Holiday Tales from Ford Social Fans

By Cole Q.

‘Tis the season for many things: giving, shopping, family and great stories. As we celebrate the end of another great year, we would like to give thanks to our loyal Ford Social fans for all that you do keep our community growing.

So grab a cup of eggnog and settle down in front of a roaring fire on this winter’s day as we present our favorite Ford Social fan-submitted holiday stories:

Explorer Saves Christmas Eve

Holiday travel is not without its perils. Snow, ice and cold temperatures can make any trip – short or long – a trek. That was certainly the case in Minneapolis, Minnesota, just a few cold winters ago as a winter storm blanketed the city in ice and snow on Christmas Eve.

Jeremy, proud owner of a Ford Explorer, was on his way home for the holidays when he happened upon a semi-truck that was stuck on an iced-over hill. The slippery road proved too much for the truck as it slid down the icy path and became stuck.

While this load was completely beyond the rated towing capacity for his vehicle, and far exceeded any Ford recommendations for towing, feeling the Christmas spirit and prepared with a tow strap, Jeremy decided to help the stranded driver make it home for the holidays. His was not the ideal vehicle for rescuing a stranded 18-wheeler, but someone had to help. What happened next is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

Read Jeremy’s full account of the tractor-trailer rescue here !

Belated Gift

Back in 1971, Mike and his father decided to go in together on the purchase of a 1968 Ford XL Convertible. Unfortunately for Mike, life got in the way and he was forced to sell his half of the car back to his dad just a couple of years later.

Flash forward a couple of decades to a holiday get-together when Mike’s daughter discovers the Mustang in Grandpa’s garage and asks about it. Grandpa was in a giving spirit, so he decided to give Mike a belated Christmas present, over 30 years in the making.

Read the full story and see what Mike plans to do with his new Mustang!

Raptor to the Rescue

Jim’s neighbors called his F-150 SVT Raptor “Truckzilla.” They would often taunt him for this beast of a truck, questioning why in the world he would ever need such a machine. He always knew there would be a day where it would come in handy, but he probably never imagined just how.

A couple of Christmas mornings ago, after opening presents with the family, Jim’s wife began acting strangely. She slumped down in her chair, confused and began slurring her words. Jim sensed that his wife was having a stroke and knew time was critical. Unfortunately for them, the rural area where they lived was serviced by a volunteer ambulance service with a short staff on account of the holiday.

Instead it was Raptor to the rescue, as Jim transported his ailing wife to a local hospital as quickly as he could. Read his full story here !

These are just a few of our favorite holiday stories as told by our Ford Social fans. Read more by searching through the Your Stories archives ! Better yet, do you have a holiday story that involves a Ford? Tell us all about it by submitting a tale of your own !
Holiday Tales from Ford Social Fans
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