All Hands on Tech at the TechShop

By Eve P.

The brainchild of Jim Newton, TechShop is a membership-based workshop where your ideas can become a reality. Think of it as a gym-membership for your mind, with the tools and equipment for the tech savvy and the tech-savvy-in-need-of-assistance. Its perfect place for inventors, crafters, youth groups, robotic teams and anyone else with a creative itch to scratch, hobbyist and seasoned professional are all welcome.

Newton, TechShop founder and CEO, and a combat robotics class instructor, explains how TechShop came to be. “I live and work in California and had been working on the popular TV show “MythBusters” and had access to all sorts of great tools and resources. When that gig ended, the most painful part was the loss of access to those tools and resources.” That was back in 2005, the first TechShop opened in Menlo Park, California, in 2006.

Bill Coughlin, CEO of Ford Global Technologies Licensing, first learned about Jim Newton and TechShop in 2010. To him, TechShop seemed a natural fit for Detroit; the Allen Park store actually opened last December, and over 600 members have signed up in less than six months.

So what will you find at the Allen Park location? The tools and technology to create almost anything! There are machining tools, woodworking equipment, CNC plasma cutters, sheet metal welding equipment, tubing and metal bending machines, 2D and 3D laser etching tools, heavy duty textiles sewing machines, plastic molding machines, high-tech painting equipment and a myriad of electronics.

Not a rocket scientist or a robotics specialist? Don’t know how to use all the tools and equipment at the Allen Park TechShop location? That’s all part of the fun at TechShop Detroit. Beginners can take a Safety and Basic Use class; it’s just like taking a Zumba class at the gym - you’ll be up and running in a few hours. Best of all, you’ll meet other people that share your passion to build and create.

There will be plenty to do at this grand opening May 5-6, 2012: Food trucks, a People Mover design challenge, a trebuchet building workshop, Epilog Laser and Flow Waterjet demonstrations, and presentations by Ford Global Technologies, The Henry Ford Museum and Etsy . Visit for more information.

Live outside the Detroit area? Miss the Grand Opening? Already a TechShop member? You can still share your ideas with Ford and grab a Tech Geek badge.
Desmond Alosious 05/08/2012
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Bo S 05/03/2012
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Carmina 05/03/2012
i have been a dodge or chevy girl forever, and finally gave in to buying a ford for the first time due to gas milage. I bought a 2012 Focus that i traded in my 2011 Equinox for, which i had only had 9 months! i now get 40+ miles to the gallon on the highway and 30+ in town. I LOVE THIS CAR!!!!
Ileana C 05/03/2012
Wow love all the new Ford cars . I have worked for Ford at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln in Crystal River Florida . Its great to see all these hot high tech cars trucks and suvs with all the features you could possibly want GO FORD !!!!!!
Summer Lovin 05/03/2012
I just brought a brand new Territory !! :)
Paul Buxton Castle 05/03/2012
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Anton Alexandrovich Koryagin 05/03/2012
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Anton K 05/03/2012
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Justin Rettinger 05/02/2012
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Jc 05/02/2012
I'd like to see this in Miami...
Vickie G 05/02/2012
Please tell me that you will producing a Ranger for 2013 in the U.S. I know that you produced 2012 Ranger for other countries, which disappointed me greatly that it was not available in the US. I will wait to replace my 1994 Ranger with 250,000 miles on it for another new Ranger. Please tell me I don't have to wait until 2014. No, I do not need the larger F-150 that comes only with automatic transmission. I want a 6-cylinder Ranger with a stick shift and the extra cab and power everything. I would also like to see the rear sliding window made electric for safety reasons. I also would like to see the Ranger with a GPS system installed as an option. Thank you for your consideration and time to listen and respond.
Anthony Wagers 05/02/2012
I'd like to have a couple how much??
Brad K 05/02/2012
Thanks Ford for not pricing the Focus ST in the stratosphere! I can't wait to get one when the lease on my '12 Titanium expires!
Kevin Kelly 05/02/2012
I work with a Datron 3 axis CNC machine using ArtCam Pro software. I have been working with this for about 7 years. if anybody has any questions regarding this please feel free to PM me. Tech shop is a great idea.
Huntington Ford 05/02/2012
What a great idea!
John T Wickham 05/02/2012
Awesome! I would love this in Minneapolis Minnesota. Nice work Ford MoCo
Ted Davis 05/02/2012
Make me like a bunch so i can put them all over my rules!!!!
Mark Wozniak 05/02/2012
Here's a tech tip for you. Add a piece of water absorbant foam between two metal panels to reduce vibrations on a pickup bed. Wait and watch your Ford rust from the inside out. Thanx again for that, Mark.
Jeff Nash 05/02/2012
blue oval love
Taran Malhi 05/02/2012
It just keeps getting better and better with you guys! Proud to drive a Ford.