Do You Think Ford Technology Is User Friendly?

By Ford Social Member

People either love or hate technology, but even if you’re in the latter camp, you know you’re going to have to live with it, because it’s not going anywhere. And truthfully, we’re on to you: You might have fought the idea of a smartphone, but we know you finally broke down and got one “just for emergencies,” which has since been downgraded to texts that read, “Running late, be there in five, lol.”

When it comes to technology in Ford vehicles, we recognize the two different camps. While some customers will expect their vehicle to keep up with all the various devices they own, we know utilizing advanced technology will be a brand-new experience for others. Yet both types of customers want the process to be intuitive and simple. “We want people to say, ‘Oh, I’ve used that on my phone.’ Or, ‘That’s just like my camera,’” explained Jennifer Brace, Ford User Interface Engineer.

Jennifer’s job is to anticipate how customers are going to interact with the vehicle controls and displays; she’s involved in everything from figuring out where to place a button on a screen to working with voice-recognition engineers. “We follow the consumer electronics world closely because it moves quickly. We look at devices that people are using so that we have an idea of what interfaces are familiar to them. People also expect the technology in their car to keep up with their new devices. We make sure our system is updateable to be able to interact with the next hot new thing,” Jennifer said.

She is a member of the Ford engineering team that develops the design, display logic and graphics of the MyFord Touch™ and MyLincoln Touch™ driver connect technology, with Jennifer working in constant conjunction with the Ford design studio, ergonomic and SYNC® teams to ensure that driver technology is pleasing to the eye and provides maximum function. “SYNC with MyFord Touch has 10,000 voice commands, so people can tell the vehicle what they want in a more natural way. If you can talk to your vehicle and it understands, it makes things pretty easy.”

Jennifer helps create products that will redefine the driver experience for Ford customers. “People want to understand the technology, and they want to learn about the system and its capabilities. We have websites, a helpline and online videos. Those things, along with training for dealership personnel, give customers a lot of different opportunities to learn more about the systems if they’d like to.”

And continually improving the product is part of this, which includes talking to the people who use it. The technology must keep people connected to their gadgets while they’re driving, but allowing them to keep their eyes on the road. “We found that people like the design, voice control and having so many features available,” Jennifer said. "We didn’t want the experience to intimidate anyone, but to invite curiosity.”
Rod Morris 12/15/2013
have just purchased a 2013 Ford F150 King Ranch...always had Dodge trucks...I like the truck very much, however, the nav system is not user friendly at all...I thought the Dodge nav system was bad but this one is really bad...try entering a destination without a zip code, it is obsessed with wanting a zip code, I don't know the zip code, I know the city,street,state and street number...well sorry no zip then your out of luck...why don't you use Garmin like everyone else, don't try to re-invent the wheel yourself, Garmin already invented it...
Augie O 04/06/2012
While I was very happy to see the improvements in the My Touch interface on my 2012 Focus. I am disappointed that the interface still is not very intuitive, inconsistent and can actually be a bit distracting to the driver. The functionality present in the vehicle is great, you have a Microsoft based system whose functionality has been proven over time. There's just to much information on the screen etc. I've now been considering possible implementation options for about a year for a more intuitive and simplified design that would solve most all the complaints I've read and heard about regarding the system, it retains all function present today. Unfortunately there really seems to be no place or way to really share any of the details regarding this with Ford.
Brittany Walker 09/07/2011
to all mytouch customers, there is a free update for your mytouch. contact your nearest Ford dealer for more information. it will help with most of the conserns mentioned in these comments
Jonathan Petersen 08/16/2011
I had the opportunity of getting to know the MyFord Touch system very well when I was training the sales staff of a Ford dealership. It is a very comprehensive and detailed system with a lot of depth but I think there is too much overlap, to a certain extent. Having voice commands, the 5 way controls, and the touchscreen be able to control the same function may add versatility and choice for the customer's preferred way of interacting but it also makes it confusing and difficult to explain. Also, the screen tends to be a little slow.
Tyler Baugh 08/16/2011
I Love the idea of MyFord Touch and i luv Ford but the interface is very slow to react, and sometimes it freezes which is very frustrating while driving and eliminate some of the useless page cycles lik when in AC controls. Just fix these little problems and the system would be great! I iuuuuv ford and keep up the great work :)
Barrett Ward 08/15/2011
Off topic, keep the manual transmissions around with higher trim levels. I guess my next focus will have to be an SE not a titanium since I actually enjoy driving involvement. No flappy paddles for me- just three pedals please-
Barrett Ward 08/15/2011
It is all in the expectations. My wife and I understand that there are specific commands and know when you hear the sync dong, say what you should and it works. The inlaws press the sync command button and just start having a full conversation with it as though it was a person and wonder why "it doesn't work". Take a little time (like at least 5 min) and maybe use one of fords complimentary education sessions and you will love it. I call my wife with the kids in the edge and never take my hands off the wheel or eyes off the road. Never had a problem in three years of having sync. (except when my sister in law is in the back seat shouting random words at sync just to mess with me...)
Carl Warmington 08/15/2011
One issue Ford has missed with all the buzz about the new tech is allowing the customer the choice (when selecting top trim variants) to not check the option box for features such as MyFordTouch. IMO this is a major mistake making MyFordTouch mandatory if one chooses top trim level.
Mark Schmaling 08/15/2011
The my touch system should have included a tutorial they way the Hybrid did. Also the My Touch System should direct people to the help at
Muharmen Armen 08/15/2011
mmm i'l thinking about that thanks
Geeshik A Borgenhagen 08/15/2011
Personally, I am probably one of the few 30 year olds that is not for technology in cars. Don't get me wrong, I like a radio, and for the general population, airbags and ABS are wonderful, but I would cut it off there. I would like to buy a car and not an entertainment center, and I like to drive rather than be driven. I just hope they continue to keep a stripped-down less expensive option on vehicles. Oh, and I could also do without fancy wheels with huge tires. Someday I'll have to buy new tires or a wheel, and I don't want to take out a loan for that. Luxury for me is a dark blue leather interior with power windows/locks and A/C.
Joshua Mekilo 08/15/2011
I love using the Bluetooth audio. I Didn't realize how much I use sirius and my bluetooth audio until I took my 92 crown Victoria out for a road trip FM radio sucks.
Erick Ceniceros 08/14/2011
It has its ups and downs, but im a tech guy so no complaints so far...
George Ewing 08/14/2011
not.... since 1993.
Jonathan Mezzadri 08/14/2011
My 09 mks is way easier to use than the mytouch in the 11 mkx. The voice recognition is still for the birds!
Lisa Kaloustian 08/14/2011
I think it's easy to use. So happy I bought my first Ford!
Ross Schmidt 08/14/2011
Have A 2011 edge limited love the car. Got The sync updated in June to a new friendlier system the old down load seemed to work better for me the new setup just doesn't seem to understand me very well.
S. J. Walljasper 08/14/2011
Getting rid of our 1998 Ford Expedition and we rented a 2011 Ford Explorer last weekend for our Family Reunion (& to test drive it for $50 upgrade). While we got it to synch with our DROID X & iPad2 via bluetooth and play music and make calls, the rest of the interface didn't make sense (hard to switch between the two). It never seemed like there was a home page and we were always searching. We have an Apple PC and use TIVO and were expecting a more intuitive user interface. Love technology, just couldn't figure out the SYNCH system in a weekend.
Christian 08/14/2011
Sync is the best thing to happen to cars since the motor and is very user friendly, the user just has to be technology friendly and unfortunately lots of Ford customers are not. Even for people that are there is a lot of information to absorb at one time and most people are not very patient and get frustrated. It takes a few days to a week for the average person to get proficient with the system.

Ford needs to do a better job with communicating what SYNC actually is or does to the masses. Commercials need to show the benefits of 911 assist, VHR and SYNC Services from a safety, convenience and cost for the customer. I am willing to bet I have effectively demonstrated SYNC in my fiesta to more people than all the ford commercials I have seen. People camp out infront of stores to buy new technology, why should SYNC be any different , it's awesome and exclusive, just marketed poorly.

Sync support needs a little work too. Asking a question through SMR will get you an email response in a day or so, too much time especially if the don't answer your question the first time and you need to ask again, it takes at least another day. There is a chat option and they were friendly and knowledgeable but could not answer my question either, and became frustrated and just kept giving me the same solution even after I had told them I already had done that. I ended up finding the answer myself but can imagine that there would be people that can't and wouldnt feel very reassured.

All in all SYNC enhances my driving experience and I love that I can get in and drive without taking my keys or my phone out of my pockets and make a phone call and stream music off my phone, it's awesome.
Daniel Hottinger 08/14/2011
The sync and nav on my Ford Fusion works very well. The sync systems were easy to figure out. The navigation was a little trying on your patience - until you figure it out.
William Vaccaro 08/14/2011
Ford - rebuilding an American Icon is on CNBC now
Nina Moen 08/14/2011
Well, beside being hard of hearing and having a bad attitude; Nancy Navigator isn't so bad. (We have a Cobra with Sync). My favorite moment was when after driving on the wrong side of Interstate 90 for about 100 miles (construction routed us onto the westbound) she started screaming we were on the wrong road... I don't like to think about what might have happened if we were on the wrong side of the interstate for real...... If I may make a suggestion, make the navigator a little faster to react, and make the maps better.
Barry Spaar 08/14/2011
Too many features. It needs to be 'simpled' up.
Gary Pugh 08/14/2011
There is a reason the Space Shuttle is not Powered by MicroSoft!
Gary 08/14/2011
There is a reason the Space Shuttle is not Powered by MicroSoft! Sync shouldn't be either.
William Vaccaro 08/14/2011
@ Jennifer Brace- you should add more technology. A built in Radar Detector and Fixed Speed and Traffic light Detectors like the passport 9500is.
Patrick Austin 08/14/2011
It seems like people are interested in the technology of mytouch and sync but the errors mytouch keeps having I think is the problem
Richardya 08/14/2011
They key is making it all work on a techy and an analog level. This way people can slowly use the tech as they get used to it. I sometimes love it and sometimes hate it. Overall, I want it. Some of the voice stuff is amazing.
William Vaccaro 08/14/2011
We can fire a missile across an ocean and hit a building but sync can't find a home depot 20 miles away. Oh boy...
Bobby Efthymiou 08/14/2011
Sync is just a bonus to an already awesome car!
Val Magnuson 08/14/2011
there are plenty of features I know nothing about- I feel wonderful if I figure out the map thing-
Heather Kelley Lilla 08/14/2011
Not for sure that a smart phone is the right thing to compare the Ford My Touch with, since you cannot use the smart phone while driving in the majority of the major cities in the US. Including the one where Ford calls home.
Brian Hooten 08/14/2011
on my 2011 Edge - the LHS of the dash is great! UI is perfect. The RHS could use a little work - I don't like having to press > four times just to get to the current radio preset choices! Perhaps pushing > the FIRST time will take you right to the current preset choices - and then > anymore, will allow you to cycle thru the various bands/aux inputs/etc. Otherwise, it was a little overwhelming at first - one definitely needs a little "driveway time" to absorb it all and learn the button sequences, but after the learning curve is done....its actually rather easy to control. Am shocked the voice recognition is so spot on! Very rarely do I have to repeat myself. Voice recog certainly has improved since the last time I used it!
William Vaccaro 08/14/2011
@ Rob where can I have that done?
Eric Nelson 08/14/2011
It's interesting how was never mentioned here, and how many with issues here mire than likely never setup an account to resolve these issues, let alone take advantage of Vehicle Health Report and SYNC updates
Rob Taylor 08/14/2011
Fellow Ford techs: I agree that the MFT is a current disaster, but I will suggest this - have your IT guys set up a dedicated i-net connection for the constant updates we end up doing. Makes a WORLD of difference!
William Vaccaro 08/14/2011
Sync should have, "saved marked point" and then save as.
William Vaccaro 08/14/2011
I just tried again to enter my home as a saved point on the sync website, and it didn't recognize the address I entered. The house has been here for 6 years. Hello...
Rustle See 08/14/2011
I like my SYNC on my sexy '10 Focus SES.. although I wish I could respond to texts while driving with it. Even if it is just the preset responses.
Ray Lambert 08/14/2011
I must be in the minority because my Ford Synch has not worked since I got my vehicle. I can't even tell you what features it has because the system isn't active long enough to see what it can do. It is a chronic arrays of system freezes, restarts ("performing scheduled system maintenance" anyone?) and resets (only when I restart the car, mind you.) Sync is plagued with so many errors that if I had a choice, I would give back this Ford in a heartbeat! You would think they would test these vehicle before the ship them out. This was first time buying a Ford and I'm sure it will be my last.
Chris Custodio 08/14/2011
As a service advisor for Ford sync is not user need to get rid of Microsoft and add android!!
Kevin Daugherty 08/14/2011
No it never works right great ideas but very poor execution
Christopher Mendham 08/14/2011
2010 Ford Explorer sync is awesone. Just read the booklet... Lazy people! Sirius XM, voice dial, nav without a screen... It is all awesome!!!!
Robert Skinner 08/14/2011
My sync will at times do what it wants. 2011 f150 have to start al over. Need to use Garmin mapping. Microsoft is really lacking there. Ford needs it's own operating system. Make it KISS for unsold fates with the bucks.
Taylor Jeffords 08/14/2011
Quit adding buttons, just have a radio auto tuned to a country station, a good shifter and some good cup holders, also, a cooler in the console is much appreciated.
Mickael Wertheimer 08/14/2011
Yes ! I Have my ford touch and i Like it ! Tank's Ford ! Give me more tech'
Marc Johnston 08/14/2011
Way too many bugs with MyTouch in my '11 Explorer, and slooooow. Some button presses are ignored, others take a minute before it responds, my iPod Classic is always indexing and building media commands, even though I haven't unplugged it in over a month, ... So many things. Lot of potential but needs better execution.
Philip D. Bruchman 08/14/2011
Yeah, it turned me into a newt!... It got better.
Chip Williams 08/14/2011
Becky Marshall 08/14/2011
I did read the manual and my sync system is awesome!!!!
Alison Deming Bucek 08/14/2011
I love that my car instantly pairs with my phone when I get in. Make it easy to drive and make the calls I need to!
Mandomin 08/14/2011
well, I hope jennifer finds a way to allow all type of cell phone, iphone4 particularly, to display the photo of callers, on the MFT center screen.
Terri Bennett 08/14/2011
BRING BACK THE CROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Smart Ali 08/14/2011
i bought Ford for it's technology
William Vaccaro 08/14/2011
I am a technology freak, but Sync needs a lot of work. The weather, sports, horoscopes, etc, are all irrelevant if the mapping part of it is not accurate. There are so many times when Sync says, "you have left the planned route - You have returned to the planned route", and I never left the "planned" route. Now imagine hearing that on a 10 hour trip. I just gotta turn it off. Years ago I bought a vehicle with Onstar. It was so bad that the next time I went to buy a car, I refused to buy it if it had Onstar.

The next time I buy a Ford, I will get it with a screen navigation with the back-up camera. And while I am giving my opinion, I don't see why Ford sells the horsepower of an F-150 and then governs down the engine. Please don't try to control my lead foot. I like the size of a truck along with the speed of a mustang.
Daniel Ting 08/14/2011
Sync is not very user friendly. The basics are but when you want to use advanced features - need a degree in programming to figure it out!
Kevin Hart 08/14/2011
Every piece of technology whether it be a phone or something integrated into your car has a learning curve. The steepness of the curve is what determines if people can get it and by what I have seen it may take a bit but the tech is overall very useful and easy to learn compared to some phones out there
Joel Congi 08/14/2011
Comparing it to say, BMW's iDrive, yes. By a long shot
Jason Little 08/14/2011
SYNC isn't very user friendly at all. My Ford Touch is even worse. I tried My Ford Touch at the autoshow and it was slow and not intuitive at all. I'm all for technology, but when technology is in the way of me turning on the air conditioning, that's not good technology.

SYNC in my Fiesta works well when using my iPhone via USB however when I enable bluetooth to use my phone, the only way to switch back to using USB for music is to un-plug the cable and plug it back in. I would expect to be able to say "USB" to switch back and resume playing after using my phone.

I am still disappointed that after having been on the market for almost 5 years, the SYNC services in the US are not offered in Canada. No news reports, traffic, directions...nothing.

Don't get me started on the "4 simple steps" to update your software which, upon actually looking at the instructions are actually about 35 steps.

Very poor implementation IMO, yes I am an Apple fanboy but Ford could learn a lot by understanding that Apple devices are so simple to use. I can play any music on any device with no problems, the technology isn't in the way, it just works. Can't say the same about SYNC and MFT.
Pilar Mansergas March 08/14/2011
Yes, I think so! We are enjoying our third Ford car and it has got much user-friendly technology; simple to use and very reliable
Greg Montenegro 08/14/2011
Yes..I have an '11 Taurus with SYNC and love it. Have all my gadgets SYNC'd to the car, so easy!!!
Garry Luke 08/14/2011
I think sometimes engineers hold things back intentionally.
Rhone Robbins 08/14/2011
Yep its good stuff, just bought an edge yesterday and had set up all the systems in no time
Garry Luke 08/14/2011
I think Ford is missing the boat with making things better by not going the extra step. THat makes Ford a follower instead of a leader which unAmerican! Need to do is get a committee of regular average American drivers as a committee to meet and critique some of the prototypes and make suggestions and comment on things like convenience, comfort, ease of usage, etc.
Nadia Jawaid 08/14/2011
Doug Trombley 08/14/2011
love my Fiesta, hate the sync
C Scoggin 08/14/2011
New Ford Explorer suggestions: 1. hazaard button is in the wrong place...turns on unitentionally when you rest your hand there to change the touch screen 2. go back to a simple button for heated/AC seat control...too confusing on the touch screen 3. women need a purse well next to the driver's seat 4. pairing my phone has still not worked...dealership says it is a cell phone issue...cell phone company says it is a car issue??? 5. hopefully, on all else, I will catch onto the voice commands and touch does take time to learn it all and be comfortable with so much technology.
Mary Yovanovich Begich 08/14/2011
I love it and discovering new things about my 2011 Eco Boost F150. I get so many comments on it. So far everyone loves it almost as much as I do.
Alex Reyes 08/14/2011
Sync is the complete opposite of user friendly, it needs a complete overhaul with a different OS underneath, possibly Android driven?
Mango Myra 08/14/2011
Yes, I love my Stang!
Jay Doverspike 08/14/2011
The sync system is a nice concept but it needs some serious fine tuning. Its difficult for us technicians to address and work on when there are problems with it. Its frustrating for us and our customers.
Curtis McKerracher 08/14/2011
No, and not easily updated using IDS.
Jimmy Junior 08/14/2011
I think it is but some people will never be able to understand it.
Dee Stotts 08/14/2011
no i do not. the communication system doesnt like womens voices and the rearend in my 2010 is already going out
Jennifer Ring Longworth 08/14/2011
I've also been really disappointed this week in your partner Sirius who dropped the world's most listened to radio station, Radio 1, for some as yet unknown reason.
Christopher Rydberg 08/14/2011
Marybeth Weaver 08/14/2011
Chelsey Hansen 08/14/2011
I've had my 2011 explorer for about a month now, and I'm overall happy with the mytouch system, though they could make it a little easier to pair devices, but that was mostly my phone. I am a little disappointed that my NAV system going haywire caused the whole sync system to do the same. once i took the SD card out it was fine though. I traded my 2010 F-150 for the explorer because the airbag sensors couldn't stay working. I say there is a bit too much technology available, BUT, i am a technophile and love anything that is new and geeky, so I love my car. The backup cam has been a life saver more than once already. I think that there could be a bit more user friendly for non technophiles, but if they aren't good with tech, then they should try to get models that aren't so techy (if they are still offered, didn't look cauz i wanted techy!)
Jennifer Ring Longworth 08/14/2011
Sync is a nightmare sometimes. I'm sure the manual is very helpful but the truth is most people just don't bother reading them.
Erika Nelson Fish 08/14/2011
Robert Skinner 08/14/2011
Having issues with sync, voice commands are not good. I suggest Ford write it's own software. 2011 F150 layout great for dash controls. 2010 mkx not good.
Nicholas Breslove 08/14/2011
Not from anyone I heard from no. And partnering with a company not known for being consumer focused, Microsoft, on your Sync system hasn't helped.
Brian Dorow 08/14/2011
personaly im not into all the tech you put into your trucks. i think the cost of the tech takes away from building a workable truck. save that stuff for your cars.. i would restore a 1978 f250 before buying a new one, and still havnt met a farmer or construction worker that cares about all the fancy gadgets.
Will 08/14/2011
I have Ford Edge 2011 and I know technology pretty well. But I do think the myFordTouch thing does have some flaws. I wish it was more speedy as in when I press something on the screen I want it to go to it immediately instead of having to wait a few seconds.
Brian Belica 08/14/2011
The buttons for climate control can be to small when driving
Patty Eskro Spitler 08/14/2011
Oh, man...this is a loaded question! Our 2011 loaded Edge with My Touch has been a HUGE disappointment. My husband's first brand new car and nothing but problems. Unfortunately, a GM vehicle will be his next purchase. Hope Ford gets the "technology" figured out!
Travis Krantz 08/14/2011
Tony Sanfilippo 08/14/2011
I find that the "park itself" and the addaptive cruise control are taking the skill out of driving allowing any irresponsible person to get behind the wheel and not think about what he/she is doing. It's a lot of faith in technology.

I also find the instrument clusters especially on the new super duty are too information happy and procedural to navigate through. I find it distracting. My only complaint about the truck.
Khoirul Yaqin 08/14/2011
just do your homework to make h2o car machine and surya panel to save energy of the sun in car eye lamp
Doug Trombley 08/14/2011
Wally Ament 08/14/2011
If is like the last13years I would say no
Anthony Austin 08/14/2011
To me it's easy but I can see why some might not "get it" if they aren't techno-friendly. If there's lag, there's a problem with customer perception. People want to click and see that their command was accepted. I'm waiting to see when ford increases the whole screen where its a wide 9 inches, by 14 inches tall where A/C controls are also incorporated. I can see how that half A/C button collection at the bottom can confuse on whats happening on MFT. Either you put it all, or nothing, but not break it up. Nothing wrong with one good volume knob either. And the hazzard/SRS warning lights on the bottom lip of the screen seem as an after thought and not appealing.
Kevin Palczynski 08/14/2011
MyTouch is a joke with hundreds of "known concerns"; Sync is only slightly better. Great relationship Ford has with Microsoft to fix it, too.
Nugi Nugster 08/14/2011
i don't knw. I still have my 1997 F150 with 203,342 miles
Randy Steve 08/14/2011
after driving a bmw and playing with all its toy compair to ford my touch+ nav + sync I have more fun with the ford setup compaired to the BMW and more to offer at a fraction of the price :c)
Daniel Jorge 08/14/2011
thats y ima a FORD fan
Suraj Rajashekar 08/14/2011
well its ok
Daniel Jorge 08/14/2011
yes tha new ford f- series hav tha power of a v10 but yet its a v8 great mpg thats y FORD F-SERIES R THA # 1 wen it comes to deliverying tha torques that it should un lik tha compition
Mel Walters 08/14/2011
I'm still looking for a "dial" cell phone ;-)
Pavol 'Pštros' Malovec 08/14/2011
of course!
Orin O'Neill 08/14/2011
I think more and more of it is unnecessary... I can wait 'til I arrive at my destination to check my e-mail, and I know how to parallel-park, thanks very much. Traction control and vehicle stability control, okay, but I don't want my car second-guessing every move I make.
Amanda Gillispie 08/14/2011
So long as there are physical buttons or voice commands work as they should - but having touchscreen just seems like a recipe for disaster, requiring people take their eyes off the road to be sure you hit the right screen spot. And I'm just talking about auto makers in general on that last bit.
Pat Ford 08/14/2011
Pat Ford 08/14/2011
I DO)(:)~
Stu Pidasseaux 08/14/2011
Oh yes, I am especially fond of the phuckin Chinese transmision in my mustang.
Michael Robichaux 08/14/2011
It's friendly if you are a technofile but Ford needs to study who it's selling their vehicles too and make say a plain interface and what we have now as most customers are downgrading Ford due to the fiasco with the my ford touch messing up so much and people not wanting some of this
Joe Gruce 08/14/2011
Nick Statis 08/14/2011
love my Fords, I own a Ford Falcon wagon and have had trouble free motoring with it, one of the best cars I've ever owned well done Ford :-)
Rick Marlene Hagglund 08/14/2011
It should say a number. My V6 5 speed Ford Probe 1991/2? ( Mazda?) gave the real time MPG as well as the average for that tank, and at that rate, the miles remaiing in that tank full. very much more user frendly than any car I have had since.
Melody Dickerson 08/14/2011
Aleta DuVon Ivey 08/14/2011
Weellll, I have a Ford Raptor and I still can't figure the Navi and sync system and my Phone is always bumped off.....but then again I am blonde....;-)
Christopher Scott 08/14/2011
I like my fords...have a f150 i wan to upgrade but holy price change...ouch
Patrick Fitzgerald 08/14/2011
My 94 f150 is user ferendly just get in and go. ford should make a back to basic car 4 cylender 5 speed manual with a am/fm radio air con and nothing more i bet they would have a waiting list for that car.
Joel Carver McBeth 08/14/2011
I think the 5 bar meter for MPG isn't user friendly. So i'm getting 5 bars in MPG in my mustang, is that 31 MPG or 26 MPG or what? I wish it just said a number.
Kameron Klement 08/14/2011
The navigation extras such as weather, sports ticker, and traffic reports can be a little hard for some customers.
Joel Arellano 08/14/2011
Powertrain or infotainment system?
John Ehrle 08/14/2011
Without a doubt Ford is the leader in this field. The proof is the fact that aftermarket audio is 2nd to factory with a Ford. We have 6 Fords in the family and only the 2000 Excursion needed an upgrade.
Mickey Atkinson 08/14/2011
Yes, just new and takes getting used to.
Thomas Miller 08/14/2011
When the MFT is actually working correctly
Robert Colhoun 08/14/2011
yes the older stuff was
Παναγιώτης Στάμου 08/14/2011
Vey Cheep...
Chad Steel 08/14/2011
Where is the MPG technology?
Bradley E. Bowhall Jr 08/14/2011
Do You Think Ford Technology Is User Friendly?
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