Is Anything Greater than Zero?

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Ford built the world's first drivable fuel cell hybrid electric plug-in: the Ford Edge with HySeries Drive™, and has already manufactured a fleet of Hydrogen fuel-celled Focus - helping to bring even greener cars to our future.
Kyle Hoffman 02/25/2011
What about using brown's gas? The technology is there and it would be interesting to see what a company like Ford could do with it. Besides, if gas is supposed to reach 5$ a gallon it can be used in conjunction with traditional gas and diesel engines, and a commercially developed injection and brown's gas generator cooling system could probably further the already increased fuel economies of the crude, small company and home made brown's gas systems currently on the roads today. Not to mention increased experience with hydrogen related fuels like brown's gas would lead to better information on a more efficient, powerful, and effective hydrogen zero emissions engine. Though water and baking soda would be required for the brown's gas generator in addition to the gasoline or diesel already used like I said, with the way fuel prices are rising I don't think people would mind the minor inconvenience if it meant saving hundreds of dollars each year.
Jennifer Moore Ford Motor Company Communications 04/01/2010
David - Thanks for commenting on the video. When we say customers hands we mean fleet customers who partnered with us for testing of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The 3 year program was very successful and we learned a great deal. At this point in time, we have directed more our our resources to electrified vehicles (hybrids, pure battery electric and plug-in hybrids) who we believe have more potential for the near term. We will continue our research into hydrogen fuel cell technology, but believe its potential is not likely to realized until the longer term. Certainly a big part of that issue is the lack of infrastructure and there is no indication of when such a fueling infrastructure would be build. So while we appreciate your interest I am unable to tell you when we might be in the position to develop and sell H2 vehicles for the retail market.
David Peterson 04/01/2010
"In customer hands for 3 years"
You can't call them customers until you sell them on the open market for everyone to enjoy.
Call them Beta testers.

This blog post is 13 months old.
The challenge to SELL the H2 vehicles was posted 5 months ago.

How about a reply to this post.
When can you SELL H2 Vehicles??
David Peterson 11/05/2009
I've bought a dozen cars in my life.
I've never owned a Ford in my life.
I'll buy a Hydrogen Ford Focus - IF FORD WILL SELL ONE
The video claims Ford can build 'em, so the challenge is CAN FORD SELL ME ONE.
Is Anything Greater than Zero?

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