Continuous Vehicle Innovation is a Mindset at Ford

By Cole Q.

Henry Ford probably isn’t the first name that comes to mind when you think of famous hackers. In fact, the term may even conjure up images of figures hunched over computers in a dark basement. But in reality, the definition – popularized by companies like Facebook – of hacking has evolved to mean a way to approach a situation with little restriction or direction in the name of open innovation. Now thinking of the man who said “anyone who stops learning is old” as an advocate of a hacker’s approach to creative thinking doesn’t seem too unusual.

Hacking’s modern roots are rooted in technology, which is key to the entire driver experience at Ford.

Engineers, scientists, and researchers work in the Ford Sci Lab to develop revolutionary technologies that are put into practice – such as Ford SYNC® and EcoBoost®.

And there is much more tinkering happening every day. Did you know that vehicles have the potential to communicate with one another on the road to help stop accidents? Or that vehicles can aid in monitoring driver wellness such as allergies and diabetes ?

It’s amazing what a large role vehicles play in daily lives. At Ford, we are working to create smart technology that aims to enhance the time we spend in our vehicles.

That sounds a lot like a hacker’s approach to innovation – creative and boundless, yet thoughtful and useful. It’s in our blood and we’re proud to look at the company’s founder as the original hacker to the masses.

Stay tuned for an exclusive interview on Ford Social with Julius Marchwicki, Product Manager for Ford SYNC AppLink, who will give his thoughts on the Ford approach to innovation and how hacking can help us explore what’s possible.
John M 04/16/2012
That's a great article. I do think Ford Motor Company is an amazing business. But, cars talking to cars? Why don't we start with first things first, let me, the owner talk to my car to find out how it is running and what it needs to run better. Thank you
James D 03/07/2012
Hi Ford, I am writing tonight to see if you guys could "Please" bring back your Ford Ranger or Make a Small truck around the F-100. First of all, I was wondering if you could please listen to Juston Preble about putting a 1.6,2.0, 5.0 Eco Boost in the New Future Improved Ranger or F-100. Second, When you do make this new modeled truck make sure that you use the designs of your 2003,2004, & 2011 Ford Ranger Edge Truck Designs & your New Designs of the 2011-2012 Ford F-150 Ecoboost & Lariet can mix the ideas in the new modeled truck..I would leave the Ranger hood & the top(grill-with the holes) in the new truck; but I would have the front and back look like either your Ford F-150 Ecoboost or Lariet. Make sure you add some awesome hub caps (like your 1998 Ford Ranger) to the new truck; as well as have a crewcab and stepside/ flareside models. If you can have the new truck priced affordable..we would greatly appreciate it here/ & Make sure you bring back the light metallic gray paint for the truck. Plus, In the near future try to have your F-150 have a Stepside or Flareside as well, We liked them when you made them like that in the 1990's and early 2000's. Thank you Ford & Have a Wonderful Night, Jay
Bill P 02/29/2012
Dear Ford, Please include the Focus ST Wagon in your 2013 offering. If you think it is not a good trend. CUVs have been getting smaller and smaller every year. You might as well take the full step and just call it a Wagon. And start with the Focus EcoBoost ST Wagon. To not release this car, would be a huge missed opportunity. What 30's something male with a couple kids WOUDLN'T want a 240HP 6 speed turbo wagon? AND it's American. Please, fill the vacume. You have already brough the Focus Hatchback back with 2012. Go all in with the ST Wagon!
Mike O 02/28/2012
The right idea at the right time!
Will P 02/28/2012
It's no wonder why Ford was the only American car company that didn't need government handouts to survive
Jerry N LouAnn O 02/28/2012
Henry wasn't perfect but ,always tried to Improve all of his products. Thanks,Ford for staying true to your founder.
Dan C 02/28/2012
I Love Fords
I wonder if any else seeing this picture knows that Mr Henry Ford is standing next to the 1st Ford V-8. (Water pumps on top).
Continuous Vehicle Innovation is a Mindset at Ford
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