Miami to McKinley

Welcome to “Miami to McKinley.” This is the Showing Up adventure for 2013, and phase one entailed a 6,000-mile road trip from Miami to Anchorage. The official starting line for the campaign began at Metro Ford in Miami : the Ford dealership where we bought our Ford Explorer . Black, Limited and four-wheel drive, our dream car was now to serve as our base camp as we pitched our tent across the United States on our way to Alaska. Our circuitous, five-week route, brought us through eleven states and, finally, into Alaska. Upon arrival in Alaska we met with our three-guide, seven-client climbing expedition to begin the arduous preparations for our attempt to climb the tallest mountain in North America: Mount McKinley.

Mt. McKinley is part of the Denali Park and Preserve , and the summit elevation is 20,320 feet above sea level. McKinley has one of the most dramatic vertical reliefs of any mountain in the world. The mountain creates its own weather system that is fueled by the Bering Sea. In addition, the mountain’s close proximity to the arctic cycle makes for an extremely cold, extremely windy, inhospitable place for survival. With individual loads for each climber easily exceeding one hundred pounds, the work that is required for carrying large packs and pulling heavy sleds is both painstaking and unforgiving. Eveline and I have no illusions about what lies ahead, perhaps the greatest challenge of our lives.

The Showing Up spirit has brought us, once again, to an amazing location with an ambitious objective. Consider this your invitation to follow along on our Miami to McKinley adventure. Remember that your dreams are important, your dreams deserve your time, nothing takes the place of your presence and Showing Up works!

About Eric West and Eveline Wessels

Eric West and Eveline Wessels are adventurists. From ocean crossings to climbing the highest mountains in the world, Eric and Eveline inspire audiences with their Keynote Performances around the world that encourage others to believe in their dreams and take action by Showing Up. Learn more at .
pheonix 08/15/2013
How cool is it driving through the Yukon Territory!? How long did it take you guys to get through there??
Miami to McKinley
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