Live Chat with Ford Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Manager

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Mike Tinskey is the manager of Ford Sustainability activities, focused on electric vehicles and infrastructure. He strives to develop and implement new business models, products and partnerships to clear the way for Ford plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles globally.

Join Mike here at 1:30 p.m. EST for a live chat on Wednesday, March 31.
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Prior to this role, Mike led the product planning and program management activities globally for hybrid vehicles. He was responsible for developing and implementing the electric vehicle strategy for Ford that was publicly announced in January 2009.

Mike has held a variety of leadership positions in engineering, business development and finance activities over his career with Ford that began in 1991. A common thread in the majority of these roles is he was responsible for identifying and implementing game-changing technologies and new business models – and developing strategies and partnerships to implement them.

Mike holds a bachelors and masters degree in electrical engineering. He has also received an MBA in finance from the University of Michigan. He holds three global patents in fuel systems.
Hand T 05/15/2013
I just took a job with a difficult stop-n-go traffic commute. I will need to replace my 12 year old car with something more fuel efficient. I am attracted to the style and quality of the Focus. An American made Ford Focus with a start-stop hybrid gas-electric powertrain would be my first choice.
Charles Caase 05/15/2010
I have an idea that would create a pepetual motion electric car, I have a generator that would keep the car rollomg without plugging in. The wheels would drive the generator , similar to a wind mill generator and keep the batteries recharged for round town or round the country, please feel free to contact me so we can produce this money maker. thanks Chuck
Edward Thornton 05/05/2010
I want to be able to go to my local Ford dealer, and buy a new Escape and have an Electric engine option for the same price as a V6. I want it available by the 2011 year model. I want to pay $25,000 for the car. I want a 150 mile range with a gas generator backup. I want you people to get on the stick, and start making products we want to buy. I love my Escape. It's the second one I've owned. How much are the oil companies paying you people to continue to hold out on technology that's been available for years? Do you want me to keep buying Fords, or do you want me to buy a Chevy Volt next year?
Dave 04/27/2010
I agree with Samuel's comments. I just saw the price tag for the new Nissan Leaf - $32,000. This was supposed to be the affordable EV. It has too much extra stuff most of us do not care about. Please just take a base Focus, put in an electric motor with some batteries and keep the base price within $$$$ reach of the average customer. Remember VHS vs. Beta, the less $$$ won.
Also, stop with all the recharging station worries. A simple 110v slow charge or faster 220v over night from the outlet in the garage will be fine. I think we can figure out and keep in the range of own EV. If you want an opition to offer, extra removeable battery packs in the trunk for an extended range. This will also allow for easier batter upgrades in the future when battery technology improves. Please do not forget, KISS = Keep it simple.
Bruce 04/24/2010
I would like to see the American Auto industry get serious about "green" instead of Lip Service. Why is it the best American Hybrid only gets 40mpg as compared to the Prius' 50mpg. Why has Chevy been promising a plug in hybrid for 7 years and still hasn't delivered. Why is it only Tesla seems (almost) ready to sell an electric car with a range of 300 miles per charge, and everybody else is talking about 100 miles as though that's a break though. If the industry hadn't fought California's ZEV laws so strongly they would already be producing what Americans want and they wouldn't have come so close to bankruptcy.
John 04/22/2010
I would like to see the day Ford Electrics rival or beat the industry leader Tesla's S Sedan with its 300 mile Electric Charge range to say 400 to say 600 miles on a single charge of electricity!
Samuel Jones 04/19/2010
Will the Plug Ins have an optional generator powered by hydrogen, CNG or propane and/or solar panels?
Lyn 04/14/2010
I'm a disabled dialisys patient and would like to see a one to two person sub-compact car come out that I could affort on my 678 a month with insurence the way it is and car prices there is no way I can get to all my doctor's appointment without any help and the local transportation service is something I can count on.
Jeanne 04/13/2010
I am still waiting for someone to design a great looking crossover that gets super gas milaege. We have always driven Fords, still are, and I'm driving a 2003 diesel Excursion now and still adore this car, but because my kids are growing up, and I'm usually driving by myself, I need something smaller. I will never get rid of my Excursion, but want a crossover too now that gets super milaege, a hybrid perhaps. I want to stay with Ford, and like the Edge, but it should have much better milaege. At this point in time, there shouldn't be any new cars that aren't getting in the mid 20's to 30's (non-hybrid), and even higher with a hybrid. I also like the looks of the Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4 which get better milaege than the Edge, (don't know exactly why) I'm Pleading with you to design a hybrid Edge or something with that look that can give me the good milaege, and have the safety ratings you see with the CRV and RAV4 (unrecalled models of course). I'll be watching and waiting. I have faith in Ford. But please Hurry! :)
ralph engelbrecht 04/10/2010
I have a 2010 fusion hybrid but like the looks of the sport model better . can i purchase the decortive plastic to match the sport model and if so how much?
jason klaasen 04/10/2010
what kind of range can be expected on the focus electric as compared to cars like the chevy volt or the nissan leaf?
vernon 04/03/2010
when ford make a electric car can put a solar panel on the roof where the sunroof goes. so we can charges as we drive on vacation. that would be green. i plan on buy a car that green. and i run a gas station. i would like to be self stand and not buy gas.
Samuel Silverman 04/01/2010
(1) When will Ford be accepting either orders or deposits for the all-electric vehicle? (2) Also, please make it possible to order an electric vehicle without power windows, without power locks, no sunroof and no electric mirrors; additionally, I would prefer to order a vehicle without an automatic climate control package or the Sirius radio nonsense. I am a prospective customer interested in an all-electric vehicle, and not a rolling entertainment center or electronics-filled mobile living room that happens to be an electric car. Others may want those features, but I would appreciate the opportunity to order a simply equipped vehicle which happens to have an all-electric-powered drive system. Thank you.
Alison 03/31/2010
How does the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid compare to other luxury hybrid vehicles on the market?
Kris Walker 03/30/2010
why isn't the sport package available for the hybrid and the hybrid ltd.? My Dad wants to be green and stylish.
Live Chat with Ford Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Manager
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