Chocolate, Flowers and Ford!

By Tori T.

Today is Valentine’s Day and it’s usually a day full of emotions – most notably, love! And there’s one love that has remained constant; it was probably love at first sight, which quickly grew into a dependable, can’t-imagine-my-life-without relationship. That’s right, we’re talking about the overwhelming feelings you have for your Ford!

And if you’re simply in the mood for a good ol’ fashioned, heart-warming love story, check out the accompanying video with Jim Farley, the Group Vice President of Global Marketing, Sales and Service for Ford.

This week, we’ve been entertained by the stories you’ve shared on Ford Social about how your Ford has factored in to how you wooed, proposed to or have spent your life with your significant other! Keep them coming by sharing your stories here !

To mark the celebration of Valentine’s Day (or what we like to think of as unofficial Love My Ford Day), you can snag a limited-edition “Valentine’s Day” badge , available only until February 17, 2012. If that’s not your style, click here to see the many other Ford badges you can collect!
Jana Skaggs Chaney 02/21/2012
I surprised my husband last August with a 2012 Focus, for all the support he gave me while I finished nursing school.
Anton Alexandrovich Koryagin 02/17/2012
At me never was the car - therefore my love (history connected with the car) it is possible to name "plutonic relations" with confidence. But if to take into consideration that I as the teenager dream till now of it (about the car) and sometimes I think out its design - then it puts on my relation - romantic notes. We do a conclusion: at me "romantic- plutonic" relations with the car. / You know my story =)
Yolanda Wic 02/15/2012
My husband surprised me with a renewal of Vows
Jill Simpson 02/15/2012
The first car I ever bought was a 1957 Ford Thunderbird. It was in 1967, and I paid 1200.00 for it. I miss it!
Ford Cargo 02/15/2012
New Ford Cargo Page ..
Helen Myllmaki Boneski 02/15/2012
My first car was a 1950 Ford, bought it in 1962 for $100 and needed a loan. lol My husband had a 1949 Ford. Today we drive a red Focus, would like to get a Fusion (hoping).
Daniela Zandomeni 02/15/2012
yo amaba la FORD T de mi tio en ella recorriamos las rutas de mi E.R ARGENTINA
John Youngo 02/15/2012
I am waiting for that Ford.
Dave Porter 02/15/2012
Bought a 72 Mach 1 in the lime yellow for 4500.00 in 1972. By the summer of 73 I was married to a sweet, sweet girl. Now 39 years later we are still happily married and still driving Ford's. Now have a 2008 F350 Lariat, 2007 Explorer Eddie Bower and a 2008 Focus as daily drivers. Also a half dozen other Ford's notice my 66 Galaxie LTD 2dr htp in my picture.
Dominetta Vitali 02/15/2012
i love Robertson Racing, and i love my BMW. it's going to stay that way unless someone over there realizes what an amazing effort it takes to get a podium at Le Mans.
Bob DePino 02/15/2012
Have owned 14 FoMoCo vehicles, still have 4... My 2006 Mustang just passed the 240,000 mile mark today. Still lovin' the commute, even though I hate the job!
Prince Walker 02/14/2012
You want to hear my love story... Well I would LOVE for you to give me a 2012 Ford Explorer, top of the line. Thank-you.
Deborah Clifford-Hoedt 02/14/2012
Deborah Clifford-Hoedt 02/14/2012
Susan Grimes 02/14/2012
I drove a Ford Pinto to high school, one foggy morning I left my lights on. Went to start my car at lunch and the battery was dead. A fellow classmate offered to jump start it for me. He caught my attention with that gesture and jump started my heart too, that was 25 years and two kids ago, still makes my heart jump and is still my personal roadside assistance!
E.e. Duggan 02/14/2012
I have a 1986F350 4 dr 460 came with auto trans / but has been replaced with a standard shift 4 speed all the chrome and alum white with burgandy / inside and out excelent condition !!! aint for trade or sale !!! YET! I LOVE MY FORD TRUCK!!!
Ed Molchany 02/14/2012
I loved Jim Farley in "Dumb and Dumber"!
Julie Light Routh 02/14/2012
I had dreamed of owning a Mustang since I was old enough to drive, but never had the money when I was young. Marriage and child-rearing came along and my vehicle was a Windstar (which has the heart of a Mustang, truth be told), still going strong at 173,000 miles. On our 35th wedding anniversary, my husband bought me a 2007 black Mustang GT w/a 5 speed manual. It was the first vehicle I ever had that made me smile just looking at it. I thought nothing could top that, but since our youngest son was itching to buy the GT, there's now a performance white 2012 Boss 302 with my "GOGRNNY" vanity plates on it! It was my dream car in high school, and now it's a dream come true AGAIN!
Humberto Valdez 02/14/2012
The second I traded my 04 250 for my 08 250 KR...
Jason Hockley 02/14/2012
Gotta love all FORDS
Jose Junior Santana Robles 02/14/2012
of course!!!!
Wendy Valenzuela 02/14/2012
only in my dreams i had a ford
Mike 02/14/2012
Right now I drive a '10 Escape, due to a financial set back a few years ago, but next December, I am gettin' me a 13 'Stang GT! I cannot wait. I have been a Ford freak since I was a kid. My dad's best friend was a Ford dealer and we always had Fords. My most memorable Ford was me Mum's '59 Galaxie Fairlane 500 convertible. I will never forget that car. I remember every inch of that masterpiece, including how it smelled in our garage and the smell of the interior of that phenomenal vehicle on a warm spring day, with the top down.... I LOVE FORD!
why are you not making the ford ranger any more.
Donna Miller 02/14/2012
I'll take the ford........and some dark chocolate!
Roger Anderson 02/14/2012
Long story short..bought 67 mustang fsbk in 1980 restored to perfect condition fast forward to house, baby, new business sold mustang...kicked self many times over the next 17 years...For 50th birthday present my wonderful wife located my mustang 3 states away and got it back! still in great shape! Whatta wife!
Nate Huebner 02/14/2012
Died so young
Ken Amanda Shumate 02/14/2012
My 96 F350 died today that 7.3 finally quit
Ken Amanda Shumate 02/14/2012
My 96 F350 died today that 7.3 finally quit
Joseph Ott 02/14/2012
First "Backseat Rumble" was in a 1947 Ford Deluxe! Proposed to my wife in my 1960 Ford Fairlane 2dr.Brought first son home in my '68 Torino GT.Second son came home in our '70 Torino wagon.
Heather Angel Clark 02/14/2012
12 yrs ago, I was working as a service advisor at a dealership when I met my now husband who works for Ford Transmission plant in Sharonville Ohio. He brought in his 1999 F150 Lariat with Rousch Package. Fell in love with his truck!! Then I fell in love with him!!
Ralph Rusty Newkirk 02/14/2012
Get me a FAST FORD for Valentine's will ya?
Peggy McCoig Chandley 02/14/2012
Well, exactly one year ago today, I got my 2011 Ford Sport Fusion! Love it! However, it is still no match for the Valentines Day I came home from work and my husband had a bubble bath waiting on me, with tea candles lit all around the tub, small teddy bear, one single red rose, cooked supper, and wait for it.....even washed the dishes. He will never be able to top that day!
Peggy McCoig Chandley 02/14/2012
Well, exactly one year ago today, I got my 2011 Ford Sport Fusion! Love it! However, it is still no match for the Valentines Day I came home from work and my husband had a bubble bath waiting on me, with tea candles lit all around the tub, small teddy bear, one single red rose, cooked supper, and wait for it.....even washed the dishes. He will never be able to top that day!
Cody Wassel 02/14/2012
I wish I got a Ford for St Valentines' Day....
Diego Rios 02/14/2012
very good..!!
Digger Doug 02/14/2012
I love my truck, and my truck loves me.... oh and our Superdawg loves the truck too...
Landon Mattox 02/14/2012
A girl had her way with me in my shelby, she had bruises to prove it. Great times, Great times.
Peter Roy 02/14/2012
love storie or horie stories about my f250 ford
Dc Carter 02/14/2012
Henry Ford made the ride , then came Chocolate , Flowers and of course the Woman !!!!
Stephan Nguyen 02/14/2012
Of me and my F-150 or which chick?
Judith Kemp Henderson 02/14/2012
I love my red edge and the hubby his red ford f150, those are love stories aren't they lol
Cassandra C. Starkey 02/14/2012
I met this beautiful young lady at work, got to know her and as soon as i found out she had a Focus i knew it was meant to be. :-)
Kathleen M McCall 02/14/2012
My love of my life is my valentine's day red Ford Mustang Convertible...I wii always be an American and buy American. My brand of choice is the FORD! I can't believe I saw a guy in a toyota trying to convince us he was an American with his bumper sticker.....please, if you drive a japanese are no American...ah dah...
Bill Gainer 02/14/2012
not me baby. been there done that, lol.
Jo Rice 02/14/2012
I had a '73 yellow capri, standard transmission. Loved it. Very good mileage.
Ronald Cleveland 02/14/2012
My first love was found in a 1948 Ford Super Deluxe! And my date was great too!
Frances Padgett Metcalf Lock 02/14/2012
I love my f150
Eren Emre 02/14/2012
Love my MONDEO!. :)
Patricia Johnson 02/14/2012
Love my 2001 Explorer!! can go ANYWHERE!! even chase cows!!
Wendy Sweat Or Adams 02/14/2012
Got close with my bf in my 1992 t-bird
Carole Smith May 02/14/2012
I love, love, love my '09 Amber Gold F 150! I just hope I can keep it!
Pav Singh 02/14/2012
I would love a new Capri
Hassan Arguello 02/14/2012
And the other time , on bandcamp.......
Erika Hatch 02/14/2012
Chocolate, flowers and a Shelby!!!!! What more is needed!!!haha
John Bellow 02/14/2012
come see a work van that has worked in 20 years in my biss and still working 1988 e 150 call 850-258-3786
Kristi Crommett 02/14/2012
lmao i find it funny only guys hve commented on this
Torran Hunt 02/14/2012
u put a toy ford in a condom an shuffld it?
Josh Miller 02/14/2012
I met my F-150. No one can top that.
Brad Paquette 02/14/2012
I banged a girl in the back of an early seventies torino in 1980t the algiers drive inn! I loved every minute of it!
Jim Ollison 02/14/2012
This one time, at bandcamp...
Chocolate, Flowers and Ford!
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