/2011
Yes my 91 crx twice the radio was stolen
Patrick Bam Bamrick 09/20/2011
Thieves have tried to coathanger my 06 Mustang GT several times. All the succeeded in doing was chewing up the weatherstripping, which still doesn't leak. Thing to remember... If a pro wants your car, they'll get it.
Verona Prescott DeLorenzo 09/20/2011
YES!!! And it sucks! It was my Mustang!!
Kevin Steele 09/20/2011
Somebody broke into my 99 f250 and stole my amp subs and busted my stereo
Tim Wood 09/20/2011
Last Winter, I walked up to my Mercury Milan to find the window smashed... Thousands of dollars in cameras, GPS and other electronics... Untouched.

Didn't figure out what they stole until we got home:
A $3 bag of chocolate truffles. To this day, I swear it was a pregnant woman with a fierce craving.
Frank Clutch Rigg 09/20/2011
Sarah June Galassi 09/20/2011
Nope! Despite my best efforts! :) j/k
Myrna Gutierrez 09/20/2011
Yes! My truck was broken into at a chuck e cheese parking lot in middle of the day! Chuck e cheese has no security cameras, they suggested I ask Target across the parking lot for video. When I filed report, chuck e cheese corporate sent me $25 gift card..
Michael Woolums 09/20/2011
I've left the keys in mine in hopes someone would take it and no one has =(
Devin Northrop 09/20/2011
yes, they blew the lock out of my door on my 05 powerstroke.
Brad Doerr 09/20/2011
The good old PATS system saved my Lightning from thieves.
Marc Kluesner 09/20/2011
many yrs ago someone tried, they didnt see me in the garage. they were surprised when I opened fire on them with a nail gun, lol.
Ben Wampler 09/20/2011
Yes, my 90 mustang 5.0.
Tim Theodorou 09/20/2011
I have a Viper alarm system that communicates with me. My CVPI also has the optional laminated side glass.

Why dont Ford dealers make it knows that they offer the etching service?
Nick Toomey 09/20/2011
Unfortunately no. I wish someone would take my Ranger. :(
Brett Ringler 09/20/2011
Sure did lost my radio needed a window
Ray Saravia 09/20/2011
Yeah if they know how to open the dam door ;)
Jeffy Fong 09/20/2011
Transformer cars...?
Mike Parker 09/20/2011
Yes. Pioneer cd player FACEPLATE stolen. My fault bc left doors unlocked.
Tony Crego 09/20/2011
6 days after I bought my 2010 Fusion, drivers window smashed, wallet and i-pod stolen:(
Clewell Motors 09/20/2011
popped the rear slider open, popped the lock, and stole my 99 f250 superduty with a new flatbed tilt trailer attatched. took 2 minutes.
Felecia Darnell 09/20/2011
where we used to live are cars were raided very often,you would come home with half a tank of gas,get up and be going down the road and see it was less than a 4th..we live 14miles outta town,at least they all ways left us enough to get to town.We had money taken from over the visor,(gas outta both cars happened about every 3mths.Soo glad that our new house sets way off the road!
Wednesday Adams 09/20/2011
NO! I don't want toooo hear those bad words..no....I love my FORD!!!
Anthony Onorato 09/20/2011
I used to leave my 92 explorer unlocked on the street, for two years nothing happened...guess i was just to comfortable living where I was. I was working on the truck in the driveway for a few days, put my tools in the truck when I was done, and locked it. Of course when it's up in the driveway and locked is when it gets broken in to...took a couple hundred dollars worth of tools and a GPS.
Tom Kreger 09/20/2011
Someone tried to smash my side window, luckily because of the window tint treatment they didn't get any further. Guess they didn't wanna stick around any longer to try to push the glass in............. Never leave anything sitting in view. Not even a cheap pair of sunglasses. By the time they figure out their cheap, you already lost a window..........Tint Can be a great thing!!
Andrea Foster Ledbetter 09/20/2011
yes i had my ford explorer broken into..
Aaron Kyle Bishop 09/20/2011
They ripped out my tinted window. Yeah tint makes the window shatter resistant.
Carl Linthwaite 09/20/2011
ST broken in to the other week. Alarm was a joke, it was more like an hour beep on a cheap Casio.
Kevin Hunter 09/20/2011
if you own a Ford Crown Victoria (P71) police Interceptor and it is not likely to get stolen or broken into because theives think you are the police. That is what i do.
Dave Tsosie 09/20/2011
Nope its a Ford
Robert Jimenez 09/20/2011
F150s are easy broken into all 3 of mine have the door handles broken
Ryan D E Garner 09/20/2011
Daniel Blocker Jr. 09/20/2011
No thank god I hate ppl that violate vehicles.
Kelly Ward 09/20/2011
Funny thing,just last night....not happy
Justin Bowman 09/20/2011
Bryson Antony Cordero 09/20/2011
Yes :-(
Rahul Banga 09/20/2011
just 2 months back, someone jacked my car :|
Angela Galle 09/20/2011
Yes, my car was broken into several years ago. They took my cd player, all of my cds, a necklace a friend made me and a few other things. The most horrible feeling in the world is feeling like your property has been violated. Very upsetting
Michael Beckhoff 09/20/2011
Nope, I've been lucky, but I never leave anything in it to attract attention and it's always locked.
Tim Wood 09/20/2011
This kind of technology arriving over the past 15 years or so probably has something to do with the large drop in auto thefts over that time.
Paul Schacknies 09/20/2011
Yes and yes. My first Stang was stolen, taken for a joy ride and parked back where they found it. Weird but whatever. And some one broke into my truck to steal nothing. Again weird but whatever.
Antonio Marte 09/20/2011
Why would you jinx it with a post like this >:0 and the answer is no thank god.
Doug Maxwell 09/20/2011
Yes, stole my Alpine radio, Ray Bann sunglasses, a pack of cigs...
Julie Light Routh 09/20/2011
I always lock my car and don't leave anything lying on the seats that would be a temptation for a break-in. Suppose it helps that I don't have any spendy accessories i.e., sound systems in my vehicles.
Patti Boutwell Holloway 09/20/2011
Downtown Detroit - stolen
Melissa Morgan Topham 09/20/2011
Nope..keep it locked and drive way is wall lit.
Eugene Kolo 09/20/2011
Yes, and I know who did it. Just waiting for the right time to....
Donna Bacon-Heath 09/20/2011
YES on April Fools day this year and they took my turtle!!
Liam Kelly 09/20/2011
yes, my truck is easy to do so with a slim jim
Has Your Car Ever Been Stolen or Broken Into?
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