Tell Us Why You Love Your Ford Explorer!

By Ford Social Member

From the stories we read on, we know there are very satisfied Explorer owners out there, and the numbers tell the same story. The Explorer is the fastest-growing midsize utility in the nation, with more than 100,000 sold this year alone! This is the first time it has surpassed the 100,000-sales mark since 2007. And another exciting number? U.S. retail sales of the Explorer are up 290 percent compared to the same period in 2010.

“We know many consumers have a strong need for utility vehicles, even as rising gas prices made fuel efficiency one of their top concerns,” said Erich Merkle, Ford Sales Analyst. “Ford answered our customers’ needs in the utility segment by offering its all-new 2.0-liter EcoBoost® engine in the 2012 Ford Explorer and Edge.”

The Explorer powered by the EcoBoost engine delivers an EPA-estimated 28 mpg on the highway, besting the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander by 3 mpg. Since their introduction in the 2012 model year in September, sales of the 2.0-liter EcoBoost-equipped Explorer and Edge are meeting expectations, garnering their strongest take rates in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Orlando and Phoenix.

What makes your Explorer so awesome? Is it because you can pack your family inside comfortably? Is it because it's fun to drive? Is it the technology? The safety features? All of the above and then some? Tell us with a comment here or by posting Your Story !
Shaun Patrick James Lumley 11/01/2011
Marco Cattaneo 10/30/2011
When i visited Usa first time on 1992, i see for first time ford explorer.....and i like it....when i come back in Usa second time on 1996 i see another ford explorer.....and than 1999 and 2004....last August i visited Usa another time and i see ford explorer 2011....FANTASTIC.....and another 3 days.......and my ford exploer limited come in MY HOME.........I'M TOO HAPPY, when arrive i take photo and i post here.......I LOVE FORD EXPLORER.....I LOVE USA!!!!
Sarai Jackson- Hauner 10/28/2011
I wouldn't buy an Explorer until Ford redesigned. I've driven everything from an Altima to a Hummer H2 and I like my 2011 Explorer the best. I believe I'll keep this one longer than two years unlike other vehicles I've driven in the past. I'm a tough critic, but finally found something I enjoy driving.
Jaclyn At Ford 10/27/2011
Hi, Ryan!

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Megan Stechow 10/27/2011
Love it, and very smooth on the road and great in the Snow!!!
Derek Hale 10/27/2011
I was going for a 2011 F-150 FX4 after we traded in our 2010 Fusion, but my wife thought the F-150 (Crew cab and all) was a bit too long of a vehicle to navigate easily, and I mostly agreed, at least when it came to parking around here. Unfortunately Ford is killing off the Ranger and already killed my much loved Sport Trac, so we looked around and eventually tried a new Explorer. I loved the hell out of it. We almost went with an Edge, but I am 6'3", and the Edge did not "feel" much larger inside, to me, than our Fusion. I was mainly going for larger interior seating room. Well, it has been a little over 3 months, and I still love driving this Explorer. We just took a trip from Kansas to Indiana then Michigan, then back to Kansas. It was an awesome trip, and the Explorer did great. When the leases are up on our Fiesta and Explorer, I may just get my F-150, and get my wife an Explorer or the new Escape. Keep up the awesome work, Ford!
Chad Anderson 10/27/2011
all Ford US cares about is Ford US, Ford in another part of the world? theres more to the world?
Jonathan Neal 10/26/2011
Love my 2002 Eddie Bauer because it look like a explorer not a 1st gen edge even all the problems & money I had to put in it I still like it until I get my super duty one day lol I'll even take a f-150 I want a pickup truck!!!!!
Michael Bashta 10/26/2011
I'm so proud of you guys not taking a bailout, but still being better than G.M. or Chrysler!
Ryan Schaffer 10/26/2011
Get rid of MyFord Touch.
Devon Murchison 10/26/2011
Yeah, Ford should definitely bring the Focus RS to the States. Europe got most of the cool and unique Escorts, like the RSs, the Cosworths, and the Cabriolets. The only two cool Escorts we got were the GT and the ZX2 ,both awesome cars, but nothing like the European Escorts. Don't make the same mistake with the Focus, we Americans savvy to the happenings on the European car scene would like to get our hands on a 5 cylinder Turbo. :D
Ritch Brandon 10/26/2011
Mine is 10 years old with 140k miles. Still going strong!
Peter R. Gross 10/26/2011
Why is it not sold in Europe. I would gladly trade my Mercedes GLK for it.
Gwen Rothman-Roney 10/26/2011
I can't understand why... BOX!
Adam Ebbeka 10/25/2011
That's not THAT much more than the number of Rangers sold in recent years. Better get rid of the Explorer!
James Hare 10/25/2011
All i have ever owned or all i will ever own is fords, but i had a 06 explorer and it was the worst car Ive had. 4 radiators, 2 electric fan clutches, front diff problems, and evap problems. I would have another explorer but not a 06!!!
Andrey Gontar 10/25/2011
Even thought it is global they still wont be bringing the rs model to the states. St isnt bad but its not an rs.
Lonnie Inman 10/25/2011
My first car was a 1964 ford, and i still buy fords, now i have two of them a 1998 mustang and a 1986 L X mustang and love them, and my next car will be a mustang,
Harry Napple 10/25/2011
Love it! Great ride!
Alex King 10/25/2011
wish i had one!! heard it needed more power tho
Anthony Austin 10/25/2011
I'm waiting for the Lincoln version, but sadly the main attribute I liked about the Explorer was the pop-up rear window in the hatch, made it more "utilitarian", now its just as useless as a minivan door. The 3.7L should have been the main V6 engine and I'm not too convinced on the EB 2.0L, needs .3/.5 more displacement. Otherwise it's a solid platform/vehicle.
Jamie At Ford 10/25/2011
Hey Dave & Cameron!

If you like, tell me where you’re located, and I can let you know if we have an applicable Ford Facebook page. While we no longer make the Ford Escort, we do have a Ford Focus fan page that, once you ‘Like’ it, we’ll send you the latest updates and release info for this now global platform vehicle!

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Wesley Perego 10/25/2011
I don't 96 has to many transmission problems although I do love a ford I have a nice 73 ford f 150 nice trucks granny transmission and all
George Giotas 10/25/2011
The only way Ford Explorer lives up to it's name is when it rolls over lol. Ford Territory from Australia is the one to have. :)
Taylor Jeffords 10/25/2011
It rolls over easy.
Zachary McDonald 10/25/2011
MPG is the new game in town, even the new 150's look lightened up.
George Giotas 10/25/2011
Its ok people. The Ford Explorer will soon be replaced by the much better Ford Territory from Australia. It's RWD based with AWD option.
Jodi Armando Galeas 10/25/2011
I love my 2006 ford explorer 4x4. But hate the new 2012 explorer. It's not a Suv anymore !!!!!!!! Will keep mine until the wheels fall off. And even then I would not buy the new explorer!!!
Adam Penn 10/25/2011
Hate to break it to you guys, but you killed it. You turned it into a unibody softie. I used to like the Ford Explorer, but now you just have a larger version of the Edge. It's okay though, I still love you and will most likely be a lifetime customer as long as you keep your quality standards where they currently are.
Dan Dolinka 10/25/2011
It runs over porcupines! It's seat hurts ur back! It's really loud!
Jennifer Zordan 10/25/2011
I do not have a Ford Explorer to love :( But it's because I have an F-150! :)

My mom sold her explorer 10 years ago and laments to this day. She keeps saying that it was her favorite car ever, and she loved that car, and she wished she never sold it (granted, it was getting old and starting to need work), but until now, she never found a love like that Explorer. Even the Acura MDX wasn't her Ford Explorer.
Frank Moreno 10/25/2011
I love my ford cus they are tufff. Sexy and will get it done. That's why I have 2 ford.
John Petrovich 10/25/2011
I have a 2008 Ford Explorer and there are seals leaking plus the radiator needs to be replaced due to a seal leak. I purchased this vehicle thinking that it was 'built ford tough'. I guess 'built ford tough' means it will last at least 3 years before falling apart.
Adrian Burciaga 10/25/2011
Because my 98 Explorer gave me 32 mpg's while driving from el paso,tx to artesia,nm :)
Zachary McDonald 10/25/2011
I like the new car based Exploder but I prefer body on frame construction and a non computerized AWD system.

Traction control ? General Grabber AT2's. Thank you very much.
Dwayne Mallat 10/25/2011
450,000 on my 91,and still beautiful
Ray McKay 10/25/2011
In it no prob love my explorer.....
Beverly Verdier 10/25/2011
I love the new explorer model and wish I had the money to buy one. Guess I stuck with the old 99 model and 06 freestyle......bummer for me
Ray McKay 10/25/2011
Go an 06 limited with the v8 its got more than enough power and very reliable. Live in NH and it will go anywhere and through just about anything... I have gone to FA
Scott Wenk 10/25/2011
2004 Eddie bauer...couldn't ask for a better SUV
Noah Arribas-Layton 10/25/2011
The new one is fine for soccer moms that don't ever plan on towing much or doing real off-roading. After all this is just a uni-body taurus-X, its not the truck that it was up until last year....
Daniel Marshall 10/25/2011
Wiring is probably over priced
Carolina Silva Lema 10/25/2011
Ford is just Ford no one can beat that.....
Abdel Malek Reguig 10/25/2011
I work in an agency approved,ford in algeria I Received a vehicle with a technical problem. the engine of the vehicle accelerates the vehicle alone for walking, accelerator pedal move alone, i can't find a solution
Dennis Garrett II 10/25/2011
I hate the bodies on the new explorer and taurus,thay look like kia's.
Anmol Shetty 10/25/2011
Dennis Garrett II 10/25/2011
I love my 2002 Explorer because its rear wheel drive,v8,4x4,fully loaded and not a peace of crap front wheel drive like the new kia prototype.
Shelia Smith 10/25/2011
owned mountaineers... wonderful vehicles....equal to a freestyle ...awd....michigan winters no problem
Shelia Smith 10/25/2011
do not have ford explorer....own a it the way handles and how versatile it is for people or stuff
Midway Motors Ks 10/25/2011
I love the new Ford Explorer. We have a hard time keeping them in stock at our car dealership in Kansas. We just got another this week and guessing the 2012 Ford Explorer will be gone by the end of the week.
Cameron Rae 10/25/2011
well said
Dave Neillands 10/25/2011
how about making questions for Ford owners outside the US? Do Americans even know what a Series 1 RS Turbo is?
Roy Martin 10/25/2011
I luv my 2012 ford explorer whats not to like about it i luv it! go out a buy one!
Larry Shaver 10/25/2011
I have a white 05' Explorer with 94k on the odometer. Bought it used in 05' with only 15k miles on it. Only problem I have with it and Ford refused to fix under warranty since I'm not the original owner is the paint is peeling and coming off the roof and the roof is rusting away. The suv is only six years old problem started in 08' at around 60k miles!
Zachary McDonald 10/25/2011
220k on a 99 AWD 5.0 that's why.
Spencer Edmonds 10/25/2011
But...I hate my ford explorer, I traded it in for a silverado last week ;D haha
PoLo Villegas' 10/25/2011
Why not?
Tiffanie Fields 10/25/2011
I have a 97 v8 awd its powerful gets through the snow no problem I can haul small stuff and friends and most importantly its reliable!!
Cameron Rae 10/25/2011
hmm nice one wi cmin up wi a german car tbh i thinks a land rover wuld be btrr but thats my opinion
David Villaseñor 10/25/2011
I got to drive one for a month as a rental. I was so impressed with the added features such as the key fab for easy access. I'm currently driving a Mercedes SUV rental and I prefer the Ford Explorer!
Surdeep Chotaliya 10/25/2011
i vl only ford if it give me a free endeaover
Randy Crane 10/25/2011
@ Cameron stick with your Cooper you homo
John Doe 10/25/2011
front wheel drive SUV?? humm...
Diane Morrison-Nale 10/25/2011
I love my Nellie, '97 Explorer XLT, sure she has a few "blemishes" but keeps on rolling with only a little under 200,000 miles on her. She's just a pup.
Jeffrey Harris 10/25/2011
Are you talking about a real explorer or the new xxl taurus?
Jerel Saxon 10/25/2011
Jerel Saxon 10/25/2011
i love finding the broke ones with a 5.0 under the hood and takin the gt40 heads off em best 203 heads ford made stock
Nick Arena 10/25/2011
I love my 92 cause its nothing like the brand new one lol.
Michael Hallberg 10/25/2011
I don't have an Explorer but I wish I did. The 97 Crappy Caddy they I'm currently forced to drive kills my car loving soul.
Giorgos Sarantis 10/25/2011
driving in the snow is the best Experience ever!!!!!!!
Cameron Rae 10/25/2011
wow a durango must look pretty bad then
Kerry Sauriol 10/25/2011
Thanks to Ford Canada, I was able to drive one for just one week to review. The kids still talk about it. It was a much loved vehicle and perfect for a large family like us....we miss it so...
Brad Hawkins 10/25/2011
I have a 91 ford explorer sport with over 400,000 miles on it. Original motor and still runs like a champ. Need i say more?
Randy Crane 10/25/2011
It looks way better than my neighbors Durango.
Jim 10/25/2011
I love my Ford Explorer 2002 because it handles Northeast winters with ease and is fun to drive. 100,000+ miles and still feels NEW!
Matthew Mioni 10/25/2011
4WHEELING & driving in the snow.
Cameron Rae 10/25/2011
because it hasnt been imported to the uk thank god :)
Thomas T. Warnstedt 10/25/2011
Driving in the snow and tailgating!