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In business, if you’re standing still, you are falling behind. Ford has pushed the envelope of using cutting edge digital marketing and social media to communicate. The Fiesta Movement, using Facebook to introduce the all-new Ford Explorer last year and the quirky Adventures of Doug, the spokespuppet are just three examples of how the company has leveraged new ways to connect with consumers.

Join Matt Van Dyke, Director of Marketing Communications for Ford and Lincoln Mercury in the U.S., on Thursday, July 7, 2011, at 1:30 p.m. EDT to talk about the experience of these programs and to talk about what’s coming next.

Live Chat With Matt Van Dyke, Ford’s Director of Marketing Communications
David M. Engler 11/30/2012
How many diffent cabs comfiguration does Ford build ?
David M. Engler 11/30/2012
Whats the pulling rating of a a F - 450 ? 2012 & UP models ?
Isaac J. 07/13/2011
Customers along with reviewers have been complaining about MyFord and MyLincoln touch systems, along with touch sensitive buttons as opposed to physical buttons. Even the sliding volume controls on the 2011 MKX do not work with gloves in the winter. Implementing the latest technology is great, just as long as you keep it simple and straight forward. Things such as multimedia menus on the sides of the speedometer actually keep my eyes OFF of the road due to things being overly complicated. Systems that are too complex and busy deter buyers. I love Ford, and I wouldnt want to buy a non-ford vehicle. But i dont want to have to fumble with controls because everything is touch sensitive and complicated either. Ford please clean up the clutter and keep things clean and simple.
Chad Cornett 07/11/2011
Be the first OEM to offer upgrades to CURRENT model vehicals, Instead of just adding features/upgrades to NEW model's. You guys need to add more gauges to the F150's 4.2" Digital gauge. Add Turo Boost gauge, TPMS Gauge showing tire pressure in each tire, etc. It's a simple flash upgrade and should no be that hard to do. Offering it only in future models is a huge slap in the face to use early purchasers and will NOT make me buy a new model. Also I would like to see ford expand it's Ford Performance/Racing/Accessories to offer more OEM performance upgrades. CAI's, Exhaust systems, Performance chips, etc. You guys basically offer only performance upgrades for SVT and Mustang products. You have a HUGE market your not taking advantage of.
Daniil Shevchuk 07/10/2011
Ford needs to wake up and give us deasel cars and SUV's, I know that you probably care too much about the oil companies, if not, then prove me wrong, give us deasel vehicle's. You have to have it in C-Max, Fiesta, Focus and so on. Where are all of those fuel efficient car's that could be driven for decades and it makes marketing that much easier.
Gary 07/09/2011
I want to put a new 5.0l engine from a 2011 Mustang into my 1991 Mustang. Can that be done?
Jeffrey Michaud 07/08/2011
My idea is bringing back a Bronco. I had a 1981 with a 302 automatic, I tried so hard to beat the rust.
Hacene Talanelkokh 07/08/2011
ford is the beste.........
Danny Lawhorn 07/07/2011
Norm Seavey 07/07/2011
Here's One, Does anyone remember the Experenimental Car G.M had and let out to the public in the mid 1970's and a guy in the Boston Ma area bought this station wagon and I am a Ford Man Lincoln All The Way, Norm
edvard2 07/07/2011
I think Ford is perhaps one of the best examples of an older bricks and mortar company using social media to reach out to consumers effectively. I think you guys understand how it can be used as a sales tool quite well. Using social media to engage with consumers is also pretty smart. More often than not consumers will tell you what they want, what they like, and what they don't like.
Jim Batchelor 07/07/2011
Do like GM and have an android app so I can crank and unlock my 2011 Edge from my phone
Tom Ribs 07/07/2011
Can't understand your decision to cancel the Grand Cmax, You had an untapped market, family vehicle (seat more than 5) getting better than 28mpg (much better) at reasonable price and instead chose to compete with a cornered market in the Prius. You'd think someone would realize families want high mileage vehicles as well.
Mladen Kovacevic 07/07/2011
Here's a tip for you Ford marketing guys... make people feel good/powerful about buying a small/cheap car. The guy above me wants a Mustang but feels 22K is too much to pay. Well heck, its probably an expensive car to make but Americans get turned on by "muscle" which results in nobody being happy. So far the marketing message about small cars has been "Aw look how cute and economical this dinky car is. And it carries some groceries too!" Make the message more about tech, performance, looks and belonging to a tribe that appreciates all those things. Start a small Ford car-share in some "SmallVille" USA where every car in the share-pool is tuned for performance/looks - then make a bunch of feelgood PR around it. Anyways just some ideas.. sorry if it came across a little cynical.. but actually I've been liking Ford's message more and more lately. Cheers. Mladen
David Mellor 07/07/2011
Bring your clean diesels to the USA
Ronald Gillingham 07/07/2011
What areas aside from vehicle sales has social media impacted Ford Motor? Scott Monty helped me communicate with the person featured in a webinar. That link allowed me to start discussing recycled materials use with Ford. Any other examples of how social media strengthens the ties to the rest of the world?
Tom Fong 07/07/2011
Ford Motor Company 07/07/2011
@Brandon: We'll discuss the sales question tomorrow; the "Your Ideas" section of The Ford Story continues to generate many interesting ideas (a good number of which we've previously implemented or are already working on).

@Jordan: you can submit your idea via the "Your Ideas" section of The Ford Story so we can track it.
-Scott M.
Brandon Nelson 07/07/2011
Have you, ford, seen an increase in sales directly correlated to the launches of your respective social media campaigns? And are there any features for vehicles That originated from ideas of your fan base on your social media portals/websites?
Jordan Grancell 07/06/2011
I sell ford in the Philadelphia market. I have some ideas for sync, who can I talk to?
Norm Seavey 07/06/2011
Good One, Norm in Ma
Ed-Kim Alhambra 07/06/2011
come to CA you might faint
Jeffrey Michaud 07/06/2011
It's called INFLATION, I can't see paying $4.00/lb. for hamburg, Scallops $13.99/lb. average home over $100,000, the list goes on and on and on..............
Jim Adams 07/06/2011
Better value i paid 600.00for my 66coupe and all it needed was body work and a motor beat that price
Rob Ramus 07/06/2011
I cant justify spending $30,000 on a truck!!
Rob Ramus 07/06/2011
$22,310.00??? That's two thirds of my yearly salary!!!!!
Ford Motor Company 07/06/2011
@Rob: We make the Fiesta starting at $13,200, followed by the Focus at $16,500, the Fusion at $19,850, the Mustang at $22,310... All of our vehicles have better fuel economy and safety features than ever before, you're getting technology that surpass other vehicles in the same class, plus we're seeing trade-ins that have been higher in recent years - meaning that you're getting better value overall. -Scott M., Global Digital Communications
Jim Adams 07/06/2011
Thats y we drive old cars and trucks most of them are a tenth of the price and they will run great and last forever
Rob Ramus 07/06/2011
Here's an idea, how'se about selling a vehicle the working man can AFFORD!!!!
Bamgbose Olusegun 07/06/2011
Are u sure d chat is for real
Karl-Magnus Forland 07/06/2011
Back to basics
Denise Gurdjian 07/06/2011
wish hubby was home he would love to chat about the latest stuff
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