Ford is a Global Green Brand

By Tori T.

Making the Interbrand Best Global Green Brands report is no easy task. It evaluates public perception of a brand’s environmental sustainability (or as most of us call it, being “green”), and also factors in how a business takes advantage of opportunities to actually improve sustainability performance. That's based on areas such as green technologies, like alternative fuel vehicles, as well as sustainable vehicles (hello, forward-thinking Ford and using recycled blue jeans for sound insulation and water bottles for carpeting, as well as other emerging trends ), manufacturing procedures, and more.

Interestingly, for the 2012 report, automotive and technology brands led the way when it came to that green image and environmental leadership.

To make the top 50, there are two key criteria: performance and perception. Performance refers to the company producing, sourcing, and distributing products and services in an environmentally responsible manner. Perception takes into consideration whether the company works toward building value among key audiences by credibly conveying the benefits of its environmental practices.

2012 marks the second year in a row it has been published. Thanks to the ability of Ford “to maintain strong green perceptions while simultaneously improving its environmental performance serves as a great example to other global brands” the Blue Oval received a special shout-out as a “top riser.”

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Ford is a Best Global Green Brand
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