What is Your Explorer Adventure?

By Ford Social Member

If you love adventure, the 2011 Ford Explorer is waiting for you. And we invite you to do some daydreaming right now about what type of adventure you would have with a new Explorer. Once you’ve planned an adventure in your mind, go to facebook.com/FordExplorer to submit your idea. If your idea is selected, Ford will create and film the adventure you suggested!

“We want people to get out there and experience their environment with friends and family in a fresh new way, and the new Explorer is the best vehicle to do it in,” said Jim Farley, Ford group vice president, Global Marketing, Sales and Service. “Ford has reinvented the Explorer, and with this new campaign we’re inviting consumers to be just as inventive by coming up with their ultimate adventure.”

Here are some details about the equipment so you can start envisioning your dream adventure. The all-new Ford Explorer 3.5-liter V6 is offered as standard equipment across base, XLT and Limited models. Delivering an anticipated improvement in fuel economy of more than 20 percent versus the current Explorer, this smooth and powerful V6 enables intelligent four-wheel drive (4WD) with terrain management. The improvement in efficiency helps Explorer to surpass fuel economy figures for the 2010 Honda Pilot and other vehicles in the segment. This engine delivers an estimated 290 horsepower and 255 lb.-ft. of torque.

A pair of six-speed transmissions – unique to each engine – help deliver high performance and engaging driving dynamics with class-leading fuel efficiency.

The new Ford Explorer democratizes 4WD technology, previously limited to luxury SUVs. Models equipped with intelligent 4WD with terrain management use technology to provide the driver with security and confidence in a variety of climate and surface conditions. Terrain management gives the driver a choice between four settings on a center console-mounted knob. Each setting has a unique engine calibration, throttle command, transmission shift schedule, traction and stability control calibration – all optimized to a range of driving situations. The four settings are normal, mud and ruts, sand, and snow. You can learn more about the new terrain management system by clicking here.

This promotion is part of the ‘Go. Do. Adventures’ campaign that takes the Ford Explorer conversation on the road and continues the momentum of the new product.
Thomas Bailey 02/18/2011
My dream adventure would be to take an Explorer and have an ultimate multisport athlete's adventure. Bike skyline drive in Shennahdaoh National Park, run the last 6 miles to the top of Pike's Peak, and swim across Donner Lake in Nevada.
Terry Lee 02/17/2011
My dream trip would be to take the Explorer and trace the trip that the 20 millionth Model A did on it's tour of the country in the 30's
Matthew Phillips 02/17/2011
My Explorer Adventure is if I ever inherit my Mom's 98 Sport (I'm 17 so I can say this) Would be to first Put a roll cage within the vehicle (I love the truck ford but still I like safety) get a snorkel for the air intake. Then Fold down the rear seats and take it up to a trail somewhere with some friends and just drive.

Hmmm...does it count if I make a custom 94 Taurus with off road tires and a lift-kit and put Explorer badges under the taurus badges...

Yossi Lopez-Hineynu 02/12/2011
my dream trip would be to take a explorer and a air stream and take a trip out west to all ower nations forestsand national parks.

Andrew Sprung 02/11/2011
Love this car!
John Futchko 02/10/2011
I have a 96 explorer one of the true truck explorers not this crv- suv wannabe. will never hold up on the trails.
Vincent Kamin 02/10/2011
My dream trip would up the California coast through Big Sur further
north and begin to head west to Sacramento then toward Tahoe, past
the place James Dean died, a mounded area. Stop my Explorer, pay
homage to his memory. Pray that no one else dies on the road. Then
proceed to Tahoe. Using only poems to explain my trip. Taking my
twenty eight year old son with and his camera, posting video footage
from Big Sur to the entrance of Emerald Bay in Tahoe. Entitled, "My
dream of skies. How my Explorer made me a descendant of the road
with its secure performance so close to the sky and coast, taking me
through its sense of heritage amid the verdant landscape and bold
ocean waves below. Not letting me down but taking me with it without
a driver, just hellbent on its own to follow the road to such adventure.
jdawg 02/09/2011
And Chrysler 200/300 isn't a cheap pile garbage? Fords quality is 110 times better than Chrysler. Hahahaha! Good luck with that!
lol thats the same thing I thought! For any non believers please refer to the 2010 JD Power and Associates Initial Quality Study.
Jared Smith 02/09/2011
Hmm well my dads got a 92 exploder as we call it. its got a small 302 carburated er whatever and its lifted on rally truck tires. we take it up every year to the silver lake sand dunes. but he changed his mind. we now got a 96 bronco hes tinkering on with a 351,hopefully itll be more of a beast than the exploder ever was. it almost put my 95 bronco to shame :D
Cheryl Johnson Tubman 02/09/2011
I've driven Fords all of my life. My father, deceased, sold Fords, raced Fords, and had a 1915 Brass Model T, a 1929 Model A, and a nineteen thirty something Ford Coupe. He had a large framed picture of Henry Ford in his garage and we buried him with a brass oval Ford script key ring in his hand. I can remember my mother teasing that she was going to bury him in a Ford.
Matt Lee 02/09/2011
And Chrysler 200/300 isn't a cheap pile garbage? Fords quality is 110 times better than Chrysler. Hahahaha! Good luck with that!
Greg Wavell 02/09/2011
Give me one and I will drive it all over and blog everyday about how great my ford is
Bryan Janak 02/09/2011
The new Explorer is a let down...saw it at the auto show...tacky plastic at the bottom ruins the vehicle...Ford is so cheap...interior is nice..but no real tan interior is disappointing and no eddie bauer even a bigger let down...Ford is going to lose its loyal buyers for unloyal ones...I have been loyal but no longer..I am looking into a new Chrylser 200/300 or Charger for my next vehicle. I miss the old Ford:(
Roy Nuño 02/09/2011
Baja Mexico
Nicole Celano Carey 02/09/2011
My husband builds prototypes and he said the stereo and inside was sweet. I guess it depends on the model? 22in nice rims
James 02/09/2011
If this is as good as my 1999 Explorer then it will be outstanding they are simply brillant the best 4x4 money can buy. forget the rest buy the best, ford Explorer
Cyril Vil 02/09/2011
Got a raptor 2 months ago and I'll be pickin up my 2011 explorer tomorrow then the experience begins....
Wayne Staszel 02/09/2011
I drive a Gt mustang...
Mike Beekman 02/09/2011
i was in my sport trac 4X4. (i won't say when as the statute of limitations may not be up). i was going about 80 mph and saw a cop on the other side of the divided highway turn on his lights. i had just passed an exit ramp, so i turned onto the embankment, and drove over the muddy terrain (it had rained for 2 days) and onto the the ramp about half way up. i was able to turn into a car wash and hide out, avoiding a very expensive ticket.
Bo Wag 02/09/2011
my Escort truly was an escort of mine, and a great friend on all my wacky adventures/drives...would love to try out the Explorers though! (still dreaming of the day I get a Mustang!!! my dream car!!)
Ralph Headley 02/09/2011
The first adventure is reading the manuals to see how all the gadgets work.
Walter Weber 02/09/2011
Nice rides
Mitchell Taylor 02/09/2011
I don't like the new look we have a 07 explorer and thats the body style i like and my 06 f-150 fx4 love it....
Jennifer Appleton-Tabbert 02/09/2011
Me and my Explorer trek it across the states from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania every summer for a week at the lake. We love the drive! My Explorer loves the drive too!
Lauren Hennig 02/09/2011
It's by far much more luxurious then the prior Explorers have been. Mine handles amazing. The stability is great especialy with all the new controls they offer. If you haven't driven one maybe you should...it's an experience :)
Carli Ceecee Cross 02/09/2011
South Island, NZ, going up the mountains!
Matthew Verbaan 02/09/2011
no its not.......silly people What do you drive?
Jay Hamill 02/09/2011
Eh, it's a Taurus.
What is Your Explorer Adventure?

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