Ford Debuts Its First-Ever E-Bike

By Ford Social Member

Have you noticed more scooters and bicycles on the streets lately? Alternate forms of transportation are officially mainstream, and that hasn’t been lost on Ford, which has unveiled the E-Bike Concept. That’s right, an electric Ford bike!

“The E-Bike market is growing very, very rapidly, with some 30 million units sold globally last year,” explained Axel Wilke, Director, Vehicle Personalization, Ford Customer Service Division Europe. E‑Bikes are being utilized for short-distance commuting, so Ford decided to respond by showing how easily its design language could translate to a bicycle. Developed by a Ford Design team led by Executive Design Director Martin Smith, in partnership with cyber-Wear, the German brand behind the Ford Lifestyle Collection products, the Ford E-Bike Concept has been created from the ground up to appeal to both men and women.

The E-Bike has a trapezoidal frame profile, and has been constructed from aluminum and carbon; the frame weighs about 5 pounds. The wheels have a six-spoke V-design, while the drive system is hidden, creating a clean, minimalist appearance. Power comes from a drive system featuring a motor in the front wheel hub, with a lithium-ion battery concealed in the frame, promising a range of up to 52 miles on a full charge.

The E-Bike Concept also has an integrated controller and patented magnetostriction sensor technology from the world of Formula One. Magnetostriction – don’t hear that word very often, do you? Magneotostrictive materials are used to convert magnetic energy into kinetic energy, and vice versa. In Formula One, these sensors help handle high engine revolutions in combination with intense thermal strains. They need no physical contact with other parts of the engine, are temperature-independent and are completely maintenance-free.

The Ford E-Bike is the first application of this technology in the bicycle industry; the sensors read the revolutions in the inner bearing and relay this information to the control unit within a hundredth of a second. The control unit then instantly activates or deactivates the electric motor, providing a seamless integration of the power of the legs with the power of the motor. Meanwhile, a handlebar-mounted display provides trip information and allows the rider to select from three support modes: Economy, Comfort and Sport.

You bike geeks will appreciate this: The drive system is complemented by top-of-the-range bicycle components, including a Shimano Alfine 11-speed internal gear hub and a 2012 Shimano Rapidfire shifter. In place of a traditional chain is a Carbon Belt Drive System, making for a cleaner, lighter and more immediate transfer of energy.

What do you think? Should Ford build the E-Bike for public consumption? So far, there are no plans to produce it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t remain under consideration along with other mobility solutions Ford has planned for the future.
Michael S 11/14/2014
Build it, please!  Where is Ford on this bike?
Lynne Fretz 11/05/2013
Saw the new super cruiser ebike model and would love to try it out.  Would go to my local Ford dealer for a test drive.  Hope they are released around the country and not only in the major cities.Rochester, NY
Roger 09/27/2013
Wish they had gone with a mid-drive instead of hub drive, it would provide better balance. But, having said that, as a retired Ford guy I will buy as soon as they are released.
pat g 04/04/2013
Where do I go to get the price of the Electric bike? Too much B/S. Just want to get the info on things. Make it easy to find info.
Stephen H 01/23/2013
My doctor says now that I am retired I should get more active. I usher at the local sports stadium and Arena about 11 miles from my house. This bike would be great. I could pedal to work and get assistance to get home. All that is needed are headlights and tail lights. I want one, keep me on the list.
Chris S 01/21/2013
build it ill buy it
Roz 08/12/2012
Wow, love it. Kudos to the designer. I'd would purchase it. Wish the designer had more input in the car designs which are not as clean and minimalistic as this.
VINAY 07/11/2012
I just want to have 1 in india pls tell me how
Rose Wescott 05/15/2012
Rose - been a Ford person since my first car 1967 and if the E bike is build by Ford sign me up now!!
Rudy V 05/11/2012
This would be great for the summertime here in Wisconsin... I sometimes ride along country roads and bike trails connecting the cities around here, and those short distances wouldn't be hard to handle at all with this bad boy!
Leila Mercorelli 05/01/2012
I want one today!!! We have bought 5 Ford vehicles over the past 25 years, and as a valuable Ford customer, we should get dibs on the first line to be sold. Did I mention that we also have Ford stock in our portfolio? Come on Ford...America will love you even more!
when can i get one? Love it!!!
Sam 04/08/2012
I feel that the Ford E- Bike would be an economical 'god'-send. Less money spent on gas= more money in the consumer's pocket. The only way the E- Bike can be any better, is if it were solar powered.
Shane J 03/14/2012
I would love to ride that across town to work and save the gas for my '08 bullitt on the weekends ;)
Arthur A 03/09/2012
Danny Morassut 03/01/2012
Danny M Great looking bike, the Ford Think electric bikes were really good too but Ford dropped them in a heartbeat , stick to building four wheel vehicles.
Jim Bradford 03/01/2012
I want one. Jim Bradford - Eugene Oregon
McCoy 02/20/2012
It looks awesome you should build it! I would buy one as soon as it came out.
George S 12/15/2011
why not build it?bike enthusiasts would love this. i think its a great idea
N. Rodriguez 12/03/2011
Good way to effectivly use extra resources. The Ford executives, and engineers are sure dedicated to preserving everything nowadays. Calls for good ideas, keep up the good work Ford.
Gil 11/28/2011
Why doesn't FORD make more products? They used to make Tractors and farm equipment. Make the idea and make it work well.....worked for APPLE!
Juston Preble 11/14/2011
Full Suspension, (Fox Racing Shox) Made in the USA, and a practical seat... Then I would buy one...
Juston Preble 11/14/2011
Pretty Cool! The seat is impractical, & I would prefer Fox Shocks on it, front and rear. (Made in the USA) And tires and rims that would handle trail riding as well as the family bike ride around the neiborhood, and the ride to work when I felt the need to conserve fuel I could be electric the hole way there.
Cindy 11/11/2011
This would really be something special, the Uk market would take to it like ducks to water.
Will Park 11/10/2011
So awesome! Not sure I could afford this (can't imagine this will be cheap), but I would definitely try to save for it.

Also, I'd be more inclined to buy a Ford vehicle if this bike was included as a promo or value-add.
Energy Saver 11/06/2011
Where is it already? I would LOVE to have one!
Glenn 10/30/2011
if you can sell it for under $1,000.
I would buy it.
William Johns 10/28/2011
Build it and sell it! With Ford's reputation for quality it will outsell regular bikes. People want and need this. You throw it in the back of a truck, drop off your truck for checkup or repair and go to work on the bike and go back and pick up the truck. There is a demand for this product. My uncle is searching for a scooter for this purpose and he loves Fords. He has a Ranger with 250,000
miles and runs great and he has a new Focus. I traded my Escort for a orange Mustang and love my car. Make a truck that is eco friendly and runs on electricity and gasoline that is reliable and he'll retire that Ford Ranger for a new Ford truck and buy the bike.
james knopp 10/22/2011
Give me one and I'll sell twenty.
Charles 10/22/2011
Just Go Ahead And Build It Already!
Levi Meyer 10/19/2011
If you build it, they will come. I know I would buy one.
Ted Cooper 10/18/2011
As long as the electric power is considered a boost to the pedal power this should cover the legal problem in some states and counties as it is here in our Florida county. One should check this before purchase. I would consider one if the price was >$1000.
Ted Cooper
Raptor Driver 10/14/2011
I currently ride 20 miles one way to work each day. I would love to test it out. I will say if someone is not into cycling to work, ebikes will probably only covert a handful of those people. But to those living in the city and commute less than 5 miles to work, this is a market in it's infancy. Ebikes in their current form are starting to sell well. As I approach 50, ebikes look more enticing.
Alessandro 10/13/2011
Outstanding technology and vision. Unfortunately bicycles ar not very safe in city and even suburban traffic and for this reason I feel that its use may be limited. For selected areas like vacation towns, cities with bicycle paths, parks and rural environment it is an exciting product.
Christian 10/13/2011
I LIKE it a lot. I think it looks phenomenal! I would like to know how fast it can ride and if there is any resistance from the motor. Would the seat be changeable? What about adjusting seat height or center of gravity, etc. It definitely needs the capability for cargo over the rear wheel. I ride a lot and use a rack with a clip on knog bag. I need it for transporting books and other things that make carrying them over the shoulder too cumbersome. It would also be great to have fenders mounted so one could ride in inclement weather if chance should have it without getting back spray. I would love it if it could be made and sold en masse for around $800-$1000. (less is more - obviously selling more at a lower price would help revolutionize urban travel, potentially speeding the transformation of the urban landscape to one more compatible with the evos car and other electric modes of transportation. This innovation should be realized FORD! Make this and I will support it as President of the College of Cycling club at Northeastern Illinois University, sharing information about this bike and counting down the days until we will be able to ride one.
John G 10/13/2011
I'd buy one! I don't care about the effect on the environment or pollution.
It makes sense and looks great! If you save gas and the ozone layer in the process, so much better. Do it soon or China or India or someone else will... and cheaper! I'd like to see an E powered Mustang also.
Jeff 10/13/2011
Better design than most I have seen. With Ford behind this, it should be affordable. If...
I'm guessing if they could make enough of these, they'd cost around $4,000. I'm curious how many posters would be as excited about it at that price?
ter 10/05/2011
That sounds like a great idea make it and I`ll buy it!!
Peter 10/04/2011
I already own two electric bikes and two regular bikes along with my wife. I love this concept and design. Why go through all of this exercise with no intention to build? Build it and I'll buy two, as well.
Wanna luv Ebikes 10/01/2011
Hub Motors??!! Lets see some real innovation with a bottom bracket motor.
george 09/29/2011
"So far there are no plans to produce it..." That says it all. If it walks like a corporation and quacks like a corporation, it's a corporation. Y'all have one commitment and that's to profit. Per unit profit on bikes is low, on cars high. So, no bikes. What schmucks! Green capitalism, like green corporations is a contradiction in terms. Here is more proof. "Hey, let's look green by designing a bike (but don't sell it). Mierda.
John Symond 09/28/2011
An E-bike with the Ford name should attract interest. I would not be in the market for a bike over $2000. The light frame is very attractive. I am 67 from Canberra, not fit, and own 3 pushbikes.
derek 09/27/2011
to each his own but i like it!
EricT 09/27/2011
Excellent idea! You build it -- I'll buy two!
EricT 09/27/2011
Excellent idea! You build it -- I'll buy two!
Greg 09/27/2011
Every car company that builds a bike is a friend of mine! Go Ford go!
Richard Perkins 09/27/2011
From the same minds that gave us the Excursion
Asko Kauppi 09/27/2011
You should definately start making these. Price point must of course be right, and production model will not be quite this cool. But nice work! Bring it to the folks!
Greg Rossi 09/24/2011
I like the idea if a ford bicycle, just not an electric. I got all the power I need for that. "Add a cliff bar for another 40 miles"
Roger 09/24/2011
If you build it, they will come.
Susan Amon 09/23/2011
Ah, what a gorgeous bike! I've had electric bikes before and they do pay for themselves. I'm a pedal bike nut but would love to but another electric bike that actually looked nice! I bet Ford would want over $5,000 for this bike. Not sure if it would pay for itself at that price though. In the mean time we're looking at buying an Escape.
Alex 09/23/2011
Please please please do, and also produce a custom matching bike rack for my Edge.
Leonardo Paiva 09/23/2011
I wish i could order one right now!
matthew 09/23/2011
you have to build it now
Rich me 09/23/2011
Yesssssssssss !!!!!!! build the E bike now I want one
Brian 09/23/2011
i like it. I am a service manager at a Ford dealership. Wondering if they would sell it in the store and if we would service it. lol. I say build it, I would buy one.
Ed 09/23/2011
The frame needs some form of storage/stowage if it's to be considered a utility vehicle. Design a new type of bike carrier that will harmonize with Ford's conceptual hybrids and battery-driven vehicles.
Ryan Pritchard 09/23/2011
Ford should so build this i would for sure buy one if its not too expensive
John Kerr 09/23/2011
How much?
Aaron Noble 09/23/2011
i will put a deposit down now!
LeeT 09/23/2011
Hopefully if mass-produced (in the USA!) the price would be reasonable. We've been considering ebikes for local transportation for some time - let us know if it's a go.
Daniel 09/23/2011
All I can say is WOW!
Daniel Stella 09/23/2011
It is really amazing and a very good news!
I will buy one of this for sure.
from Madrid, Spain.
Connor Frantz 09/23/2011
You should definitely build this bike. If you don't make it ridiculously expensive, it will sell great. The picture looks like a woman's bike with the dip in the frame. You know, the dip is traditionally for skirts and some men won't dare be seen riding a "woman's bike." If you make this a production bike, you need to build one with a frame that goes straight across the top. You know, you could have extra space for batteries in that bar. If the extra charge cancels out the weight, you should put a regenerative breaking system on it. Perhaps you should have an accessory backpack that has more batteries in it. Maybe a cable that runs down your arm that connects to a port in the handlebars. That would cause some problems with moving your arms, but you are the one's with large teams of engineers and problem solvers, you can figure it out. Build this bike, you won't regret it. If it ends up being around 600-1000$, I will take three for my family and I.
todd 09/23/2011
Nice one...
John 09/22/2011
Absolutely build it! I'll be one of the first buyers.
Lou 09/22/2011
Must be built in USA! If so, I will buy one. Please stop making yuor products in Mexico. I will NEVER buy a Ford product made in Mexico.
Ron Chaisson 09/22/2011
I would really buy this E-Bike if you made it for the USA bigtime because I really like it bigtime!!!!!
Nick R 09/22/2011
Hopefully you guys make it. it looks awesome but should be good price!!
William 09/22/2011
I love the concept! Ford should build the bike and make it an accessory to add to the Escape and Explorer that could be ordered along with the vehicle. Love it!
William 09/22/2011
I love the concept! Ford should build the bike and make it an accessory to add to the Escape and Explorer that could be ordered along with the vehicle. Love it!
Art Cole 09/22/2011
If it's as tough as an it. Build it solely in the USA, and you can count my wife and I in for two...with payment in advance!!!
EarlT 09/22/2011
I want one. Yes, I like the design of the Ford e-bike and would buy one if the price was not too far off the charts. Cost, like it or not, is always a factor.
Paul Wilk 09/22/2011
awesome! when can i buy
Steven Stump 09/22/2011
I would like to see the concept expanding a recumbant design as well. I think it has great potential here in the U. S., but tremendous potential in countries like Japan, India and China.
Ajay 09/22/2011
need a field study?
Carl Cuchetti 09/22/2011
Dylan Zahra 09/22/2011
The new falcon rwd platform? Well i suppose its the closest well get.
Lars 09/22/2011
I would very much like one but would love to hear more about what kind of speed could be expected and what the price range would be...
Karl Richart 09/22/2011
I feel that anything different that would save on our global warming should be graciously accepted to continue in turning the evironment around with clean air for a change. I would be interested in buying 1 or 2 for my family.
Khalid Hussain Khurram 09/22/2011
Chris Rodger 09/22/2011
Ford makes trucks and Mustangs. Not bikes. Should have kept making class 8's. They wete the best!
Martin Anderson 09/22/2011
How much is this going to cost?
Mortimer Duke 09/22/2011
Jeffrey Amos wrote:

"hey ford, stick to making great trucks and fairly good cars and leave the bike building to someone else."

Benega Santiago 09/21/2011
Esto ya es lo más!!
T Craig-P71CV 09/21/2011
Sure! why not? Ford should build an E-bike, but not the one in the picture. The one in the picture is ugly. I'm sure Ford can design a nicer looking bike than that one.
John O'Keefe 09/21/2011
definitely build it. it is about time that we lowered the amount of metal we move around. the size of our vehicles is highly unnecessary
Jeffrey Amos 09/21/2011
hey ford, stick to making great trucks and fairly good cars and leave the bike building to someone else.
Peter Zanatta 09/21/2011
Put power to the rear wheel then we'll talk.
Christopher Forton 09/21/2011
You know with the poor economy, gas around $4 a gallon and everybody pushing to be more green...maybe an ebike would be a good idea. At the very least you could show off your commitment to the environment and maybe even sell a bunch of these oversees or in places like Austin TX or Seattle WA where people ride bikes and scooters more. I would love one, but live near Detroit, not enough bike lanes and unwilling to risk my life on the shoulder with all the crazy drivers on the road.
Eric A Wesenick 09/21/2011
With the shity economy that's about al we can afford maybe
Wesley R. Moody 09/21/2011
I said it before and I will say it again: can we give Allan Mullaly the Presidential Medal of Freedom already? In fact... Ever considered running Allan? How abouy Sec Def? America needs more leaders like that.
Tim Spalding 09/21/2011
Leave it up to the bicycle companies please.
We have seen designs like this since the 90's
Tracy Frame 09/21/2011
Build it !!!
Gerber Collision & Glass 09/21/2011
Nice Job Ford!
Justin Chin 09/21/2011
52 mile range? I'd buy it. Can I buy the concept bike? :P
Charlotte Wright 09/21/2011
bring a FORD plant back to GEORGIA
Nancy 09/21/2011
Nice idea but would rather they invest the research and production dollars into developing AFFORDABLE electric, flex-fuel, hybrid vehicles.
Eddie Arnold 09/21/2011
make it
Eric Stoller 09/21/2011
Build 100 of them and see if they sell. I bet they sellout in a day.
Laura Neill 09/21/2011
Michael Bashta 09/21/2011
It gets better e-range than the Chevy Volt!
Ben 09/21/2011
Does this mean we might end up seeing Ford dirtbikes/motorcycles? lol
Jim Rousch 09/21/2011
I want one.
Roger Earl 09/21/2011
Definitely, build it, come on Ford, you have the winning combination!
Karl Sierka 09/21/2011
Woohoo! High End Transportation! I don't think I can afford it, though. My F-350 Dually deisel keeps me in the poor house. It's been coast to coast with me at the wheel 5 times.
Tanmoy 09/21/2011
ok.. no comments.. but don't think u r BMW
Christopher Niloff 09/21/2011
kill the Panther and now this ? all is lost...
Abraham Flores 09/21/2011
theyre going back to their roots
Jacob 09/21/2011
You should make this bike tomorrow. It is great!
CG 09/21/2011
BUILD IT NOW! Everyone who lives in a city will buy one and you will be the first to corner the market. This would reign in London, Paris, New York, SF, parts of LA, and DC
Jeramy 'Rome' Hall 09/21/2011
Build it, do anything that makes it possible to generate more jobs, save the earth & make money for shareholders at the same time!
Gary Etscheid 09/21/2011
Go for it. How much would it cost me? I am a 100% disabled vet. this could help me get to and from the clinic I have a traumatic brain injury so I promise not to ride w/o the best helmet. It would also help with my PTSD. Get me to leave the house.
Larry 09/21/2011
Yes build the e bike I really like it. Also I have 99 F250 HD and has been a very good truck i like it so much. I think the new F250/ F350 HD really looks UGLY. Please build the Ford HD Tonka Truck I really like the outside look
K B Eric Riddle 09/21/2011
YES! Build it and make this an alternative to a bunch of overweight unenjoyable low tech bikes. I am to an age I can use a little push, it is a long way from a Schwinn Stingray (my last really enjoyable bike)
Pedro Dias 09/21/2011
O minha proxima viatura de serviço.
Matthew Elliott 09/21/2011
I'd buy 2 as well.
Ian Blankenship 09/21/2011
I like to see that Ford is an "everything" kind of company. With so much technology and engineering available, it would be a waste to only focus that energy on cars! Way to go Ford!
Robert Whitlock 09/21/2011
I'll take 2 please!
Brian Riedel 09/21/2011
Build it, and they will come!
Benjamin Bastian 09/21/2011
i love your torses i want one
Tom Parsons 09/21/2011
Stick with making cars and trucks.
Terry Ferguson 09/21/2011
Will it stand up on the back tire
Russ Wilcoxson 09/21/2011
Way to go Ford. Price it right and it will be HOT.
Mike Sirach 09/21/2011
In their PR release, Ford also stated this bike is a "concept only" and will not be produced.
Pat Ford 09/21/2011
Paolo Abate 09/21/2011
Curtis 09/21/2011
Build this thing! Building the case for bikes as a sensible part of the transportation solution just makes sense. Sometimes a car is the answer, sometimes mass transit, sometimes bikes.
Mike Long 09/21/2011
Build it. This is about transportation - not exercise. In the US, we need all the non-gas options we can get!
Raul Albor 09/21/2011
If they can keep it at around $500 buck I think they will fly out of the stores like flies!!
Gavin Allan 09/21/2011
Wtf? Has Ford totally lost its mind? Bring back the V8 Explorer Sport Trac.
Zack Smith 09/21/2011
FORD...Build it and they will come
Hayrettin Altın 09/21/2011
kaç para bu alet :p
David Martinz 09/21/2011
Ford Technology... I like it...
Robert Jimenez 09/21/2011
i need this bike with the new 5.0 engine
Andrew Weigle 09/21/2011
what a joke if Iw ant a Bike i'll just stick to a Schwinn this bike is just about as ridiculous as the $5,000 or so Audi Bike!!
FORD FAN NUMBER 1 09/21/2011
No I don't think ford should make it. Ford should look at maken a new model of Ford Ranger that could gets great mpg like the 4 cylnder rangers you make today. there easy to park in the city and fun to drive for off road narrow for tight trails and good mpg. not everone wants a big truck F150 all tho the F150 is the best truck in its class but you have to look at how munch better Ranger sold in the 1980s to like 2000 it was the best sellin small truck. you also should look at maken the bronco but with better mpg but still off road caplble. and make crown vic with the 3.7 V6 and 5.0 motors. not looking for a bike I think most ford people buy a ford because its to go far not to ride and get tired altho some people ride bike to work but if you got a labor job i bike isn't gona do me any good. why not make a motor cycle like honda but don't be ricer about it make it like a harly davidson. or chopper.
Keefe Tirral 09/21/2011
Pretty cool... Build it...
Herb Rash 09/21/2011
It depends on the price, but you may sell some. I have never lived where I was close enough to work to ride a bike to work.
Josh 09/21/2011
yes, please. i want one.
Bobby Breidhaupt 09/21/2011
Build it. I personally couldnt use it as i live in the sticks. But people in cities with large hills would benifit since it becomes a pain to pedal up large hills.
James Healey 09/21/2011
build it.
Kelly Clark 09/21/2011
More like a Smart Bike-not an E Bike!
Robin Thrones 09/21/2011
Lili Molina Aranzazu 09/21/2011
Randal 09/21/2011
I'm an avid cyclist and I know a few things about bikes. I like the concept of the belt drive systems but, I've read that they feel "spongy". The 52 mile range, is that on pure electric? At what speed? How fast can it go on pure electric? How fast can it go combined with pedaling? What I do like is that this is a maintenance free bike with the belt drive and internally geared hub. However, it is obviously aimed at commuters, so where are the racks and lights? More traditional style of wheel also would be better. You WILL bend/break the wheels and these wheels you would just have to throw out. traditionally spoked wheels can be trued and the rim (outer part of the wheel, not the hub) replaced if need be. And, of course, the price. They will be competing with bicycle manufacturers that have better products.
Malte Willhouse 09/21/2011
E-Bikes are for the old and lazy.
You gotta keep in shape! ;D
Jodi Armando Galeas 09/21/2011
I buy 2
Jodi Armando Galeas 09/21/2011
I buy it
Brian Lucas 09/21/2011
Yes. Build it. Share the road!
Frank Minor 09/21/2011
Build it and they will come.
Seth Perry 09/21/2011
Really cool! I've been looking into e-bikes & small scooters and the possibility of getting one someday.
Ken MacDaniel Sr 09/21/2011
That's right Slik. Can't do that in a Chevy Volt. LOL LOL LOL
Chris Chace 09/21/2011
?????didnt see that comn
Seth Adison Jaffe 09/21/2011
Ford should expand to motorcycles like BMW did years ago.
Kim Ott 09/21/2011
I would love one, but would only buy and recommend to others if its built in the USA!!!
Irvin Craig Githens 09/21/2011
Price?? Build it and they will buy it!
Josh Lomas 09/21/2011
Flats Or Rims Dented... lol This is nothing more than an overly-complicated rendition of a real mountain bike. Bikes aren't supposed to have displays or batteries or Ferro-magnetic whatchamacallits in the hubs... this would be similar to me putting a traction control system on a skateboard.
Vince Grafiada 09/21/2011
I want one!
Jo Borras 09/21/2011
Um ... what about the Th!nkbike Traveller, which was displayed as a Ford product back when Ford owned Th!nk and sold through Ford dealers??
Mabry Pouncy 09/21/2011
While this is an interesting concept...will it make the rider to get out of the way of approaching vehicles from the rear or will will it impede the flow of traffic like the brickhead bicyclists do where I live....
Slik Ryderz 09/21/2011
i want one too
Slik Ryderz 09/21/2011
i think so if your battery dies you can get home lol
Chuck Brannen 09/21/2011
Why not build it, You only build one car now so when you screw that up the bike will keep alot of people employed anyway!!
Rich Shanks 09/21/2011
Rich Shanks 09/21/2011
very cool looking. Would look great in the back of my new 2013 Ford Ranger… if it were made and sold in the USA.
Adam Walters 09/21/2011
if it's electronic why does it have pedals?
Jonathan Hubbard 09/21/2011
i want one!!
Jake Boyer 09/21/2011
that is a pretty cool bike. but i never expected anything but pure genius to come from Ford
Doug Maxwell 09/21/2011
no mention of what it costs, so we all know what that means...
Sandy Wakeman-Schmelzer 09/21/2011
cool. much better than the bikes with the gas engines, they are noisy and they stink. Leave it to Ford to come up with a great idea like this.
DjHeadlights Kbprod 09/21/2011
Woow so beautiful design ! I love that ! :D
Rohit Sharma 09/21/2011
ok do it now
David Tolliver 09/21/2011
I want one
Carol Scheive 09/21/2011
I want one :)
Dave Evans 09/21/2011
Um. No.
Akd West 09/21/2011
lol energie spaar Rad xD
Anton Šarić 09/21/2011
Ford Debuts Its First-Ever E-Bike
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