Ford Vehicles Around the World

By Cole Q.

We all know that Ford Motor Company was founded in the United States. But Ford is a global company, and blue ovals can be found all over the world. In celebration of these world-traveling Ford vehicles, we’ve brought together a selection of our favorite stories and favorite pictures from Ford Social members who are visiting, vacationing or inhabiting far-away lands in familiar vehicles.

An American In Paris

There is truly a global community of proud Mustang owners, and this Ford Social Member is no exception. Unfortunately, they had to get rid of their 1995 GT before moving to Belgium a few years back. But it wasn’t long before that pony was missed. What was the next best thing? How about a 1969 Mustang Convertible purchased from the President of the Belgian Mustang club. Read all about the modifications this transplant made to their new car, and the European road trip they took afterwards.


Crossing Over Europe by: Pawel J.

Some people rent a car when they go on vacation. Not Pawel. In fact his European vacation involved a cross-continental road trip in his Ford Mustang. Check out the countries he visited and the sites he took in while behind the wheel of his favorite car.


From 0 To 1200 Meter High by: Tim H.

Mustangs aren’t the only Ford car you’ll see driving all over Europe. In fact, Tim recently took his Fiesta to Schwarzwald, Germany. He had no trouble passing his fellow motorists on the Autobahn, either. Read more about his trip .

And here are some of our favorite photo submissions from around the world:

A Ford truck (or what’s left of it) goes to work in Burundi, Africa.

02272014_World_2.jpg Photo Submitted by: Bret K., Ford Truck Chassis

Offroad in Bramsche, Germany

02272014_World_5.jpg Photo Submitted by: Michael F. 2006 Ford Explorer

Visiting Garmisch, Germany in a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor


Photo Submitted by: Arnaldo C., 2010 Ford Crown Victoria

Carl shows off “Reddie” in a French town.

02272014_World_4.jpg Photo Submitted by: Carl A, Ford Mustang

Do you have a Ford that has a few stamps in its passport? We want to hear and see your international adventures in a Ford car, truck or SUV. Tell us all about how you and your blue oval played ambassador in a foreign country by sharing a story , or submitting your photo today !
Carl A 03/06/2014
Thanks for this article including my dream car "Reddie". You will found some more here :
Carl. French stanger.
Carl A 03/06/2014
Thanks so muchn I'm so proud to see my Mustang in this amazing article !I will be pleased to respond to all questions regarding Mustang in France.Carl.