Design Is in the Details

By Ford Social Member

The team of designers at Ford pulls inspiration from everything around them, and pours the best of it all into their work. Here, they tell you what it takes to give a vehicle the look and feel it needs in order to be just right.
Taylor 07/14/2009
My Dad sells all Ford Products and Chryslers as well. His dealer is next door toyota dealer. Ford Has the quality and the design that others dont. My Grandfather has a 1997 Ford Taurus Wagon SE. The Car runs like new, and I sometimes drive it around. Im amazed at its age. Its still smooth. There's no Rust, and he refuses to trade it in for a Fusion. My Mother Has had 4 Ford Taurus's and we are currently on a 2008 looking forward to a 2010 SHO. My father drives a chrysler, and I drive a Stratus ES V6, i love my car, but cant wait to drive a Ford again. Thanks Ford, for your success and quality and Design!
Joseph 07/07/2009
You have models doing a design I can not believe it!!!
Ed 06/14/2009
Where quality is job number one. I'm 45 and heard this advertising logo for many years on tv and the radio. I've owned many cars in the past, but have never been more pleased than with my 1999 Ford Ranger. I bought it new and still driving it. When I bought this I wanted the most reliabe and least expensive vehicle on the market. Well I got it with the Ranger. I have never had this baby in the auto-shop and its started for me every day of the year for the last ten years. Theres no one tougher on cars than me. I have had this serviced for an oil change maybe 6 times in the last 10 years. I brag to my co-workers when their cars brake down if they want to borrow my Ranger. Everyone at work knows my vehicle, and I'm sure some are hoping it will finally one day not show up parked outside my place of work. But don't bet on it. So when Ford says Quality is job #1, its true. I'm a Ford man for life. When my Ranger one day dies, it will be Ford again for me. I'm a Ford Man. Thanks Ford