Are You a Ford V6 or V8?

By Tori T.

Which describes you best, a V6 or a V8? Did you say V6 because you're a lot of power in a small package? Or maybe a V8 because you're a workhorse?

In some ways,  there's little difference between the two when it comes to the Ford EcoBoost® . The EcoBoost V6 is capable of meeting the demands of many people who are shopping for a V8 truck. Our motivation with the EcoBoost V6 was to bring V6 fuel economy to truck customers, along with the torque, towing and payload they expect, said Phil Fabien, Ford V6 Engine Specialist. More than 200,000 F-150 customers have opted for the EcoBoost V6. This is in a segment full of die-hard V8 fans." Then again, the engine was birthed to do more for less, like providing better fuel economy and capability without sacrificing power.

To show the customer just how reliable the EcoBoost V6 could be, we performed a 24-hour endurance test towing 11,300 pounds behind an F-150 at maximum speed," said Phil. The same engine then went into a race truck to run the Baja 1000 . Even if you start with a brand- new engine, that s a very, very tough race." After all was said and done, the engine still made the same torque and power as it did when it was new. And if you re more of the petite powerplant personality, an EcoBoost recently took the Nürburgring track in Germany by storm, propelling a Formula Ford race car to nail one of the fastest laps ever recorded there.

The award-winning EcoBoost is at the core of the Ford plan to offer outstanding fuel efficiency for millions of drivers via high-output, small-displacement engines. By 2013, more than 90 percent of the Ford North American lineup will be available with EcoBoost technology. Ford also holds more than 125 patents on EcoBoost engine technology, which can be utilized in anything from small cars to large trucks – and it’s affordable. It’s easy to see why there are so many fans .

But that brings us to the next important question: How big of a Ford truck fan are you? (We know: big) We want to hear about how you display your enthusiasm and proudly boast about your Ford truck! You can submit a short video or a picture and a story to prove that you deserve the title. While we look forward to all of the stories and photos, as a special bonus, we’ll send you a Ford Social shirt if submit a video and it’s one of the first 50 entries published on Ford Social! Click here to get the scoop!
Ford Social Moderator 06/08/2013
Hi Robert K!

It’s common for fuel-efficiency ratings to be very different in Europe vs. the U.S., for all auto makers, not just Ford. The differences are mainly driven by unique government-mandated testing procedures and the simple fact is the “miles-per-gallon” rating in a country such as the U.K. would be based on Imperial gallons, which are roughly 20 percent larger than U.S. gallons. Unique engine calibration and hardware developed to meet country-specific emission regulations is also a factor. The different ratings are most noticeable in diesel-powered cars, but can also be seen with gasoline engines. For example, the Focus ST, which is nearly identical in size, weight and performance in both the US and the U.K., is officially rated at a combined 39 mpg in the U.K. Using U.S. rating procedures, the Focus ST is rated at combined 26 mpg. What’s interesting, due to testing, the horsepower rating in the US is slightly higher in the UK – but technically the engines are the same. Remember, the numbers on paper are produced using government-mandated testing procedures. Different tests will deliver different numbers.

Mark Schirmer, Ford Motor Company
Robert K 05/24/2013
How strict are the epa laws in Europe? Our goverment screws up everything with regulations and chokes down U.S. vehicles with emmssions crap. Would that account for power and economy in that ford focusin Europe?
T C 11/30/2012
The Ford F150 is a great truck but personally I would stick with the V8. While the V6 ecoboost is a good engine I still can't help but think how expensive it will be to replace the turbos if they should burn out. Those litlle buggers are not cheap. I guess it's ok as long as your truck is still under warranty, but what happens when the warranty is finished? Just pray that nothing happens to the turbos.

I use to work at a Ford dealer in the late 1980's and was amazed at how may Thunderbird Turbo Coupes came in for turbo replacement, and how expensive it was for the owners who had no warranty left.

I'm sure turbos are made better now then they were in those days, but still having one in any car or truck makes me a little nervous, especially due to how expensive they are to replace. To me that is just another expensive option that is not needed unless you have a fat wallet for any future maintenance, so just I'll stick with a regular V6 or V8.

I'm not trying to scare anyone away from an ecoboost, but if you should get one don't beat the crap out of them, use synthetic motor oil and keep up the regular maintenance.

I guess it's just the stigma of the junk turbos that werw produced in the 80's that makes me uneasy about them. So far I have not heard of anything negative about the current Ford turbo powered ecoboost engines, so I'm asuming this generation of turbos are far more superior than those of the past.
Justin L 11/21/2012
I'm a Diesel, and Ford should be putting more diesel engines in the US Market. We pretend to be looking for more fuel efficiency in every segment yet the diesels are already developed and in use with 30-50+% better fuel efficiency. In europe 70% of cars on the road are Diesel, I have driven a Ford Focus Diesel on the Autobahn at 130 mph and got over 40mpg. It had every bit the power and acceleration of a comparable gasoline engine.
John V 09/30/2012
Well checked out both the V8 and the V6 and bought the V8 5.0. I am very pleased with my decision and my new truck....
Sammy L 09/18/2012
Ford V8 for ever
Brad B 09/17/2012
Hey Ford ! Well, test drove an '13 Escape last week. We have an '09 and the 1.6 ecoboost is a head and shoulders above the 2.5 4 cyc. So I'll be a 1.6 litre ecoboost. Power in reserve, smooth in action, and comes out as a surprise where you'd least expect it to come from. With that said here is another thought ... Ford has 4 cyclinder engines doing the job of a V-6, and V-6's doing the job of a V-8, only from Ford.
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Are You a Ford V6 or V8?
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