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This week, we decided to focus and highlight some of the great stories that everyday ordinary Ford owners have added to our web site. These come from all over the world, and you can add your story to the mix for the world to see too. Go to Your Stories a nd submit yours today! You can include a photo or a video.


Our First Car Show

After my husband passed away, his last wish was for me to get a new car. So, I bought a 2004 Mach 1. My granddaughter, Alyssa and I decided to put it into our first mustang show. I joined a mustang club and entered. We worked very hard getting her ready for the show. She (my Mach) was perfect. We packed our cooler and chairs, cleaning supplies and we were ready. Everyone commented on the car. Read more…


Bleed Blue

My Father was a mechanic for a racing team who raced stock cars in the south end in Columbus, Ohio. He also drove Fords all his life and said if you want a true vehicle buy a Ford. Today I am one of 3 of his sons and 2 of his sons do drive Fords my brother drives a Ford 1999 F250 4×4 and I own a 2009 F150XLT our spouse both drive Fords 2003 Explorer and a 2007 ford Edge and we really love what Ford has done with Technology advancements.  Read more…


7 Dodges Ago... 1 Ford Now

I had always been a die hard Dodge Ram fan, in fact I have owned 6 of the and one Dakota, and 4 of my 6 Rams were purchased brand new with in the last 6 years. Anyways, I’m a service manager with a company called VIP Parts, Tires, Service in Lewiston, Me, and I have noticed and kept track of what comes in for service, what vehicles have the most issues and what to encourage customers to buy and what not to buy. Vie been with my company now for over 3 years and have noticed a trend… Newer Fords have been bullet proof! Read more…


Brazilian Ford Technician's School

Soon after the opening of the Ford branch in Brazil in 1919, a concern appeared related to the training of technicians from a growing network of Ford dealers. The figure of the Service Inspector was essential to the skill development of the vehicle brand service personnel, because they explored the countryside along the few existing roads, driving their panel trucks equipped with all the tools to convey their knowledge. Read more…


1997 Ford Explorer Over 500,000 Miles And Still Going The Distance

My husband has been commuting in his 1997 Ford Explorer for over 10 years. His daily commute is about 150 miles. He loves his truck. I think he is going to drive it until it can’t drive anymore. It has over 500,000 miles on it!!! Read more…

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Kelly Marie 08/05/2011
I can give you some tips...for a price ha
Steven Reid 08/05/2011
All I did to get it home was give him 5 qts of fluid
Steven Reid 08/05/2011
Well its a little late but back christmas eve I had to drive my 1988 f350 25mi from haddock ga to milledgeville ga it has a efi 460 that I have customized to run a carb on a stock intake anyway I drove it that far with no water pump and had been making noise for 8mi before at about 12.5mi in I lost the belts and a tranny line made it less than a half mi from home when the trans wouldn't pull the hill. I fixed all that and still drive it everywhere
Michael Duchac 08/05/2011
1989 Bronco II just turned 200k miles. I had to use it as my company vehicle last year over 1200 miles a week in punishing Chicago traffic. The truck held up like a soldier. It's currently being restored. My current daily driver is a 97 Escort, 14 years old and flawlessly negotiates harsh driving landscape.
Robin Winther 08/05/2011
the shape of that car, identical to the volvo 445
Brazilian Ford Technician\'s School
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