What Does Quality Sound Like?

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Ford is paying more attention than ever to the way their vehicles sound, from the interior quietness that lets you hold a conversation with ease even at highway speeds, to the powerful roar of the engine.
Kristen Kinley, Quality Communications, Ford Motor Company 10/23/2009
Hi Aaron,

Hoping I can answer your questions. Ford has made amazing progress in terms of interior quietness. In fact, Ford is among the leaders in this space. The 2010 Fusion and 2010 Taurus are among the quietest on the road. J.D. Power and Associates' recent initial quality study shows Ford has the fewest wind, squeaks and rattle issues/noise of any full-line manufacturer. Another third party consumer research firm (RDA Group) found that the Ford brands have higher interior quietness customer satisfaction than its Asian counterparts, thanks to new technologies and advancements in sound deadening materials. On the Ford web site is a video demonstration of Ford's newest technologies to improve interior quietness: Noise Vision and Vehicle Sound Simulator. Details on both can be found at www.thefordstory.com. Thank you.

Kristen Kinley
Ford Motor Company
Aaron Crawford 10/22/2009
I tried to show my wife the new Fusion and the Taurus but she had reservations about the cabin quietness . We currently have a 2008 Escape Hybrid and a 2004 Taurus. Both vehicles have noisy cabin. I like the 2010 Fusion but it is hard for me to convince her that the new Fusion or the Taurus have quiet cabin in comparison to other cars which she has in mind. Could someone discuss the cabin quietness of both vehicles in comparison to other luxury vehicles such as the Cadillac or the Lexus.
Scott 06/24/2009
If there is a technology to allow little road noise, but still allowing you to hear ambulance and police sirens that would be a very big breakthrough in safety and i think Ford should develop it or use it in their vehicles.
What Does Quality Sound Like?

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