Documentary Series Aims to Help Customers Make a Greener Shift

By Cole Q.

Ford is charging into Earth Day by launching new initiatives that encourage people to take a more sustainable approach in life year-round with a national electrified vehicle education program, multi-city tour, and the debut of a 10-film, short documentary series with, an award-winning sustainability lifestyle platform.

The documentary, “The Big SHFT: 10 Innovators Changing Our World,” profiles cutting-edge innovators who are shaping new sustainable businesses and influencing positive change around the world. Examining topics from food and fashion to urbanization, technology and design, the series puts the spotlight on today’s game changers in sustainability. The series was developed with co-founders Adrian Grenier and Peter Glatzer and was directed by Gilly Barnes.

“Sustainability is the biggest issue facing business in the 21st century, and the problem will not be solved by one person or group,” said Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company. “How we answer the challenge of the future of mobility will have a lasting impact on generations to come. By partnering with organizations like SHFT, we are able to inspire people to make smart decisions about the products they choose today.”

At 3:00 p.m. EDT today (Wednesday, April 18, 2012), you can join Adrian and Peter here on Ford Social for a live chat about, their commitment to sustainability and their work with Ford.

This new series is comprised of 10 short films profiling 10 unique innovators and eco-entrepreneurs changing how industries are shaping sustainability. The series will be featured on many platforms including, Huffington Post, AOL and on U.S. Virgin Airlines in-flight entertainment.

“It’s been truly inspiring creating our documentary series profiling 10 incredible visionaries committed to taking on the challenge of sustainability across some of the largest industries,” said Grenier. “This series continues our exciting partnership and allows us to recognize not only Ford Motor Company as an innovator in sustainability but specifically Bill Ford’s leadership on environmental and manufacturing solutions.”

The first two digital shorts released profile sustainability leaders Tom Szaky, TerraCycle CEO and Michael Crooke, former CEO of Patagonia and a professor at Pepperdine University. The films profile the eco-shifts each has made, from developing smart plastics to establishing the first university-led environmental certification program, and creatively demonstrate how inspiring ideas have quickly become reality.

Ford teamed up with in November to put the power in the hands of millions of Americans who are interested in being more eco-conscious. Through the documentary series and other programs from live events to film festivals, Ford and continue to collaborate on initiatives to inspire consumers to live a more sustainable life.
Paul Wilson 04/19/2012
Where is my diesel-powered small car, Ford?
Philip Taggart 04/18/2012
Plants breath co2 so really my GT500 is green
Sal Undy 04/18/2012
I'd rather convert my vehicle to wood gas generator, before I drive and electric car.
Sal Undy 04/18/2012
Stop with the Global Warming Scam balony.
It makes me vomit. Seriously Ford!
Jim Carr 04/18/2012
climate change is b.s. We all need to stand up as one and say no more and vote out every one of these clowns that want to support any talk of green or climate change and remove all of the laws from our country that have anything todo with it. Then and only then will our econ come back and then and only then will our great country move ahead.
Nolan Claridy 04/18/2012
The goal is to avoid burning fossil fuels, right? Where does most of the electricity come from in the US? Electric cars are not the solution.
Ken Bradley 04/18/2012
The market is not wanting 'green' stuff. These companies are being driven by govmt subsidies. Same goes for the scientists behind man made climate change, it's a scam! Wasting my tax dollars!
Andrew Crouch 04/18/2012
And please just postmarked all those old outdated Ford V8s to me. I have no problem if people would want to get rid of them. Especially any thing from the cobrajet program. I promise I won't mind if that suddenly I start getting. Honest. There are starving drag racers that need your support.
Aaron Roehrig 04/18/2012
The batteries will polute more than the internal combustion engine. The motor companies need to stand up to the corporation that we call america. Half of the cars out now have engines that are based off of foreign car engines, just so they can comply with the epa regulations and other bs. Polution control devices,pssshhhh, volcanoes pollute more with one eruption than cars have in the last hundred years. Henry ford is rolling over in his grave.
Zach Butler 04/18/2012
A noble effort, but the fact of the matter is that people won't sacrifice the pleasure and/or practicality of driving for marginal environmental gains. If we have to drive around in horrible, whirring all-electric boxes that only go for 100 miles than take a full day to recharge, we'll be going backwards.
Tommy Curran 04/18/2012
And while I'm at it, my SYNC still isn't any better after the update, slow, slow, slow!
Scott R. Malenfant 04/18/2012
Stop buying into this liberal hysteria.. build these cars so people can save money.
Scott Hole 04/18/2012
The latest Focus Electric sales should be an indicator to Ford how interested the car-buying public is in "green" cars. Get off it already and bring back the Excursion!
Tommy Templar 04/18/2012
Fords are good on gas! If you don't drive it economically it won't perform economically! And one bad car doesn't mean you let ppl down, go get another escape ya clown!
Chuck Brannen 04/18/2012
Maybe you all should build a good gas one before telling us how great a electric one is!!!!
Feri Antoni 04/18/2012
Visual much to talk for customers! ¤
Rollins Hardwick 04/18/2012
I don't care about a "greener shift" I want you to fix the escape I bought that has been nothing but a let down. drive train problems, seat belt fell apart without anyone using it, leaking window with seal being replaced three times and remounted once, rust after almost two years and I have the rust modual box... I have a $40 000. vehicle that most of the time I am scared to drive because I don't know if it is going to drive itself out of controll.
Timothy May 04/18/2012
Just stop it with the GREEN BS.
Sárközi Pál Dezső 04/18/2012
Oren Blumenstein 04/18/2012
still no replacement for the mustang
Documentary Series Aims to Help Customers Make a Greener Shift
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