What a Week for Ford! The F-Series Goes Hybrid, a DIY Workshop to Open and More!

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There may be only five business days in a week, but there sure were a lot of Ford stories crammed in that time! Did you hear that the F-Series Super Duty® will utilize plug-in hybrid technology? Or that Ford and TechShop will be opening TechShop Detroit, a workshop where backyard mechanics and techie engineers can share and license ideas and access tools and machinery? How about that Ford scored a best-in-class fuel economy nod for the Explorer? If you haven’t, you have some catching up to do, so you’ve come to the right place.

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Your Stories


Bleeding Blue For Over 30 Years

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Long Lived Navigator

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Your Ideas

Focus Wagon

Offer the wagon version for the new Focus to U.S. customers with both transmission options. Read more…

Remaking a couple of classics

You should really consider customized remakes of the '36 Deuce Coupe and Pickup on modern running gear at production-car prices. Read more…

Power locking Tailgate

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Our Stories


Ford F-Series to Get Plug-In Hybrid Technology

When two industry leaders shake hands, you know the outcome of the agreement is going to be pretty spectacular. Read more...  


The Most Fuel-Efficient 7-seater SUV? It’s a Ford

There once was a day where if you told someone you drove a “fuel-efficient SUV with seating for seven” they’d point and laugh at your craziness. But Ford is now having the last laugh. Read more...


Ford to Open Workshop for Auto and Inventor Do-it-Yourselfers

You know how sometimes your garage or backyard can be void of inspiration when it comes to tinkering or inventing? In fact, you may not even have the tools to get the job done. Read more...

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Dominic P 10/12/2013
This response is in response to the Ford Motor Company's response within this article letting us fans know that Ford gives us the "Power of Choice" as to how we would like to do better on fuel economy. (I know, too many "responses".) As you know, there are still many of us who would prefer to shift our trucks manually (with real manual transmissions) in the name of fuel efficiency, not to mention better over-all performance and ultimate durability. We don't have this choice of powertrain anymore and nobody is going to tell me I need an automatic truck. Please bring back an all-American designed and built manual transmission. Thank-you.
Walter S 06/19/2012
If folks want mpg, they won't buy a truck. Plain & simple. But when they want to pull a trailer to haul some sod or mulch, thy want to borrow a truck. All of the current trucks are like pushing a large brick down the road. Dodge started the "masculine" looking truck, then Tundra, then Ford & GM. A more efficient front end would be a good place to start for fuel economy. I don't need a hood so tall that I can't reach half way across to wash it. The cab is a foot higher than my head when I am sitting in it. Why? These F 150's are almost like a semi. They are installing step rails on many of them now so you can get into them. My wife and I would be in trouble without the rails on my 2010 XLT. And that's after lowering the rear 2 inches. When will this "taller is better" trend end?
Eljay 08/09/2011
I think the F150 with the Ecoboost alongside a Plugin Electric motor with a Shift-On-the-Fly option to lock out one or the other would be GREAT!!!
Paul Wilk 08/07/2011
OMG you people dont you understand, they have to comply with federal fuel economy standards and the only way in which they are going to accomplish this down the road is through hybrid technology.
Jamie At Ford 08/01/2011
Hi Beverly,
The engine light will not come on, nor is there an oil level sensor. A general rule of thumb is that one quart will be consumed roughly every 1500 miles, thus it is best to monitor the oil change schedule manually.

Ford Customer Service Division
Dylan Walhof 08/01/2011
I agree somewhat, but I still think ford should come out with the hydrogen powered SUPERCHIEF! in 2015 it is suppose to come out.
John Field Sr. 07/31/2011
Ford you are not sounding tough. Seriously, I understand green. Do I want to practice it in my truck. Mpg is not what I am looking for. The next thing you are going to say is the f series is on a rollerskate frame. I am not saying to scrap green. What I am saying , can you not touch all models. Sell them as a specialty item for the greenies. Let them pay for their upgrade. I love my diesel trucks. I am not looking for the upgrade. Just the performance that I already get. I love my work trucks. I guess what I am saying is , the old dinosaur would like you to not forget about why he buy's a FORD, over the competition. I don't want a rollerskate.
Ford Motor Company 07/31/2011
Folks, we'd like to be clear on this: Ford gives you the Power of Choice. No one is telling you what kind of powertrain to buy; our position is that everyone should have options for better fuel economy. Whether that means all-electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid, or internal combustion engine (made more fuel-efficient with the EcoBoost engine), we give customers choices as to how they'd like to do better on fuel economy.
Nick Harvey 07/31/2011
I like where the electric cars are headed. The smartest long term investment would be to have solar panels built into the roofs of all cars so that when the vehicle is not on it can safely charge with out hook up. Its going to happen eventually. Will you guys be the first. Let me know if your interested in my ideas.
陳醬 07/31/2011
How dangerous to DIY a hybrid one with high voltage?
Jay Marking 07/31/2011
I'd rather have my Ranger for the MPG. But sadly you are killing it. :-(
Beverly Verdier 07/30/2011
Went to the dealership to get an iol change on my freestyle and they tol me I was 2 quarts low,shouldnt my service engine light or something come on to notify me of this?
Níck Suprík 07/30/2011
Hybrids make no sense. If anything Bio-diesel is most cost and fuel and enviofriendly. do you know harmful the production and shipping of hybrid batteries for cars is?
John Field Sr. 07/29/2011
Why does my truck have to be enviro. I like my truck the way it is. Please all you people running the company. We the people buy, If you the sellers keep making my rig a sissy mobile. I won't buy. Ford is a tough name , not a sissy. Get over the sissy stuff , and get back to work.
Matt Ward 07/29/2011
Stupid... I don't like hybrids
Aaron Justice 07/29/2011
You better buy a truck now cuz 10-15 years from now a truck won't be a truck anymore.
Kevin Hart 07/29/2011
The added electric motors will increase power and fuel economy!
Kevin Hart 07/29/2011
The f- series going hybrid is the best thing for people and
Nathan Matthews 07/29/2011
F-series goes hybrid? Sooo, it its going to be the all new Prius-150? Pathetic guys and gals at Ford...Pathetic... Build what sells not what Big Brother tells you to sell. They dont own you, and they dont own me. Keep selling out, and none of us will be able to make that claim.
Miguel Antonio Vizuete 07/29/2011
El rey del sector de las camionetas en Norteamérica. Un referente que hoy se une al look híbrido.
Clark Harris 07/29/2011
I'd prefer an easy method of converting my F150 to run on propane or natural gas.
Frederick Lake 07/29/2011
Don't tell me that Ford will cave like the Republicans usually do when it gets the pressure from the socialists...( Democrats).
Henry Arinze Ojukwu 07/29/2011
When will ford ever give out cars for free to there facebook fans
Chuck Brannen 07/29/2011
Bring back the Flathead!!!!!!
Michael Antretter 07/29/2011
to give everyone an engineers thoughts on a hybrid f-150, it would have an increased towing ability due to the electric motor. Unlike a gas motor an electric motor does not have to rev up to get to its max torque, it is always there because it is either on or off. It makes sense to me and like David said before me, it could get gas mileage in the lows to mid 20s
William Vaccaro 07/29/2011
They had on the news that Ford 150's sell more than all hybrids combined. I would not go that route. I will not own a hybrid.
Alejandro Valentino Rueda 07/29/2011
The hybrids might suck...but if they just use the same engines they have before and just add an electric motor to get maybe two to five more mpg..thats acceptable...or a v8 thay will run on 6 cylinders when you dont need all eight...along with an electric motor...who knows!
Pratik Nandanwar 07/29/2011
when dey were manufractured....!! :P
Sean Mccloskey 07/29/2011
When does this truck hit the showrooms?
David Fige 07/29/2011
I would reather have a small power stroke, that save fuel, and a hybrid. V-6 Powerstroke ? We had a 1 ton 7.4 that got 19 MPG, so what would a F-150 do with a smaller one? 25,26? You would own the Truck world...
Tj Bama Boy Allen 07/29/2011
Too many hybrids.
Ford Flex Family Fleet
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