2014 Mustang Brochure Gets Digital with Digimarc Technology

By Sean J.

We’ve all flipped through vehicle brochures with page after page of glossy photos, facts and figures. Try as they might, it’s hard to make the printed page really jump out at would-be buyers. That was, until the brochure for the 2014 Mustang rolled off the presses.

This is no ordinary brochure, mind you. It’s the first of its kind from Ford that utilizes Digimarc technology to create hidden digital experiences within the printed page, using a special watermark.

To the naked eye, you might be looking at a photo of the 2014 Mustang; but download the Digimarc Discover app for your mobile device then run the camera over the page and you might find a video of that Mustang pulling Gs around a tight turn. It’s like a digital Easter egg encoded into special pixels and brought to life by your phone.

“I hope customers find the content informative and entertaining; they can watch a quick video on GT covering standard and optional equipment or experience a Shelby GT500 Track Test from three different camera views,” says Melanie Banker, Ford Mustang Marketing Manager. “We want to keep this as immersive as possible.”

Where traditional auto brochures tend to be lacking in the interactivity department, using Digimarc technology allows shoppers to get a bit more creative. For instance, instead of a swath of paint colors, how about a high definition photo that allows you to customize the paint and stripe scheme or adjust the ambient lighting with MyColor? Instead of interior photos, how about exploring a full, 360° high resolution go-around of that pony’s interior? Are those photos of the Mustang at the track a little too static for you? Scan the Digimarc and get behind the virtual wheel as the 2014 Mustang flies around a race track in an adrenaline-soaked first-person video.

It’s not just about providing brochure shoppers with a cool experience. You can even use Digimarcs within the 2014 Mustang brochure to customize your dream car , add accessories and then search the inventories of nearby dealers to go see it in person. Who says it can’t be fun and practical at the same time?

Ford is the first automotive company to use this technology to bring print brochures into the digital age. The goal was to add a depth to an ordinarily static experience and share as much of the Mustang experience as possible. Much like the 2014 Mustang that it details, the new Digimarc brochure is the perfect blend of old-school looks and new-school technology.

According to Melanie Banker, Ford fans should plan on seeing Ford use Digimarc technology in future brochures.

To get started, download the Digimarc Discover app for your iOS or Android device. Then, grab a 2014 Ford Mustang brochure from your local dealer, or on the Ford website and get scanning. You can use your phone to unlock the Digimarcs from either the printed brochure, an electronic copy, or from your computer screen!
Pandaren Sweetbarrow 05/14/2013
I'm from South Korea, and I also want to do that. How can I do?
Ford Korea is still selling 2013 Mustang.
Chuck S 05/14/2013
This goes beyond awesome! Mighty neat way to present it - let's here it for technology!
dominic p 05/02/2013
As a kid I would go into the Ford dealership every year and get a Mustang brochure and bring it home. I would read it and stare at the pictures until I fell asleep and then do it all over again when I woke up. A paper brochure is like a vinyl album, it never stops stimulating the senses no matter how old it gets. Nowadays, it seems the trend is to download the brochure off the internet and view it on your computer. I'm not a fan of that. This digimarc technology seems to be a perfect change to the brochure by maintaining the hard copy and enhancing the home experience with the technology. Great idea!!! Now, if the Mustang had an all American powertrain I would buy one.
david b 05/02/2013
this is awesome
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