Ford Start Wins Hearts and an Award

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The Ford Start Concept won admirers at the Beijing International Auto Show, and now it has also won its first award. It pulled ahead of 65 concept vehicles at the show to be named Best Concept by the AutoWeek editorial staff.

More than a design exploration into the feasibility of a future small car, the Start Concept previews the smallest engine in the growing Ford EcoBoost™ engine family. Ford has confirmed that the 1.0-liter turbocharged I-3 EcoBoost engine is going into production, for use in future Ford small cars, where it is expected to deliver the same power as a larger I-4.

“Great design for such a small car, and innovative use of Fords EcoBoost technology with an I-3 engine,” said Roger Hart, AutoWeek Executive Editor.

Inspired in part by a growing global trend towards mega cities, the Start Concept is a journey into solutions and ideas for the future.

“With the Ford Start Concept, we didn’t set out to design some sort of utilitarian concept to save the world, nor were we interested in following the competitive trend toward an overly noisy design language,” said J Mays, Group Vice President Design and Chief Creative Officer, Ford Motor Company. “What we did set out to do was design a personality-driven car that exudes warmth, charm and aspiration…to design a car worth bonding with.”

Click here to read more about the Ford Start Concept and the 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine.
Sean 12/28/2010
As one of the guys mentioned on his comment not all sources for electric power is bad for the environment take for example we can use solar and wind as he mentioned on his comment. Plus solar and wind do not produce any co2 emissions at all plus we should move away from fossil fuels like coal in the future but on the other hand most of America still runs on coal and I do hope that more alternative energy replaces it in the future so we put fewer or no co2 emissions in the air depending on how many people are running on renewable energy in the future. Only time will tell? Let\\'s just hope that the future is a clean one.
Chris 11/11/2010
One of Bush's MORE stupid plans? Wow, that IS saying something...
sonny 11/03/2010
Do you think solar energy would work or electro magnetic?You tube Nikola Tesla-The Lost Wizard.He had some interesting ideas that got sqished by the gov.T.Y.
Mark 10/30/2010
electric cars have the POTENTIAL to be completely emissions-free, whereas gasoline cars will never be able to be that clean
Tammy 09/25/2010
My Dad always drove Fords. I been driving a Chevy and hate them. I will be replacing it when this vehicle comes out. Thank you!!!!!
Harry T 09/23/2010
COlove has a valid point or two, but we need fewer gasoline burning cars and more electric ones.
Not every region in the country uses coal burning plants to produce electricity. More areas are using wind and solar power. The batteries would more than likely be produced in this country near where the cars are being built, and used batteries could be recycled. COlove is right about corn being used for ethanol, though. That was one of Bush's more stupid plans.
John S 09/10/2010
My first Ford was a 15 year old 1972 Gran Torino Sport then came the Mustangs (3) including my 96' Cobra Convertible (which I still have), my F150 and a short stint with a 63' Mercury Monterey (SWEET RIDE!). The thing's they all had in common; big engines, big HP and they all had a big thirst.

This little thing looks cool as hell and if the EcoBoost engine can get 100-120HP into this thing, I bet it would be a blast to drive! At a glance I'd compare it to a modern day 1987 Chevy Sprint Turbo which only had 70HP but was an absolute pocket rocket. Get it done!
Linda 09/09/2010
Not in America, a third world countrywhere labor is $3. an hour!
Deanna K 09/09/2010
Mike L 09/08/2010
Wow, great concept, now let's work on the US to adopt an international safety program that allows European designs and cars (micro cars) to be brought in to the US. Europe is about 3 - 5 years ahead of us because we over regulate the industry. We can build them here we know how to do it Ford!! Americans and a lot of others are ready for these cars and have been for some time. I owned a mini in the UK, a metro in the us and would by another micro car in the future. Time to stand up and be counted and let our legislators know we can benefit from these smaller efficient cars!
Dwayne 09/08/2010
Where is the new vehicle and engine going to be produced?
Chip 09/08/2010
Iwant one!!! I gotta have one!!! Get it into production (USA --- please!!) and to a showroom near me. FAST!!!
Fiesty Gurl 09/08/2010
Just picked up my Fiesta...but this concept is shaaa
COlove 09/08/2010
You do realize that ELECTRICITY is not environmentally friendly, right? Where do you think electricity comes from? It's like the "brilliant" corn fuel idea - because it wasn't thought through, the idea caused massive economic repercussions across numerous industries and didn't actually help with fuel efficiency that much. Even hydro-electric engines would have a draw back of using precious water resources. Battery operated (or assisted) cars (AKA: Hybrids) require a massive amount of HEAVY batteries that have to be produced (China), cargo shipped (coal burning ships), and disposed (great for landfills) of - all of which creates a much larger environmental footprint than a petroleum based motor.

The Ford Start is on the right track with the EcoBoost (which ROCKS, by the way). It allows for very good fuel consumption most of the time, and the power to get going when you need it. ...the styling does leave a little to be desired, but it fits the bill for competing with the Mini or Smart cars for parking spaces.
mike 09/08/2010
The grandson of the original 3 door Focus returns - andit's just as cutting edge as the original
Russ 09/08/2010
Please partner with Apple for the electronics on this.
Microsoft have not been able to do anything first rate lately.
Ed Dugan 09/08/2010
This is a REALLY nice looking car and should be fast tracked into production.
Brian 08/20/2010
Great looking concept vehicle... Now, when will it become available for purchase? This would be an advantage in design, operation, and efficiency... I am interested...
Mike 07/16/2010
Now that"s cool
Mike Smith 07/04/2010
The problem with this car is it will not make it to the American public.
The reason is:
1. The oil company's will pay the CEO's enough to allow
them to put money in their pockets at the company's expense.
2. Simply because of Apathy "It the American way".
Either way or for what ever reason, personal greed and apathy has reached
saturation while other hungry Countries are blowing us by.
There is a silver lining to this though. American independent up and coming cars will be
entering the market because of the above reasons. Tucker is looking down from
above, smiling.
Ken Licata 06/09/2010
These eco engine could be the golden egg that Fords be looking for for years. Should these engines provide true quality engine in association with acceptable speed while ultimately delivering stellar fuel econmy!
Roo 05/28/2010
This would be a great car for commuters in the States! Looking at the sales of the Mini and Smart, there is certianly a market for the product both among the younger set and older commuters who want a fun and affordable way to work.
Chris 05/27/2010
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring this car to market just like it is! Don't change a thing about it. this car would be my choice before a Mini, but if it doesn't come out, I'll have to go with a MINI. Keep the LED lighting, keep the quirky, futuristic exterior. Get a leg up on the competition FORD and bring this car to market within the next year.
Margie 05/22/2010
I'm am excited to see that Ford is showing some sort of signs of sustainability. I miss loving my car. Finally technology and brands are aligning with consumer needs!
Christopher Scott 05/19/2010
If they give an award for ugly , this car is sure to be a top contender. All to often in the quest for aerodynamics true utility is abanded. I'm afraid this is the case here.
Knowles 05/15/2010
this vehicle should be made as an affordable mercury. It'll put mercury back on the map and it might open up a stage for some healthy competition from other big dogs like audi or fiat. You could return some classic names like comet, maverick, cougar, capri, etc. Those are just a few thoughts.
Jason 05/13/2010
I may only be 13 but I have to agree with all of the above statements. Do not let somebody else get the jump. That has been Ford's main problem for way too many years. This could be the car to lead America out of the recession. If released this car will bring in loads of profits but I think it should be released now before someone else snaps up the oppurtunity
ryan 05/10/2010
please bring this or the ford ka to the united states dont wait forever and play catch up let these car get a foot hold for when gas prices hike up this and the ka have a cool cute sporty factors please bring these to the united states it would destroy the mini and the smart in sales
DavePA 05/06/2010
Please make this an electric vehicle.
Dale DUQUETTE 05/05/2010
No I have a question? You came out with a new motor f or Nascar at the begining of the season.What in the world happend , You havn't even came close?
Danielle 05/04/2010
So when can we expect to see it on the showroom floors? PLEEEEEASE say early 2011! I really really want a micro car, and would prefer this over all I've seen, but since the Scion IQ is out early 2011 (most likely) I'd have to go with that if the Start isn't in production! PLEASE don't make me do that!
Ford Start Wins Hearts and an Award

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