Entire Mustang Lineup Achieves Segment-leading Fuel Economy

By Ford Social Member

Here’s one more reason for you to be excited about the all-new 5.0-liter V8 in the 2011 Mustang GT: An EPA rating of 26 mpg highway when equipped with the six-speed manual transmission.* That’s the best fuel economy in its class, without compromising its 412 horsepower!**

“The 2011 Mustang continues to exceed expectations in every category, and these fuel economy numbers are another chapter in an incredible story,” said Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s Group Vice President, Global Product Development. “To offer this kind of horsepower and class-leading fuel economy in a comfortable, beautiful, tech-savvy and affordable package – it’s really unprecedented.”

With the six-speed manual transmission, Mustang GT coupe is rated at an EPA estimated 17 mpg city and 26 highway, while models with the available six-speed automatic achieve 18 mpg city and 25 highway.

Mustang GT is powered by an all-new 5.0-liter double-overhead-camshaft (DOHC) V-8 with a host of advanced features to deliver the combination of power and class-leading fuel economy. For more information on this new engine, click here.

The GT’s best in class fuel numbers come on the heels of the 2011 Mustang V6, which is the most fuel-efficient Mustang ever and the first production car in history to produce 305 horsepower and 31 mpg highway. Read more about this achievement by clicking here.

Now, the entire Mustang lineup now achieves segment-leading fuel economy.

The 2011 Mustang is built at the AutoAlliance International Plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, and goes on sale in the spring of 2010.
marty 04/04/2014
3 weeks ago I signed on the x and bought my 2012 Mustang V6 Convertible. It is a launch rocket with its 305 horses and alot more fun than the Honda Hybrid I traded in. I also have a 1999 ford ranger with 202,000 miles. Who says you need a foreign car to be reliable?
Connie:) 07/07/2010
Today is my Birthday so I ordered the Mustang GT Premium Coupe LOADED!!!
Happy Birthday to Me!!! We have been a FORD Family for years and will continue the Loyalty! My husband owns a 2008 Mustang GT Loaded...
His is White with blue strips...
Mine will be Kona Blue with White Strips!
See you on the road Baby!!! And will see who gets there first!XXXOOOO ;)
Nicole 06/30/2010
I got my mustang yesterday red with tan interior. I couldn't be happier with a car. It was only 20 dollars to fill up, too. Thank you so much ford. I have driven BMWs most my life as well as my jeep and a few Toyotas. I can honestly say this is the best car I have ever been given the privilege to drive. It handles better than the bmw, it's fast, sounds good, and the ride is so smooth. And my mpg is amazing. I love you ford
Kelsey 06/28/2010
Im only 16 and i love and always be in love with the Ford Mustang. My favorite would have to be the 07 ford mustang gt 520 gierger. No heartbreak here =)
cp 06/27/2010
I owned a 96 GT for ten years and never had a single problem. I now have a 05 GT and it has never once been in the shop. And i promise you i give this car hell. when guys see a girl driving they always think they can beat me! Sorry guys, this girl can drive! I will own a V8 mustang for life! They have been great cars for me. I even haul hay in it! lol!
jlm 06/26/2010
Jeff Bayura the reason that you don't see the musthang with 426 is because Chevy just finally rolled out with there new Camaro for 2010 and they only jump ahead because they made the 1 more hp with the v-6 camaro with 305 and then they camaro ss with only 426.... But just to let you in on the Ford Story the New 2011Ford Shelby GT500 has 550hp as well SVT Performance Package/ the remake of the ford musthang gt 350 with 412hp so lets just say goodbye Chevy Camaro v-6 and v-8 camaro ss LMAO GO FORD GO!!!!!!!!!
Jim 06/23/2010
I have been a "Ford Man" all of my life and when I heard late last year about the possibility of the 5.0 coming back in a 2011 Mustang I stopped thinking about ordering a 2010 and waited until March 1st of this year when my dealer ordered me a 2011 Mustang GT Premium Convertible. It's built but I haven't received it yet, shipment scheduling problems at the factory. I patiently await its arrival. Come on Ford, send me my GT.
Christopher 06/23/2010
I am very impressed with the new-for-2011 Mustang. It's about time they retired the old 4.0L SOHC V-6 and replaced it with something a little more modern. And 305hp with 31mpg is amazing. The only problem is that mpg figure is from the EPA, who have always been notoriously optimistic. There is no way anyone is goiong to get that kind of mileage in "real world" driving conditioins. The last car I owned that got mileage like that was a 1987 Mustang with a 2.3L 4-banger and 5-speed. I got 30mpg all the time. Zero power, but great economy. My current car, a 1996 Lincoln Mark VIII with 300k miles on i t, gets 24mpg and makes about 310hp (with a slightly "massaged" 4.6l DOHC V-8). I love that car and wouldn't give it up for anything in the world (except maybe a new 5.0 Mustang). Anyway, I love pretty much everything about the new Mustang except the suspension. I hate struts. Struts are for cheesy Japanese and Korean econoboxes and have absolutely no business in a sports car. That's one thing I love abut my Mark VIII. It has a proper upper and lower control arm front suspension. No frakkin' struts. Then there's the rear suspension. There's no excuse for a new car in the 21st century having a live axle rear suspension. No excuse. My Mark VIII is 14 years old (built in the ancient 20th century) and it has a fully independent rear suspension. If the Mustang had a proper fully independent rear suspension, it would outhandle every car in its class and even some higher end models. As it is now, it barely edges out the more sophisticated Camaro (which in itself is a testament to the engineering prowess of Ford's designers). All the Mustang needs is a proper upper/lower control arm front suspension and a proper independent rear suspension and it would be a true, 21st century sports car powerhouse.

Of course it doesn't matter anyway. I'll never be able to afford one.
cole 06/23/2010
tommy im 16 years old and i inherited a 1970 ford torino from my father. its sonic blue with a white vinyl top and has a 351 windsor in it thats built to push about 500 hp. amazing car. ive never appriciated something so much and i agree that ford should build a modern version of the torino with but with the same 5.4 litre thats in th shelby but with around 600 hp. it would be one mean car
christian 06/22/2010
man ohh man todays mustangs are have a sexy design wowowo i bet if my mother buys me a mustang man i would get the hot chicks in 1,2,3,!!!!!! ford is more high tech than before :)
JR 06/22/2010
I'm a new reader of these Ford site posts and former 67' Stang owner looking to get back to the Mustang.. but I see talk here of power to weight ratio and so fourth...yes the 6.2L is bigger and heavier..no question. C&D ran both the SS Camaro and 5.0 GT and clearly the SS was faster 0-100 while the greatly improved mustang suspension squeeked past the SS on the track..I wanna like the new GT but it screams too much Japan 270Z to me with all the accent lights and junk..The SS just seems better as a retro american muscle car....and for the uneducated idiot above who says it took GM using a 6.2L to make 426 HP this is bassically a striped corvette motor which as we all know puts out 500 HP+ Not that I ever justify a V6 muscle car but the real shame here is that Ford didn't anti-up the extra $$ for direct injection on the V6. With Direct-Injection their V6 stang clearly would have wiped the floor with GM's V6 Camaro currently using direct injection
SB 06/21/2010
I brought my baby home in a 2004 Mustang convertible. I hope she keeps the Ford bug too! I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the 2011's.
Brian 06/16/2010
Hey, I hope you do know Subaru is made 100% in the US. Yes the parent company is over seas but it is mostly engineered and designed right here in our back yard!
Danny 06/15/2010
I had 3 ford f150's in the past and quality wasn't the thing I was after it was price that's the only reason I bought ford's. After 4 yrs every ford starts with it's problems and not only once but on my three diffrent ones. I now own a Toyota Tacoma that's 12 yrs old that has been through the same things my f150's went thru what a difrence in quality and durability now I see why you get what you pay for. Now I see why ford are cheaper in price because they don't last & quality is not there. Toyotas recalls doesn't mean the quality they had for decades for people is out the door I don't blame Toyota for taking long to act on the recalls they just hadn't have as many recalls as ford, dodge, and GM.
Phil 06/14/2010
I have 2 mustangs right now. A 1965 Convertible I've owned for 15 years and a 1989 5.0 GT I've owned for 5 years. When the 2005 bodystyle came out I really wanted one, but the 4.6 just didn't appeal to me that much, so I held off. GLAD I DID!

The new 5.0 rocks. It's a technological tour de force with it's variable overhead cams. It also still has the "old school hot rod tweaks" with the return of factory tubular headers (tri-Y's no less!) And it get's great fuel economy too? Wow!

Great job Ford! Keep up the good work!

adam 06/13/2010
i love fords ever since i was six and i'm sixteen now and to me ford is way better than Toyota besides i don't want to drive a vehicle that the brakes fail or the accelerator gets stuck so i will never drive a Toyota but fords are awesome and very powerful so besides i own a 1996 ford f-250 xlt very nice truck with a 7.3 liter diesel engine very good truck and i have hauled a very heavy load before with the truck hauling close to 25,000 pounds and you can really fell that weight behind you. but any way ford is a very reliable vehicle for me.
Allen 06/13/2010
Power to weight ratio is what is important, not simple power. The Camaro uses a 6.2L V8 that gives out 426hp, while the Mustang uses a 5.0L to create 412hp. Do you think 14hp can ever make up for that weight difference? Not to mention all the test drives have clearly proven the Mustang to be the winner. The 2010 was right behind the Camaro, and with an added 100hp and barely any extra weight, the Mustang easily beat the Camaro. The Camaro V6 will NOT have better fuel millage than the Mustang, much less better, and will not be any faster. Now, I don't hate the Camaro, but when it comes to aesthetics it is simply personal taste, which isn't arguable. I prefer the Mustang, you prefer the Camaro. But, the Mustang is a better car.
GJ 06/12/2010
I do not like the new model 2010 and 2011 how they look ! I think that previous model was much attractive and 2010 looks like for girls who did design i do not know but they did really bad.
H 06/09/2010
Dude, 1st She got what she want right ? You get what you want !!!
SC 06/08/2010
illegal taxes? really? Isn't this about cars? I'm sure many of the same "illegal taxes" also apply to the competition. I really want Ford, but was able to get a comparable Camry Hybrid to the Fusion Hybrid for ~3K less and 0% APR.
Jay Duke 06/05/2010
Have always been a Ford guy and have dreamed of owing a Mustang but nobody can justify the price tag affixed on this vehicle. It's sad that Ford can't put the Mustang price range back into the pockets of the common person. I should not have to pay the price for union dues, unlawful government taxes, and an already inflated price. After I priced one out, I might as well get an Infinity G coupe! Sad America has come to this.
Shawn 06/05/2010
I am looking to buy the GT 500 with SVT Performance Package. Problem is the little stripes are awful. I hope Ford realizes their mistake and offers the SVT package with traditional stripes. Not interested in the stripe delete option either since it looks like a plain car without the stripes.

Aside from the stripe issue, the car is perfect!
Jeff Bayura 06/04/2010
The Camaro is the best muscle car to date. I don't see the Mustang having 426 horses. Yeah Camaros in the past have been junk but the 2010 is bringing back the days of the 69. Yes, Ford has beat out the fuel economy of the 2010 Camaro. The 2011 comes out in July and the V6 is being upgraded to 312 horespower and increases torque from 273 lb-ft to 278 lb-ft.The CAmaro will have the same if not better fuel economy than the Mustang. Mustang has Camaro beat for a month or so until the NEW STANG KILLLER is unleashed!
juan 06/02/2010
Ford are the best and very reliable I myself own ford cars and suv
1991 mustang hatchback awesome
1991 ford explorer for the beach
and 1999 mustang to go out
dont have alot of cash to buy a newer mustang but one day i will
Ray Chiappe 06/01/2010
I really like the looks of the newer generation Stang, but they ruined the the back this year. Even my daughter pointed this out to me and she's not a car person! jmo This was one of those changes for the sake of change! Didn't work out!
Pauliw25 05/31/2010
While speed and power is nice : ) i think I'll hold off my next auto purchase until Ford makes hybrid Mustang.
Olivia 05/30/2010
WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Mustangs ................. The Best Cars Ever Invented. Nothing can top the new mustang 5.0. Ive Always dreamed of having one. The Thought of holding the steering wheel to a mustang makes me feel faint. From the very first mustang, 1964 1/2 convertible to the 2011 5.0 Ford Have found a way to keep me intersted. in 1983 the mustang 5.0 convertable was released it only had 157 hp lol They have came a long way. Some of my favorite mustangs are the 1969 mach I, 1970 boss 302, 1977 cobra II, 1978 king cobra, 1976 cobra II, oh and i like some of the fast backs, some for performance and other because of the style of the body. My Goal is to own two mustangs the latest mustang and an old school. IM THE BIGGEST MUSTANG FAN im fords number 1 fan. Ford motor company is steadily producing amazing cars. I love the new taurus sho LOVE IT. the Fusions gotta be my next fav car. Im loving the new trucks also. I will alway be a supporter of ford cars and i will never give a doller to another motor company. FORD FOREVER lol
John 05/22/2010
My wife didn't want me to buy one either.That was before she drove it now we fight over it. Go get one or maybe two!!
JR 05/20/2010
I like the looks of the new Mustang and the 5.0 that will come in it. I am very disappointed with the design of the new 6 speed. I was looking forward to a 6 speed with 2 overdrive gears, but instead some misguided engineer designed a transmission with only one overdrive and a much lower first gear for a car that already has traction problems. Does the new 5.0 not have enough low end torque that it needs lower transmission gearing to get it moving? It would have been better to have 2 overdrive gears and lower rearend gearing for more versatility! I currently own a 07 GT and a 91 GT with a 93 Lightning motor that is a lot of fun to drive. I don't see the new car as designed to be my next choice for replacing my 91! Maybe next redesign they will do better.
Daniel E 05/18/2010
Joe, I have had the same experience. Growing up, we had everything from (what I remember) a maverick to the 77 station wagon and a couple of bronco's. My dad loved fords, I inherited it. Myself, I have owned two bronco's with over 300k miles on them each. The first was an 82 which I literally drove into the ground at 330k (after driving with a leaky radiator, head gasked blew), then got a 90 which lasted right up until the time I started driving customers around a few years ago and needed a more professional car. Everyone loved my 90 including the salesman at the dealership who took it off roading behind the dealership and crashed it into a saturn outlook when he lost control of it!!! At the moment, the wife owns a 2007 expedition for the safety of our twin 4 year old boys and I own a convertible g6 for the safety of my sanity... I take the car out on daily drives to relieve stress. I opted for the v6 to save a few bucks and pay cash for the car, but I have regretted it ever since. My car has plenty of power, but call it inferiority syndrome when parked next to a gt ;) I am now seriously considering the 2011 gt, in a convertible of course. As far as I am concerned, ford has always been a great mfr with it's honest share of industry issues but has always come back around like no other. I will always buy fords and have even put my daughter in one knowing she will be safe in it. To Ford I say, thanks for all the great memories... your cars are more than just 4 wheels and steering column, they are everything that is good about the american spirit
Daniel E 05/18/2010
Tell your wife it is a mid-life crisis and it's either a sports car or an affair! Worked for me ;)
Jordyn 05/16/2010
The new model for the 2011 Mustang is not looking too good. Mustangs are the best car and the shops making them look like a Camaro! that is not good. Mileage good, model bad. Go back to the 05' - 0'9 look please! Ford Mustang is by far the best car EVER!!
Paul 05/16/2010
Way to go Ford! Bringing back the 5.0 is great news. I've owned so many Fords it would be boring to list them all. My first was a 77 stang. Now I've got a 2003 Mach Mustang, 2005 F-150 Lariat, 2006 Mustang V6 coupe, and 2009 Mustang V6 convertible. My oldest son drives a 2008 Mustang GT and the youngest a 2010 Escape. With the HP and MPG ratings for these 2011's it might be time to trade-in. Then it will be even more fun driving my non-Ford owning friends to the shop to pick up their cars after they broke down again. Funny how they never have to give me a ride. When the PD took my Crown Vic and put me in a Impala I almost cried. I only drive it when I have to and because the PD pays for the gas. The Impala (FWD) gets squirelly in heavy acceleration and even though the car only has 6,000 miles on it the door seal leaks when it rains. Why not put the new 5.0 in the Police Interceptor?
Jim Ehgert 05/15/2010
When is Ford going to put an independent rear suspension in the Mustang?? I just bought a Camaro RS because it had the better ride with it's independent rear suspension. The solid rear axil is outdated and is costing Ford many customers that would otherwise have bought a Mustang (like me)!!
DONNY 05/14/2010
What a great time to be in the market for a Muscle Car. How much better can it get? I have been a Mustang Guy since owning my first Gt in 93. They just keep getting better. Cant wait to take delivery of the 11 GT.
Scott 05/11/2010
My girlfriend picked up a 08 GT from the lemon lot on a base i was stationed. It is a black on black convertible with mag wheels. I think she stole it at the price she paid. Her kids left the house a few years ago, she deserved it . She would tell you to go for it. She's crazy about her car. I keep telling her I will take it off her hands and take over the payments so she can upgrade, no luck yet.
Dave Transou 05/10/2010
I'm on my 4th Mustang and my second GT Convertible. I won't drive anything else ever againt!
Bob Wesafall 05/10/2010
great looking car
blksn8k 05/08/2010
When I was still in high school one of my neighbors had a brand new 69 Mustang Sportsroof with a 428 CJ, 4-speed and Shaker hood. It was Black Jade. One evening I was crossing the street on my way home with an armload of groceries from the corner store when I heard this loud roar coming from about a quarter mile down the street. It was the neighbor's Mustang and he nearly ran me over before I could make it to the other side. That convinced me that I should have a Mustang and I have had several over the years since including a Black Jade 69 Boss 429, 99 Cobra and my current project, a Grabber Blue 1970 Mach 1 with 428 CJ and 4-speed. I also have my eye on ordering a 2011 GT/CS in Grabber Blue to match the 70 Mach 1...
Dallas 05/07/2010
Come on man, they are getting 400 out of a 302 with natural aspiration, and GM's 6+ liter some how just scrapes that. Im an all AMERICAN car guy, and i love my v8s but im not an extreme fan of things past 1973. Anyways, i really would love to see the return of one of history's greatest motors, and hope to have another 302.
Marion Anne:) 05/07/2010
i love my mustang:) and i dnt get tp drive it yet:) cant wait till i can:)
larry moreland 05/05/2010
I purchased a 2002 f150 v6 with a 5 speed transmission with over a 100,000. miles in 2004! I drive the truck to work every day still looks great,still runs great and i havent spent a dime for repair! love that truck!
Joshua 05/05/2010
Mustangs are everywhere and owning one makes the owner just like everyone else. The only way to stand out is to get the bigger models such as the shelbys and cobras. FINALLY FORD broke the 400hp mark on the GT, took them long enough to do so. Plus we still have to wait for the numbers when it is tested....GM will undoubtly increase the performance on the Camaro to keep in front of the Mustang....if this new Mustang can outperform the Camaro in the first place.
K 05/05/2010
Good for you, John, and your young bride of 55! Truly inspiring to see such devotion (to the car i mean). I LOVE MUSTANGS TOO! I was carried home from the hospital as a newborn baby in a 67 Mustang and now my passion is the 2009 Stang. Awesome body design, interior is schweet, ambient dash lighting just rocks my world. Love the orange :)
Jay Mack 05/03/2010
Where's the HD Radio?
lee 05/01/2010
I owned a 89 Mustang, and I've alway dreamed of owned a Mustang convertible, later this month or around June I am purchacing a 2011 Mustang convertible, A guy at my work own a 2010 and It looks great. I can't wait.
lashbera 04/30/2010
It is not midlife crisis. If you ever lose your desire to have car like the 2011 mustang gt, your not living. I just lost a friend who just dropped dead one day at a fairly young age. This could happen to anyone, live life while you can, get that car and drive it and borrow every penny if that is what it takes. The difference between the camaro and the mustang, as always it is still the fun factor.
robert stevens 04/30/2010
I was initially looking at the camaro ss, until I found out that the 2011 mustang GT was being powered by the 5.0.oh well to bad camaro, I'm going with the mustang, can't wait to hear the rumble!!!!
MLC 04/30/2010
LOVE mustang!!!
ford is the way to go!
dishan 04/30/2010
i never own a car but whenever and ready to buy one its definitely has to be a ford.my stepfather use to own to ford cortinas and thats gave me more interest in ford because he use to take on any and every other cars that dare to challenge him and guess what? he always won.so ijust want to keep that ford winning steak going.
Ronda 04/29/2010
Ford is my choice of vehicle. When I was in high school back in the late 1970's, my parents purchased me a 1976 Mustang. I loved that car and had it for a long time. Now years later I have a Ford Taurus, which is a very reliable car. Also, I have a 1998 Ford Mustand. Currently, I am looking at purchasing an SUV. This may sound way out there but, has Ford thought of using the sporty style of a Mustang and make a Mustang SUV? I would want to have the 1st one please. To some I know you dont want to see this happen. I can hear the uproar. But, to have that Mustang look and functionalty in an SUV would be head turning.
JPZ 04/28/2010
Going retro with the Mustang styling worked well. How about bringing back the Cougar, circa 1973?
Doug 04/27/2010
As a member of a diehard Ford family who jumped ship for the more reliable Japanese cars---due to a $34K Eddie Bauer Explorer I owned in the late 90s/early 2000s that cleaned out my wallet....think broken tranny+blown engine by 95K miles that Ford would not stand behind----I am truly glad that Ford decided to produce a decent car. They have made nothing of note in recent memory outside of the 03-04 Cobras. Maybe if your reliability is proven to be on par with Subaru/Honda/etc over the next few years, I'll come back!!! Keep it up Ford
zachariah 04/26/2010
ok i have always loved mustangs whenever i was 11and i am currently 16 years old, so when my aunt got a 2006 mustang pony package it was all badass, but then i fell in love with it, but then until i saw a commercial about a 2007 shelby gt500 and i was like wow i want one of those! but then now i heard about all the tuneups and more modifications on the 2011 models i knew for a fact that i want one, so hopefully my mom can buy me a 2011 mustang gt and be greatful for the beauty Ford created on mustangs...but then yet i do agree with other people that Ford is finally adding the needed horsepower a mustang needs to have that i necessary to compete in against a camaro/camaro ss, charger srt and a challenger...so finally Ford is just making the right adjustments on what a mustang should be :)
Tommy 04/23/2010
Just got through finding out Ford is not going to be out done by the Camaro,(alias Dodge Challenger with a bowtie).Happy to know Ford is putting alot more horse power in the GT and V6.Have owned a Ford for almost 40 years now,have not been without one and don't plan to be.I have always liked the 1970-1971 Torino GTs and Torino Cobras,have owned three.I would like to see Ford do a retro on the Torino like was done on the Mustang.I really think it would be a beautiful work of art.Would be nice to see a new Torino Cobra on the street with maybe a Roush 427 or another 429SCJ under the hood.Hope Ford reads these comments,would like to have another Cobra,but with the prices of a 70 or 71 model,I guess I'll have to wait till I win the lottery.Ford needs a sporty midsize car,believe the retro Torino would really sell.
Jonathan 04/22/2010
The V6 mustang is also getting around a 100 hp bump. Somewhere around 305hp I think.
Richard 04/22/2010
Bring back the 5.0! I've got a 2007 Mustang GT in Grabber Orange - can't wait to trade up to a new Grabber Blue five litre.
Eddy 04/21/2010
Ford.. what else do you have to say. Other than i wish they still produced the 7.3 litre ford diesel. Go Ford and Keep up the good work.
john 04/21/2010
Well fellow Ford friends, here I (we) go again! My 6th GT, count em, 6th is on order - will be
black on black, glass roof, gps, special wheels - you know, all the good stuff. I'm 75 years young and my bride of 55 years is as excited about the new little beauty as I am. Always had a stick shift with the other 5 but chose automatic this time around so my lady won't wear out her left leg.
Thank you Henry, as in Ford, for all the great wheels - my very first car at age 16 was a '40
business coupe - you guessed it - a Ford. Wish I had it today - would be worth $30 to $50 K.
I also owned a Bullitt - I really miss two of my heros - Steve McQueen and Paul Newman - they
were truly superb car guys. Thanks for the memory!!! Those taillights moving away from you
this June out in the Western U.S. will be mine scootin on down the road in my '11 GT 5.0!
Ricky 04/20/2010
I'm 14 and have been waiting to get my license just so that i can get a mustang this car is da bomb!!! I love this car most out of all cars because it's the car company my family uses and well i like the look, the horsepower this car has this is the most amazing news i've ever heard thanks ford......................... YOU ROCK!!!
WILLIE 04/20/2010
I have a 2007 Ford Supercrew and I heard they have the same motor that the Mustang has, so it's like having a big Mustang to me.
nicolas 04/20/2010
hola vengo a flotar
karim 04/19/2010
veray good
Joe 04/17/2010
I was born and raised in Dearborn Mich. The Shelby Mustang Club on Warren Ave was right around the corner from my house. Me and the other kids in my neighborhood would go up to the meetings and sit on the curb and dream of owning a Mustang one day. I'm still dreaming. But my loyalty to Ford has never waivered. I have been fortunate to own Ford trucks my entire life. Bought my first one used, and bought 5 new ones since. Drove them up to 200,000 mi. before getting another. They are the best. Up to 5 yrs. ago changed the oil 1st. of every month, didn't bother to look at the mileage, now its every 3000 mi. I'm driving a 03 F150 Super Crew now(had a 83 F350 crew cab) It has a 123000 mi. on it now. One water pump, and 2 trannies in 35 years, I am tickled with my truck investments! Ford, Your the Best !!! Keep up the good work!
Joe 04/17/2010
Own a 2010 Mustang GT Premium 5 speed w/373 gears and track pack . This is one beautiful car. The 281/315 runs very strong and handles great. This Mustang GT is the best ever produced to date.
Devin 04/16/2010
Ford is amazing nothing can touch it. I really want a 04 gt such a nice mustang... But i would take a 05 ford gt super fast car kills any vett
Bill 04/16/2010
Ford family, that's nice, but I have always been a Mopar guy. Notice the hemisedan account? Anyway, I have had a couple of Fords: 1988 Mustang 4 cylinder, terrible gas mileage, daughter had a 86 Mustang GT, nice car until my son totalled it. Taurus from 86 thru 95. I traveled in sales and the company furnished them. First Taurus was the best, and the 87 was the worst. The others worked well for me. Hotrods: 32 Ford coupe, 34 Ford sedan, another 32 Ford coupe and then now: 1938 Ford tudor standard sedan, built 60's style, well kind of, but with a 57 Dodge baby hemi between the rails. Lots of detailing, on everything. Paint: 2011 Ford Kona Blue. Just like the 2011 GT that I will have for my everyday car next Fall. What sold me on the Mustang over the Mopar? For did it and made a profit without Obama's help. They didn't take bail outs, or were sold to a company of Obama's chosing. And, the Mustang looks like a Mustang, not trying to be something that it isn't. And, now they did the job on the engine, and did they ever do that right. Sure, the Mustang could still be another couple of hundred pounds lighter, but it looks like it still works. And for IRS, I still think that Ford did right staying with the live rear end. Hey, they've got that figured out, very nicely.
James 04/16/2010
i dont own a mustang but i have a 91 f150 with the 5.0 and i love it. not exactly a hybrid but its not too bad. i love the power that the 302 puts out. if i wasnt so broke, the stang gt would be my first choice. love them fords buddy! keep em comin
Marty 04/16/2010
SCOTT! Why would you look at the UGLY COPY when you can have the original? Camaros have been junk since the mid seventies! They are doomed to fail yet once again! Like they did before!
Mustangs are the Best there is ,the Best there was, and the Best there EVER will be! Camaro's are just ANOTHER GM Copy!,(HHR from Dodge, GM HD trucks from Ford and Now the Camaro AGAIN like from the sixties),
cole 04/15/2010
While you can't order parts for your Ford through this Web site, you can by visiting www.ford.com.

Cole Quinnell
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Luis A 04/15/2010
It's your money man, I think that you work hard, and you deserve a price, and no better price for you than a mustang. tell her it's the love for the car, not to look younger or anything like that. tell her that you let her drive it, she will love the car too. hope you get your pony.
Hamilton Cruz 04/15/2010
I own a ford vehicle and would like to know how can I get original parts through this web page
jose 04/15/2010
my next car will b fordddddddddddd best model maker.. toyota will always have problems.... i recommend forddd 100%
vivek 04/15/2010
ford is one of the best car i really like it very much
James 04/14/2010
The camaro may have the publics eye and everyone likes them. But loyal ford mustang owners got there 5.0 back. Proud to be a mustang owner.
dcr126 04/14/2010
ford isn't going to do a Ecoboost because the hp and torque is to close to the GT and would hurt GT sales
tim 04/13/2010
it wil cost the same all of it will ford would have to be stupid to raise the price on the mustang from $19000 to a higher price in this econmy that obama is destroying just wate the gt and the v6 and the shelby will all stay the same $19000 for the v6 msrp and $27000 to 30000 for the gt and $60000 for the shelby
donna 04/13/2010
Idk, I'm a midlife Mom tired of the MOM cars and my hubby is encouraging me to get the GT. (I wanted the Z) So tell your wife she needs to feel like a teenager with you!!!
Dave F 04/13/2010
Divorce her! She doesn't love you. Buy the car and live a little
CPres 04/12/2010
Ford should add (1) more engine to the lineup; put the 3.5 L Ecoboost engine in it and call it
something along the line of the Mach I or the original Boss mustangs. This would make for a
good rally car.
Nicole 04/11/2010
I've always dreamed of having a mustang. When I was a litter girl I remember begging my Dad for a red '94 convertible, GT mustang with tan interior. Well it was a toss up between the 06 stang or the 06 grand Cherokee I made the wrong choice. I hate my jeep. Dodge/jeep is really horrible. I'm holding out on trading it in for the new GT 2011. My second car is finally my dream mustang. Ford is the best with great gas mileage, looks, and horsepower.
DAVE R 04/10/2010
Can anyone tell me why my wife won't let me buy my Shtang GT? I bought her a 335i which she wanted and I have my 2 old Explorers to beat around work with. But she still won't let me pull the trigger. My brother says I'm just whipt. I want the 2011 Shelby. She says it's mid life and I would just look like a teenager, so give it up. Please help!
Chuck Fister 04/10/2010
Speaking of styling changes - PLEASE change the butt ugly rear taillights! Overall, the 2010 body changes were truly great. The Mustang looks ever more the beast that it can be. But OMG what were the stylists thinking with the rice burner slanted taillights? Makes me want to throw-up. Mate the earlier lamps with the new and the car would be near perfect in styling.
Glen 04/09/2010
I grew up as someone who would never own anything other than that produced by the car company with the square logo. After they let me down and revealed they are run by people without passion or soul or heritage, I plan to buy a Mustang V6 (would love the V8, but not with gas prices shooting skyward every summer) for my next car.
Antonio J Rodroguez 04/08/2010
What about Mustang 2011 6 cl? Something new?
Derusha 04/07/2010
Where is the 2011 mustang fan page. You did it with the 2010 now im ready for the 2011.
John Lizarraga 04/07/2010
How much will it cost???
Tom 04/06/2010
I just picked up a CPO 2007 Mustang GT Convertible 5 speed from my local dealer - just unbelievable GREAT!!! What a ride!
Tom Gibbons 04/06/2010
One week ago I ordered my 2011 Premium Mustang GT Convertible, now I waiting to get a “planned” production date in Ford’s production schedule. It would be great if I could get a date soon as I’m chomping on the bit!
daryl parker 04/05/2010
i love the new mustang,and i look forward to annual styling changes like grille and taillights each year like in the 60s / 70s.
Brian 04/05/2010
Yes Zack they do have a Whipple for it check out the new shelby gt350 its the 5.0 with a ford racing Whipple. But you may just want to start off with 3.73 being that motor actually turns 440 to 445 at the crank and it clears the quarter in 12.8
Zack D 04/04/2010
I was born and raised into a Chevy Family. But most of my working career I worked for Chrysler. Now I work at Ken Garff GMC, I get looked down on for owning a ford *1993 Mustang Cobra* but you know what? The other kids put big turbos on their AWD Eclipses, and I still put better standard numbers on a drag strip then they do with 25,000 invested. My 1993 Cobra only has an SLP Loudmouth Exhaust system and a Cold Air Intake Kit. I run 13.1. Friend/Enemy of mine has a 1990 Eclipse GSX AWD, he put over 25,000 into his car already and he only runs 13.9. Will I buy this new Ford? Well, Depends if a Whipple will be available ^.^ If so, then you can count on it.
matt 04/01/2010
no doubt ford is number 1 period. i use to likechevy and dodge but after driving one ford which was a 2008 f150 i fell in love with ford i own 5 fords two 2006 ford econoline 2010 shelby gt500 2008 ford expedition and 2010 f250 power stroke diesel nothing compares. look at fords super duty and tell me thats not the baddest looking truck around. nice job ford love that blue oval. keep up the quality and dependability
Rick McQ 04/01/2010
I wasborn a Ford guy, I think they have the best riding and comfort in their vehicles. They have a good history rating, and continues to grow. I will always own a Ford
Scott 04/01/2010
Just as I was looking at the Camaro in V6 form, here comes Ford. I always want to sell my ugly blue 72 Mach, but when that old Cleveland gets rolling through the Top Loader I grin and park it. I am glad that Ford has finally stepped up to the plate and is sticking it to the other guys.
Bob Van Dell 04/01/2010
I agree with Larry 100%. While Toyota was cutting corners to increase quantity, Ford was leading the way by being the leader in initial quality. While GM was asking for government handouts and then went bankrupt any way, Ford was still the same company and increased it's sales without taking government handouts or declaring bankruptcy. I just helped my brother secure his first new car; a 2010 Ford Mustang V6 coupe. Before that he was driving a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis. He sold it to our dad for his down payment. I drive a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria (Former Highway Patrol car), before that I had a 2001 Mercury Grand Marquis, before that a 1999 Lincoln Towncar, and before that a 1991 Crown Victoria. In addition to my dad's acquisition of my brother's old 1994 Grand Marquis, my dad has had his 1988 Ford F-150 for the last few years and my Mom has a 2006 Mustang V6 Convertible. Any one noticing a pattern here? Any how, we're a Ford family all the way. We have had 2 Ford Windstars and also another 1998 Grand Marquis but have since sold or traded them in for better vehicles. I've said my peace.
salabdul9 04/01/2010
mustang is always been there 4 ford while it struggles in other models the f150 and mustang are always sellin....hopefully this new line up will get us back on the assembly line.unemployed ford workers