Through the Years: Owners Boast the Longevity of Their Ford Explorer

By Sean J.

Keep it around for long enough and your vehicle can become part of the family. Whether it’s a beast of burden that helps you make a living, or a comfortable companion that shepherds you from A to B every day, it’s not difficult to form a lasting attachment with a Ford vehicle.

This week, we share two examples of Ford vehicles that have served their owners well for a long time. Both fan-submitted stories feature a Ford Explorer – one that reached the end of the road, and another that’s still going strong.

Everyone should respect their elders, so why don’t you pay tribute to your high-mileage Ford with a story of your own. Tell us how your Ford car, truck or SUV is like part of your family by submitting your story today!

Your Stories

Goodbye Ruby, My Girl...

Amy A. is about to say goodbye to her beloved SUV after 15 years and over 300,000 miles. Help her pay tribute to Ruby, the Ford Explorer that was faithful and diligent during several important life events.

To The Moon And Beyond!

Jerry D.’s Ford Explorer Dusty has driven “from the Earth to the Moon,” over 240,000 miles. Despite having a few dings and scratches, this 14-year-old SUV is still running strong.

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"Forget me not"

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Mustang Convertible Cargo

This Ford Social fan believes that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice cargo space if you drive a convertible. Where do you think you might be able to squeeze some space for your stuff if you like to drive with the top down?

Montana Edition

One Ford Social fan believes that the hilly back roads of Montana demand a special kind of Ford Truck . See what the F-150 Montana Edition has, and tell us what kind of special gear you’d need for your truck by posting an idea of your own!

Ford Social Fan Photo of the Week

This is one of those sunsets that people would drive from all over to see. Thanks, Courtney K. for sharing it with us.