Why would you sit on a soybean?

By Ford Social Member

Ford has developed soy foam seats, a feat previously thought to be impossible. These sturdy yet quickly biodegradable seats are one of many examples of Ford's commitment to environmentally sustainable materials.
frank smith iiiii 01/22/2011
I dont like ford being green what happened to yall
poindextersmith 03/23/2010
I work for a supplier to the car industry. I love cars, but it's been a long time since I've been in love with the car business - mostly because the automakers only cared about one thing: low cost. I don't know if the soy seats cost less than regular seats, but it's nice to see that Ford cares enough about green to actually put something in production that isn't (only) about cost. I think this is one reason why Ford didn't go belly up and the other domestics did. They have taken more of a long term view. Kudos!
justin 12/05/2009
yea my mom has a new ford escape and the soy seats suck their so hard and get so hot you want to get out the truck and stand on the road use something that feel like you can take a road trip and not want to punch the seat. It may be good for the economy but people are the economy so please make good biodegradable seat that doesnt feel so hot and so uncomfortable
Why would you sit on a soybean?

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