What Ford and Six Other Automakers Agree on May Surprise You

By Ford Social Member

Ah, to be a fly on the wall when Ford, GM, Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen decided to have a sit-down – maybe somewhere off the radar, like the Olive Garden? – to discuss electric vehicles in the United States and Europe. Would they agree on things? Would the conversation veer off into discussing technologies coming in future vehicles? Would Porsche order the Never Ending Pasta Bowl?

No one is revealing any of those details, but we know what did successfully come out of the powwow was an agreement to support an international standardized approach to charging EVs. In short, EVs from those seven automakers can share fast charging stations.

This commonality will reduce build complexity for manufacturers as well as accelerate the installation of common systems. But the best part is, it’ll make owning an EV even easier.

The automakers will use HomePlug Green Phy as the communication protocol, and without getting too technical here, we’ll simply say that the success of Level 1 and Level 2 (220v charging in the U.S.) was used as the poster child for how standardization will increase adoption of EVs.

Without standardization, EV owners had no idea whether the charge port they had pulled up to was compatible with their vehicle.
Jay\'son 12/19/2011
Perhaps we should IDK go back to the drawling borders and get Honda in on it to supply Generators to work in the same way the Horridly over prices, Horridly styled, Chevy Volt does....You know What I did with my Zenn. LOL
Dave Denkhaus 10/16/2011
The moment where EV catches on will be the moment electricity rates skyrocket...I am not interested in this at all. What I want is CNG for my F-150
Garrett Cvpcdfw Weaver 10/12/2011
thye need to release the hydrogen technology thats supposed to make massive hp or able to create insane power for a high electric motor
Jim Dowdell 10/12/2011
Matthew, just make sure it is NOT a 6.0 Ford Diesel.... It won't make it any longer than an electric car!!
Christoph Steinigans 10/12/2011
I think these are just cars for the city, not for longer rides...
Ford and Six Other Automakers Have Agreed on Something. What, May Surprise You
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