How a Performance Upgrade is a Way to Give Back

By Tori T.

When you make a MyFord Touch® or MyLincoln® Performance Upgrade, don’t be tempted to throw the old SD card into the trash. Rather, take advantage of the Ford Recycle for Charity card recycling process! Return the card, select a charity and the net proceeds from the recycled card will go to them!

All you have to do is put your old SD card into the jewel case your new one came in, select a charity from the six listed at , then print the page from the website, stick that into the jewel case and mail it to the address listed on the page.


All data and labels will then removed from the SD card, and it’ll prepped for sale to a company that can use refurbished cards. The net proceeds from the card sales will be donated to the charity you picked. If you don’t select one, it will benefit Susan G. Komen®.

The other supported charities are American Heart Association, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, American Red Cross, United Way, and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.
Roger Bond 04/03/2012
Mr Mulally it is shameful that you have not extended the same wishes to many others like who ALSO dedicated 30+ years to FORD MOTOR COMPANY and have now lost 40% + of their pensions - for which your company now says it has NO responsibility! They will NOT enjoy happy retirements!
Shannon Russo 04/02/2012
Dear Ford: My mother and I just spent 25 minutes stranded outside of a gas station on "vacation", 1200 miles from home because the 2011 Ford Edge continues to not recognize the key (one of it's many issues). There have been several "updates" made to this lemon and many trips to the dealer and calls to Ford and the problems persist. We feel UNSAFE to continue driving in this vehicle and we continue to be ignored. Can you hear us now!? What next!?
Mike R 04/01/2012
How do go about putting some Ideas for your trucks and vans? (I have a lot of Ideas )Lets talk more about options Etc.
sean cole 03/31/2012
i have an flex ecoboost an would like to meet others in myerstown for a car show
Justin M 03/31/2012
im not going to commet on this article but i want to say that they shoudnt change the way the 13 mustang looks cause it looks great i want to buy myself a 13 mustang gt but i saw some pics of the 14 and it looks different but ugly keep the style the same of the 13 model it looks great i dont not whant to not like like mustang anymore because of the big hood on the 14 mustang thanks
If anyone has a extra Owners Manual for the 2008 Ford Fusion, Please let me know.
Penny B 03/30/2012
I did not know that cars came with SD cards now days
Benmiketommy S 03/30/2012
ford is cool
The Ford product is second to nobody. Love my Eco-Boost!!!!
Sherman H 03/30/2012
hey i have 4 Fords, 1. 99' F-150, 2. 67' Ford Mustang, 3. 2010 Fusion and a 2011 Ford Explorer. We love them all
Renan Mendes 03/30/2012
M 03/30/2012
I guess you aren't aware of the fact that YOU CAN REUSE YOUR SD CARD! If that isn't eco-environmental, what is?
Kavindu Kalhara 03/30/2012
Scott Peden 03/30/2012
Need to get my upgrade first...
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