Join Us to Chat About an Exciting New Explorer Model

By Cole Q.

The Ford Explorer team has been keeping busy. Very busy. The all-new Explorer revealed in the summer of 2010 was reengineered from bottom to top, and for the 2012 model, Explorer becomes the first Ford in North America to offer the all-new Ford EcoBoost™ four-cylinder engine.

But the team isn’t ready to take a break yet. Please join us at 2:30 p.m. EST on Wednesday, March 28, 2012, for a live chat with Eric Peterson, Ford Explorer Marketing Manager, and Bill Gubing, Ford Explorer Chief Engineer, when they’ll share exciting information about a new Explorer model.

Live Chat With SUV Marketing Manager Eric Peterson & Chief Engineer Bill Gubing

Eric always wants to know what Ford SUV customers are doing with their vehicles, how they use them, and what they still seek. These interests are easy to understand, given his close proximity to customers. He joined Ford in 1991, working with the company’s Customer Assistance Center.

Bill is a native of Long Island, NY, and has been with Ford since July 2008. He is a disciplined business manager and auto enthusiast. “My college motorsports team leadership role was one of the best possible experiences to prepare me for automotive industry product development program management,” he says. “It involved process, people and product, under an umbrella of ultra-competitive team spirit.”
Gail Baker 06/19/2012
I have to agree with Brad - I'm looking for an Explorer, but I don't need the 3rd row seat and don't need all the frills, but do need something that will tow more than 2500lb. I was looking at the Escape, but their towing capacity is only 2500 and we need something a little bigger. It would be a work vehicle, so we don't really want leather and can't justify spending $35,000 or more for a vehicle with frills that I don't want and won't use.
Brad B 03/29/2012
Hey Ford ! Think about this, how about a model below the base that doesn't have third row seating, and a few less "hi-line" frills that people who need a "working vehicle" like oh say horse people among others can make use of. Use the 3.0 V-6 to give some "umph" and give decent fuel economy and maybe a 3,500 lb tow capacity. There is a need in the market for such a vehicle, and maybe all this could come in at around $25K. I can't justify the budget at current pricing. To make it doable only offer one model built just one way (think 2011 SE Edge) as the trim package. The dealers who know how to customize can build on that to tailor the vehicle to the customers needs. What do you think?I think the Explorer is a great platform to work with.
Elizabeth S 03/29/2012
On my way to work yesterday, I saw what looked like a new Explorer Sport had the redesigned lettering on the lift gate, and the newer rear end like on the F150's...I had to turn, so I didn't get a chance to totally check it out, but I've been obsessed trying to find info on this thing(it really grabbed my attention, and I'm a Mustang girl yhat's never really been into pickups(but I love my winter vehicle, an Explorer!)...I'm hoping that the announcement has something to do with this vehicle that I saw, so that I'll stop thinking that it was some kind of mirage!!! It was a sharp looking vehicle-I would buy it!!!
mike 03/29/2012
octane 87 or 93 what do you guys use in your ford taurus 2006 thank you
Doug H 03/28/2012
Would rather have a new T6 Ranger crew cab!
Andrew P 03/28/2012
Its going to be the Explorer Sport with 350 hp ecoboost and a revised grille so far.
Robin 03/28/2012
Just put a slit between the cup holders for the handle of my coffee cup!!! That's all I ask!
Jeremy 03/28/2012
Bring the new Ranger to the US or recreate the Explorer Sport Trac. We need a mid-size truck.
Michael B 03/28/2012
Great! Now let's just see some hybrid action in the Explorer!
Martin G 03/28/2012
Finally the V-6 Ecoboost. Wonder what the towing ability wiil be.
Patrick W. 03/28/2012
Exactly the Explorer I was waiting for. Will definitely be getting one of these!
Michael J 03/28/2012
Robert W 03/28/2012
Ford definitely got it right with the 3.5V6 ecoboost w/AWD in the new Explorer Sport!!!!!!! 7 passenger capacity plus power and decent gas mileage makes it perfect for vacations and traveling!
Steve O'Hearn 03/27/2012
ford does not only have the shortest warranty mileage in the industry.... they don't honor the one they have.... read my story and check coverage before you pick ford...
Steven Y 03/27/2012
I am totally ready for this new Explorer model. It is exciting. I love my 2011 Limited 4WD. If this new model is coming out with V6 Ecoboost that is exciting. Can't wait to see it. I will buy one in maybe the 2015 or 2016 model years. I am keeping my 2011 for a while. It is sweet.
Bill Wise 03/26/2012
does it have the 3.5L Ecoboost?
Sajuuk Khar 03/26/2012
Bring the new ranger to the us
N. R 03/26/2012
According to everybody here the Explorer needs to be truck-based again. I partially agree, the aerodynamics on this thing can't be beat but Ford should make it look more rugged, replace FWD with RWD, and raise the ride hieght by quite a bit.
Aaron C 03/26/2012
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SVT model with the new Cobra Mustang engine in it. BMW, Mercedes, Porsche eater....
courtney-commercial 03/26/2012
I hope this means godd stuff like the Sport Trac which I think made a good manager/foreman's vehicles for all types of companies and great mixed family use as well.
Tim R 03/26/2012
The Ford Explorer SHO?
Nick 03/26/2012
I sell fords and this sells better now than ever before. If you want a truck buy an F150
Jacque 03/26/2012
It would be nice in these difficult times if Ford brought 0% financing for everyone. They did this promotion in 2006 and it was a HUGE success!
Dean R 03/26/2012
When people buy an Explorer, they want a truck. Why doesn't for get it? If they wanted a car - they can buy a Flex.
Theghost Rider 03/26/2012
Very bad look
Mark Milliken 03/26/2012
Lame .. Bring back the truck body
Robert A. Walko 03/26/2012
You mean it will be an actual truck again? Not holding my breath.
Peg Shultz 03/26/2012
i'm not a big fan fo the 2011 explorer --i bought a 2010 to replace the 04 explorer which replaced the 94 explorer. i didn't care much for how the cabin felt -- it felt too much like a car/too closed in - i like more of a truck feel and prefer lots of head room can't wait to see what the new one will look like!
Clark Platt 03/26/2012
have a 2007 ,28000miles on it dealer kept v8 my brother in law sells for he want my exlplorer,or for me to sell it back to him ,anyway i went to look at the new one ,im a ford fan but!!don't like it ,to busy dash layout not a truck,will take mine over that anytime sorry to say if i had or wanted to sell mine ,i would go with a taho or a f150 4x4. or jeep unlimited,or toyota fj.
Aurelio Cuervo 03/26/2012
How's the new Expedition going to look like?!?!
Larry Jackson 03/26/2012
When will there be a new Crown Victoria or proper replacement?
Brett Dykzeul 03/26/2012
New explorers look awesome. Ford is dancing to the tune of "can't touch this" to gm & Chrysler! Ecoboost...ya...we got it...
Ryan Hunzie 03/26/2012
will it actually be able to tow some?
Ryan Ford 03/26/2012
Better hope airbags don't randomly deploy like s197 mustangs tend to do!!!!!! NOT THAT MINE DID OR ANYTHING !!!!!!!
Craig Martyn 03/26/2012
Love my 2012 Explorer!
Michael Fobbus 03/26/2012
The Funkmaster Explorer? LOLLLLLL
Aaron Kittle 03/26/2012
Is it the supercharged Explorer SVT? 22" wheels, color-matched trim/grille, sport exhaust, Shaker sound package, perforated leather seating surfaces and unique paint options?
Liz Conner 03/26/2012
Would love to trade my 2003 Explorer!
Bruce Cherney 03/26/2012
Waiting for the new Escape (Kuga) hopefully the translation across the pond....they get it right.
Danny Blaney 03/26/2012
put the ecoboost 6 cylinder in it please. The flex has it already.
Jeff Stein 03/26/2012
The new Explorer sucks
Join Us to Chat About an Exciting New Explorer Model
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