What if Your Facebook Friends Picked Your Driving Tunes?

By Cole Q.

Imagine: You’re on the road, and want to hear some new tunes. There’s nothing good on the radio. So you fire up Ford SYNC® and say, “Just Play.” SYNC activates the “Just Play” app. It links to your Facebook profile and starts spinning your friends’ fave tunes—all of which are stored on Spotify, one of the web’s most popular music players. Problem solved. And, if you get bored with one of your friend’s jams, you can just use the “skip” button on your steering wheel to groove to the taste of another pal.

This could happen sooner than you think. “Just Play” was just one of the new apps some innovative (and supervised) developers cooked up at a recent, 24-hour hackathon at the Facebook campus in Palo Alto. The event produced a bunch of cool features, and we asked the Ford Social community to vote on their favorite. “Just Play” was the clear winner.

“The idea is for it to be really simple,” says Julius Marchwicki, Project Manager for Ford SYNC, who saw the app unveiled and loved it. “It’s a super-interesting way of socializing music. It went beyond the traditional ways you listen.”

It didn’t come easy. The developers—Stefan Bankowski from Ford and Matt Jones and Ravi Grover from Facebook— ran into challenges getting SYNC to access Spotify’s internal code. But thanks to some creative thinking, they got past the obstacles and made something truly original.

There are no immediate plans to release “Just Play” for consumer use just yet, but it’s a great reminder of one thing that makes SYNC® technology so exciting: You can get new apps just by downloading them to your phone.

“A typical customer will change his or her phone three times before changing a vehicle,” Julius says. “The way I look at it is, with tech like SYNC, people can update the way they interact with their vehicles without having to change their cars.”

And Julius is always open to new concepts. “There is definitely more that we can do with SYNC,” he says. “We’re just starting to scratch the surface.”

Facebook integration, GPS navigation, and voice recognition software open the door to a lot of possibilities. That’s why we want to hear from you. Do you have an idea about how we can take SYNC to the next level? Tell us about it today!
Lia G 04/22/2012
I've had my focus for 4 years and still haven't figured out how to use my sync! :) I don't read manuals, don't have much time to play with it (if if doesn't work 1st time, forget it) or go to a service place to have them do it for me! Next Ford I buy I will have them do it for me before I drive it off the lot! LOL :)
geo 04/17/2012
I do not want or need Face Book, Twitter and other social media. It just adds something else to make an unsafe driver on the road. We have enough of them already with cell phone texting, etc.
Ford needs to put Safety First for the driver and other autos on the road.
How about giving me knobs on the radio so I do not have to look at some panel to use the radio.
Also, how about a battery or amp gage for the driver to see the condition of their auto battery.
Even more, put all the check engine light codes on the dash so the driver can read them in english and elect to keep them or delete them. At least the driver will know the light is for a loose gas cap vs a timing belt issue.
Mary B 04/17/2012
I would like to play some cool tunes in my new fuel efficient electric Ford Focus Wagon, but they don't make them.
Jim W 04/17/2012
I have some cool ideas. Of course I want a Ford Escape given to me b4 I give the IP to you. After all this is the good Ford People and great Mustangs are in their future!
Dennis B 04/16/2012
Hello I'm going thru my 3 mid life crisis & bought a new 2012 gt/cs stang & it has all this new stuff . I'm 62 & I like the 60's music & sirusxm is great for me. If I let the face book friends pick my stuff there is no telling what i would get. I don't want to spoil the ride I have to get my gran kids to show me how to work alot of stuff now.
Thanks as I'm enjoying my new stuff
Samantha Walters 04/16/2012
How about having all the major phones read your text messages and you to be able to respond. The option is there for a few phones but not most phones including the iPhone. Also what about a feature to sync with your calendar so you are reminded of appointments?
John A 04/16/2012
My FB Friend's music favs could give me some great fuel for the "Comments" fire.
Paul S 04/16/2012
really? ford needs usb instead. lets say you like 1 song off 1 album, you like the song but dont like the rest. ford sync would probally grab you every song in their catalog. and you are only after 1 song
Jim McIntosh 04/16/2012
Some of my friends like all the same songs I do, some like some of the same songs, and some like none of the songs I like. Unless I misunderstand your description, I think by the time you pick and choose what song from which friend, it would be easier to just listen to your own list of fav's.
I think you should be able to Liston to your music as well....
let em pick their own music.
Regan D 04/16/2012
I have to agree with the fact that my friends don't listen to the same music that I do. Especially when putting the cruise on.
Garrett D 04/16/2012
I don't have a car. I wish I had a car, but I don't.
Delwyn C 04/15/2012
love the Idea, a good way to hear new music
David B 04/15/2012
This sonuds horrible...It would be awesome if they could suggest music though. Like you have a inbox of songs your friends requested.
I hate going through songs to find ones I like, but I know friends that have the same taste in music I do. It would be great to just tune into their music.So easy and less trouble for me.
Stanton Slocum 04/15/2012
Ummmmm.... I don't know why you wouldnt want to just pick your own songs. That sounds really really dumb.
G Tracy L 04/14/2012
How about dual exhaust with snappy pipe ends for the Expedition and a rear window that doesn't leak or come open.
snappy 04/14/2012
Just play app is simply amazing. Your favorite music at a click of button anywhere anytime.

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Douglas P 04/14/2012
some of my friends have really bad taste in music
Jim Carr 04/13/2012
id prob get stuck with some real crappy music.
Noel Tousignant 04/13/2012
Ed G 04/13/2012
Very cool.
Kevin Solar 04/13/2012
dumb dumb dumb, c'maaan FoMoCo.
Rodi Yacapin 04/13/2012
Michael Schumacher (MSC) 04/13/2012
Jeff Behymer 04/13/2012
That's not good at all n my opinion. Friends play lil tricks on someone that way.
Anthony W 04/13/2012
= ]
Jeffrey Young 04/13/2012
Eff that idea!
Basilio Rosales III 04/13/2012
NPR more than likely...
Stephanie Reynolds 04/13/2012
From the article, I don't think your friends specifically choose your music. It accesses their Spotify and plays what they've listened to. Unless he repeatedly Rick Rolls himself, I don't think it's a danger...
Meshack Matsimela 04/13/2012
the'll pick horrible tunes for me,no ways.lol
Sudheesh Chandran 04/13/2012
Karen P 04/13/2012
Love it...I hope this happens sooner than later.
Christine Soto Kennedy 04/13/2012
my dream is to drive a convertable mustang,with "I drove alnight" by Celine dion.....
Mike Lloyd 04/13/2012
Tim Theodorou 04/13/2012
No way! I get pissed when people change my tunes
Cino Olly 04/13/2012
just be rick rolling people all day
Ron Viramontes 04/13/2012
I'd walk
Damian Butterbean Smith 04/13/2012
Well depending on my friend lol
David Bergeron 04/13/2012
That sounds horrible...but suggesting music would be good.
Steve Scarlett 04/13/2012
Music is too personal, I like to pick it myself
Richard Moskowitz 04/13/2012
very cool idea
Cole Shooter 04/13/2012
My friends are jerks, so it would all be Ethel Merman and Nickelback.
What if Your Facebook Friends Picked Your Driving Tunes?
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