Ford Social Road Trip!

By Sean J.

As the calendar flips past the first few official days of summer, so begins the unofficial vacation season. Flying to exotic destinations can be fun, but nothing beats the good old fashioned family road trip. Do you have fond road trip memories in a Ford? Submit your story and show the rest of the community how it’s done.

Our Ford Social fans have been busy criss-crossing the country and they have some great stories and photos to share. We also have a few road trip inspired ideas to bring to you as we share the some of our favorite road trip-themed user submissions!

Your Road Trip Stories

1 Truck, 2 Daughters, 10,000 Miles, Memories Of A Lifetime!

Tom G. sets off on an ambitious North American road trip with his two daughters in a Ford F-150. If the whole trip was as beautiful as the photo he shared, it must have been an amazing experience.

Cross Country Roadtrip

Covering 14 states in less than a week sounds grueling. But when it’s in your brand-new Ford Mustang, it has all of the trappings of a classic road trip.

Road Trip Of Acquaintance

Josh S. bought a new Mustang and decided to put it through its paces with a cross-country trip.  He learned a lot about his new car and his grandmother, who served as his companion along the way.

Your Road Trip Ideas

Memory foam seats
This Ford Social fan thinks there’s nothing wrong with a little extra comfort when you’re driving long distances. What would you say to a little extra padding in the form of memory foam seats?

Power outlets plugs in the car
Don’t you hate when you need, but can’t find an electrical outlet? This Ford Social fan would like to see outlets in the car when you need some juice in a pinch.

Optional A/C for both front and back
When the temperature rises during long trips, tempers can flare. That’s why this Ford Social user would like to see more climate control options for the front and back seats.

Road Trip Photos

Brand new Focus (just one-day-old) en route to Mexico for a shakedown cruise.


Ken P.’s Flex drives through the Canadian Rockies. What a beautiful view.


Camping in Utah with Joel S. and his Focus.

Olivia T 06/28/2013
awwww my favorite summer time route on my birthday!!! Thanks guess time to go on a road trip in a brand new ford...
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