Ford Continues to Grow Hybrid Vehicle Line

By Ford Social Member

Bolstering its offering of hybrid vehicles, Ford introduced the Fusion Hybrid and Mercury Milan Hybrid for the 2010 model year. With the addition of these models to the current hybrids available, the Ford Escape and the Mercury Mariner, Ford continues to grow the hybrid model available to consumers.

All of the 2010 Ford Motor Company hybrid vehicles benefit from:
  • A 2.5-liter I-4 engine (155 horsepower/136 ft.-lb. of torque)

  • An electronically controlled, continuously variable transmission, or e-CVT.

  • Intake Variable Cam Timing (iVCT), which allows the vehicle to more seamlessly transition from gas to electric mode and vice versa

Fusion Hybrid and Milan Hybrid also feature:
  • Enhanced electronic throttle control that reduces airflow on shutdowns, reducing fueling needs on restarts

  • A new smaller, lighter nickel-metal hydride battery, optimized to produce 20 percent more power. Improved chemistry allows the battery to be run at a higher temperature and it is cooled using cabin air

  • An added variable voltage converter boosts the voltage to the traction battery to operate the motor and generator more efficiently

  • Smarter climate control system monitors cabin temperature and only runs the gas engine as needed to heat the cabin; it also includes an electric air-conditioning compressor to further minimize engine use

Ford continues its commitment to give its customers what they want - ranging from smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles to hard-working trucks, and just about everything in between.
Jay 11/23/2009
onboard HHO generator? carbon fiber composite body panels? Twheels? solar photovoltaic body panels? air braking using vortex tornado tube to regenerate electricity to battery and produce HHO for mixing in intake air to fuel/air mix? air turboprop propulsion? Seversky Ionocraft ion propulsion? Cowanda or Coanda effect propulsion using airflow over outer surface fuselage channels with Venturi housings? tube shaped vehicles with inner core for air braking/propulsion? small VTOL aircraft designs using these technologies to remove need for most of the heavy parts of surface vehicles? note that air braking will provide some added "air cushion" effect to reduce force of collisions
mike 11/22/2009
please please please hybrid the mustang.
thanks M
Joseph 11/22/2009
When are the auto companies going to stop this nonsense on NOT selling the high mileage diesel cars in the country? They allow them to be sold in Europe. A diesel engine is lest costly when it comes to maintenance has has greater realiability compared to gas engines. I am more willing to pay upfront costs to get this advantage compared to a gas powered car. Getting over 50 mpg on some of these vehicles is something we in America need and yet we are being denied the benefits of the new diesel technology. It is all part of a big conspiracy.
Dan 11/13/2009
What are your plans for truly clean cars? Electricity just hides the use of fuel from the consumer... power plants use different fuels, but few are renewable energy-based, and there are still emissions for electricity generation.
Phil Kvasnica 11/10/2009
Yes, how about a POWERFUL hybrid (300+ hp) so "tough and green" guys, or people that are still young at heart and don't want to be trailing behind everyone else on the street, or the highway. for example, start converting some of the more powerful models to hybrids, i.e. Mustang, GT, Expedition, F150, and the Lincolns and Mazdas as well. Why should we have to sacrifice buying a regular car when we could buy a cool powerful vehicle/car that reduces our need for foreign oil? Nevertheless, thank you for being at least one of the leaders in the hybrid automaker "race"! GMC may have their flex-fuel vehicles, but at least you're making hybrids, along with Toyota and Honda. Apparently Porsche even has an all-electric 944 model. Keep experimenting, guys! I have owned a Ford Fairmont Futura '78 302(?) for 7 years, a 1979 T-Bird, and a 1987 Taurus GL 4-cylinder. Taurus was nice inside, and I'd been wanting one for so long, but the engine was so puny it couldn't get up a big hill without stuttering, and feeding it with ethanol was embarrassing at intersections, as I had to gun it, and thus I wasn't very popular with the cops.
Kevin 10/22/2009
I think the question was indirectly pointed to when are you ( Ford ) the only American company left going to provide us the consumer base with a Hybrid Truck that has all the standard Ford truck elements like towing, torque and horsepower and can give us less fuel costs ... you know the 30 mpg or so that my commuter car gets. Keeping in mind that replacing my gas costs with electric costs is only effective if it is really less money. Is that a 2011 or 2012 or 2013 or 2015 or no plan is in place yet so we have no idea if it will ever happen yet.
Betsy Hess-Burdess 10/21/2009
Your focus on going green is fantastic. It's about time too. For me Just keep in mind to make some of your cars sporty, strong, durable and that they have lots of room in the back.
Keep up the good work.

Betsy Hess-Burdess
Sam Weddinggton 10/17/2009
I am totally satisfied with my hybrid, would recommend one to any GM person. I live in the country, the hills don't phase the Fusion. I've had several people ask about the battery and its warranty. thought I read the battery was good for the life of the car. Go Ford...
Greg Klayber 10/15/2009
Have had my 2010 Fusion Hybrid for 6 months now, with over 6,000 miles on it so far. Use it to commute daily, on weekend trips, and just came back from 1 week long driving vacation. It is EXCELLENT in all respects, with 42 miles per gallon average combined city/highway driving mpg to date. I have ZERO complaints about anything with this vehicle. And no, I don't work for Ford, a car dealership, nor own Ford stock! I would unequivocally recommend this car to anyone. This car ROCKS!
Donna 10/09/2009
I love Ford products. I am currently on my third Explorer and would really like my next one to be an electric one. I suppose I would settle for a hybrid depending on the mileage (some hybrids don't have much difference in their mileage) but I would prefer an electric model. I hope the Explorer will be one of the lines you choose to go electric with and soon.
Kalai 10/01/2009
Can I by one in Syria
sloan 09/30/2009
I love my ford explorer I'm on my second one. When will a hybrid be available?
Rafa 09/24/2009
I love the design of the Fusion Hybrid. It is the first time I see a hybrid that doesn't seem to be saying "hey, I am a hybrid". It looks like a real car.
Melissa 09/24/2009
Nice to see the Fusion hybrid! But wish someone would make a hybrid Van??
Me and my husband with two boys love room I owned a reg Fusion and not alot room with two kids carseat in the back.
Dave 09/20/2009
I own a 2007 Escape hybrid and love it. WIth 50,0000 miles, it has been very reliable, sporty feeling and practical... I keep saying that I want to hold this car for 200,000 miles, but my friends are commenting on the future battery replacement ("we'll see", they say, " all that savings in gas will be spent on a new $8,000 battery"). I'm hoping that new batteries will be less costly -- do you have any information on this?
Robert 09/18/2009
being that ford leads the auto industry in some things. do they ever plan to be the industry standard for vehicles with the highest estimated m iles per gallon on all of their vehicles produced. its time for some one in the auto industry to make a commitment to go above and beyond the industry minimum standards that have only recently been changed for miles per gallon minimums on vehicles but don't go in effect i believe for a couple of years.
Robert 09/18/2009
does ford plan on adding a hybrid motor to its Sportrac vehicle. if they di that Would likely by one, currently i do like the thought of owning a hybrid escape. but think the sportrac would be a smart edition to their hybrids.
Praveen Cherian 08/31/2009
The road loads (frontal area, rolling resistance of the tires and aerodynamics) have big impacts on fuel economy. Further the Fusion Hybrid is based off our next generation architecture which allows for improved energy management (operating system at its most efficient points) and reducing losses. Many of the individual components like Battery, DC-DC convertor and Transmission (gears, power electronics and MG1 and MG2) have been redesigned for greater efficiency and outputs.

Praveen Cherian
Fusion Hybrid Program Team Leader
Ford Motor Company
Jennifer Moore Ford Motor Company Communications 08/29/2009
Joe - At this point, we have announced plans to bring a plug in hybrid model to market in 2012, but we have not yet specified what that will be. We currently have 20 Plug In Hybrid Escapes being tested in partnership with 10 utility companies as we continue to seek to understand the connectivity between the vehicles and the grid - usage patterns and expectations. So while we can't tell you if we would make models like the Edge into plug-ins, I can tell you we are committed to developing electric vehicles in the coming years. Thanks for your interest.

Jennifer Moore
Ford Motor Company
Maurizio Cattani 08/28/2009
Does Ford plan to offer hybrid models for the F-150?
Bob Stringham 08/28/2009
As the owner of two Ford hybrid platforms (an 08 Mariner & a Fusion), I would like to congratulate the engineering & manufacturing team on the excellence of the product & especially the apparent step change improvement in the implementation of the energy management controls between the earlier Escape/Mariner & the newer Fusion/Milan designs. I would like to ask, with the Escape/Mariner & Fusion/Milan hybrids being in essentially the same curb weight category, besides the obvious lower frontal area and drag coefficient of the sedan over the SUV platform, how much of the delta between the EPA 34 and 41 city mpg is attributable to the higher efficiency & improved controls execution of the new Fusion/Milan hybrid powertrain?
Joe Griggs 08/26/2009
Does ford plan to convert other models such as Edge to the plug-in line of cars.
Scott Monty 08/24/2009
Not sure what an "hjlr car" is...If you mean hybrid, the powertrain is not ideal for towing, as it's designed for efficiency rather than strength. Maximum towing capacity for the Escape Hybrid is 1,000 lbs.

Scott Monty
Global Digital Communications
Ford Motor Company
william donigan 08/20/2009
Can you tow a 17ft.,3500lbs boat with hljr car?
EVpal 08/19/2009
I applaud Ford for today's announcement of their electric vehicle to grid interface.
Ron wright 08/18/2009
I never owned a ford product before but the ford fusion Hybrid is the best hybrid I Owned
I owned two Toyota Highland Hybrid's and they are great , But I love my Fusion 2010 Hybrid as it doe not have button's to make it get better mpg.'s. The ford does not have those to get better mpg.s It has all the right feathers It's a Great car and the best Hybrid I have.