Drive one: Take Three

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On Monday, November 9, four more “One More Reason” advertisements will be on the air. We want to give you a preview of the spots, so we've loaded them into a player that you can watch below. We also invite your comments.

These videos are of people sharing their thoughts and opinions about new Ford cars, crossovers and SUVs. The comments are as real as the people who made them. They are not scripted. In fact, these people didn't know that they were being filmed for Ford commercials. That's the only way to get genuine opinions, and that's how these were produced.

Here’s a short setup for each of the new video spots:
  • “Rachel ER” is about the advantages of SIRIUS Travel Link™

  • “Robert Likes” tells us all about the versatility of his Transit Connect

  • “Michael MPG” talks about the fuel efficiency of Ford Escape

  • “Christopher Leaves” shows the love of a Fusion Hybrid and its fuel economy savings

  • “Karina Fusion” portrays Fusion as a car for her generation

  • “Fabricio Transit Connect” praises Ford for thinking of the worker in designing the Transit Connect

  • “Christian Escape” tells us about how his son reacted to the cool SYNC® system

  • “Alfonso Flex” talks about the Reverse Sensing System and the confidence it brings to backing up

This is a continuation of last year's very successful work under the Drive One advertising campaign. Ford will keep highlighting accomplishments in four key areas that shape the reputation of the company - Quality, Green, Safe and Smart. Ford will continue its ongoing commitment to the community, the environment and innovation.

Do you have a story about Ford that you want to share? You can submit your story and upload a video or photo to make your Ford Story part of the Ford Story. Click here to see other stories and to learn more about submitting yours.

Ford continues to stand apart from competitors. From nontraditional marketing successes such as using social media to generate more than 50,000 hand raisers for the upcoming Ford Fiesta to leveraging global car platforms to bringing new cars such as the Ford C-MAX to North America, Ford is different and making progress.
Claudia DiPrima 12/12/2009
I have refused to buy an American car for 30 years, preferring German instead. Deciding I REALLY want a plug-in EV, I am now doing reasearch, which has forced me to look at all companies. These ads will get me into a Ford dealer, which is a minor miracle. Now you just have to prove that the quality is there. Good job Marketing Department.. Please prove that your committment to EV is long term.
WKLINE 11/18/2009
I hope someone at Ford reads this.........

One of the nicest cars I've ever owned is the Ford Freestyle. Among the many reasons we like it is 28 mpg on the highway, 23 mpg around town, and it easily seats 6 in case we have grandkids in tow..........

You re-named it the Taurus X and then discontinued it.

The replacement Flex is a major dud that reminds my of a 52 International. If you're not careful, the wrap around door bottom will do some major damage to your leg if you're standing too close to the car when you close the doors.

I sure would like to be able to purchase another a Taurus X.............
Audra Chapman 11/13/2009
I love it! I have been in the car business for the past 5 years The dealership I work for is aFord dealer.. Ford is really headed in the right direction and I love the new commercials! Not only are they whitty but very catchy as well. I am 23 years old and I think that it is very captiviating to my generation as well as my parents. Kudos to FORD!! Proud to be apart of the Ford Family!
Brian M. Lee-Elrod 11/09/2009
Excellent commercials, Jim Farley and the Gang! You have already connected with the public and will continue to do so, as long as you are using real people to discuss their perceptions of Ford cars and trucks!
Larry G 11/09/2009
Great down to earth ads.
Picking up Milan Hybrid for my wife tonight and a Fusion for my daughter tomorrow.
Keep up the good work.
Lonnie Crooms 11/09/2009
These commercials are the best...............Can you do another one on the keyless entry system and keyless start system. My girlfriend can't find anything in her purse and it helps a lot when she doesn't have to search for her keys, especially on cold or rainy days..................THANKS for keeping me warm and dry.
George Speaks 11/08/2009
These ads are very good real people talking about the new features or ideas how these ideas or cars can benefit them.
I also just wanted to say that these commercials are great, real people is what people want to see not professionals. I also like the fact that different ads highlight unique things that only Fords have. Keep it up.
joseph rincon 11/07/2009
i just want to say that these commericals are great, real people is what people want to see not professionals and thats exactly what we get. I also like the fact that different ads highlight unique things that only Fords have. Keep it up ford, i like what i see!
Dave Lyons 11/07/2009
I have always been proud of my car company, and it grows with every passing day. These ads are JUST what the doctor ordered, real people talking about how these cars benefit them every day! Word of mouth ads are the best. Have you driven a Ford, lately?
Cheryl Carrier 11/07/2009
I have never been more proud of my Company, Ford, as I am today! I drive a Taurus SHO and everyone wants to know about it. I left a meeting last week and had nearly 10 people follow me out after the meeting to sit in the car , play with SNYC, navigation, massaging seats and even drive it around the parking lot! I love cars and every vehicle I lease gets better and better! Thank you to our management team and our hard-working, innovative colleagues for giving me so much to be proud of! Rock On!
Jimmy R. Kee 11/06/2009
My Wife and I have driven Ford's for years. It's refreshing to see the Company is looking to the future, and remains a viable American industry. We have enjoyed our cars (86 Taurus, 95 Crown Vic, 97 F150, 2004 Grand Marquis, 2004 F150 Lightning) so much we ordered a 2010 Mustang GT yesterday, Can't wait. Keep up the good work.
Chris Marano 11/06/2009
Finally, finally, finally,!!!! Ford Motor Company has cool ads!!!! I lthink they are fabulous!! I have been a designer with the company 28 years and was wondering are they ever going to get some clever advertising tout ot the public?? These are great!!
Danya Vargas 11/06/2009
These ads are spot on. They're real, clever, and catchy.
Frank Rodriguez 11/05/2009
I have been a Ford Dealer for 20 years, and I must say these are the most refreshing and "Brand polishing" spots I have ever seen. i am so very excited about Ford's direction and am inspired by the pinpoint focus of The Ford Motor Company under our current management.

Frank Rodriguez
Greenway Ford, Orlando
Veterans Ford, Tampa
Greenway Anting Ford, Shanghai China
Greenway Kuhnshan Ford, Shanghai China
Greenway TaiCang Ford, Shanghai China
Dan Corning 11/05/2009
Fabulous! These are the best, most memorable, upbeat snippets that hit the target right in the middle! Beautiful!
John Warner 11/05/2009
Great ads, It is nice to get questioned by neighbors and friends about the products. We just got my 83 year old father a Taurus SHO and he loves being stopped by everyone in town looking at the car. He really enjoys the young women wanting to see the car! Keep it up!
Gayle Treece 11/05/2009
This marketing is so cool! I am so proud of my company. Wow, we are finally getting our style and cool points back as well as the lost generations of customers. Alan, Derrick and team, thank you so much for finally, finally, finally and FINALLY listening!
Debbie Lienau 11/05/2009
It's so refreshing to see real people, not actors!
Maria DeSano 11/05/2009
I just started selling Fords after being the number one sales person for a Mercedes Benz dealership for several years and being the number one sales erson for the state of Michigan for Mercedes Benz . I was with Mercedes or seven years. I haVhave quite a folowinfg of customers. And plan on converting those customers to Ford customers. I work for a family owned business calledDean Sellers Ford in Troy Michigan. I saw such great potential in the Ford product line and decided it was time to make the switch over. I had been drivining a Mercedes for the past few years and I drive a company demo. I wanted an suv to be able to carry my bike in. I am now driving a Ford Escape and I was quite impresssed by all the features it has as well as the solid feeling ride and the way it handles is just great. I t's the perfect size vehicle for me as well as having fabulous gas mileage. I JUST WANT TO SAY MY OVERALL EXPERIENCE SELLING AND DRIVING THE FORD PRODUCTS HAS BEEN EXCEPTIONAL.
Drive one: Take Three
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