Ford Makes Selecting the Correct Four-wheel-drive Mode Easy

By Ford Social Member

When the all-new Ford Explorer sport utility vehicle goes into production later this year, it will offer an advanced Terrain Management System that takes the mystery out of four-wheel drive. The system will optimize powertrain behavior for specific situations and road conditions, making it easy for the driver to choose the correct setting for the terrain.

Ford Explorer with Intelligent 4WD and Terrain Management System eliminates guesswork, using simple icons to help drivers choose the correct setting at the turn of a dial for the climate or surface situation they are driving. The icons depict the various settings to best suit driving conditions.

Todd Hoevener is the vehicle dynamics manager for the new Explorer. In this short video, he gives an overview of the terrain management system.

“One of our goals with the new Explorer is to deliver four-wheel-drive capability with easier and intuitively operated control,” said Jim Holland, Explorer Chief Engineer. “The selectable settings are contingent upon weather and conditions, so the system is easily operated and understood. Ford terrain management makes it easier for SUV veterans, while making confidence-building Explorer capability even more accessible to segment newcomers.”

Employment of Intelligent 4WD with Terrain Management System allowed Explorer engineers to deliver the “any road, anytime” capabilities that SUV buyers expect, while eliminating weight.

Less driveline mass will help the new Explorer with V6 power deliver an estimated 25 percent better fuel economy than the 2010 model.

Intelligent 4WD with Terrain Management System works by optimizing Explorer powertrain and braking systems to best suit a variety of situations, allowing vehicle behavior characteristics to provide appropriate traction and driver control. Ford anticipates that the system will really be a stress-reducer and confidence-builder, especially when driving in adverse conditions.

The all-new Ford Explorer goes into production later in 2010. You can follow the latest news about the 2011 Explorer by clicking here to become a fan of Ford Explorer on Facebook.
Terry Weaver 09/12/2010
where is the picture of the instrument panel?
I'm old school; i'll take a transfer case and limited slip over your electronic wizard-ry anyday.
Ford will have to do a lot of talking to convince me otherwise; it seems ford is making it's vehicles lighter duty and cheaper.
Remmie 07/07/2010
Explorer is really going to play heck with Flex for a rightful place in the product lineup. There's no denying Explorer's legacy appeal, and the advancements in economy, technology, and appointments are likely to be more than enough to offset the differences imposed by migrating from BOF to unitized construction for the vast majority of buyers; but it really leaves Flex the odd duck out, and what had been the most unique and feature-rich vehicle of the 2009 model year has now become the most expensive and least feature-rich vehicle in Ford's passenger lineup.

As a shareholder, I'm all for migrating as much D3/4 derivative production to Chicago, up to and including Flex and MKT, but I hope Ford is not intending to let Flex wither on the vine without also giving it the same kind of chance it's affording Explorer and every other vehicle by denying it class-leading and differentiating features like Adaptive Cruise, BLIS, Keyless Push-Button Operations and others that could raise Flex's profile to a whole new strata.

I'd hate to be faced with considering "trading down" my 2009 Flex Limited AWD for an Explorer.
nt 05/10/2010
Man.. Naver go away with explorer it is the best.
Dustin Munro 05/08/2010
Make the vehicle but don't put an Explorer badge on it-that is a rear drive badge that should only be placed on a rear drive vehicle like an Explorer version of the 2012 Ranger pickup or drop that name altogether.Give that vehicle a front drive badge the same way the Mustang stayed rear drive and the front drive version was renamed the Probe.A great name for the front drive Explorer would be the Ford Oppertunity named after the highly successful solar powered Mars Rover Oppertunity which has travelled more than 12 miles(20 kilometers) and will within days surpass the survival record of the nuclear powered Viking 1 lander of the 1970's.
Sus 05/07/2010
Just another bit copied from Land Rover. Nice idea and all, but why not just stick with a hi/lo gear lever? Those still work when electronics fail.
Jeff 05/04/2010
The 25% boost in mpg really caught my eye. The abysmal milage I'm getting with my '08 Explorer is one of the main reasons I'm considering switching away from Ford for my next vehicle.
Mark 05/01/2010
and what the new gm is better? gm's autotrac is not the greatest either,in fact it is pretty poor enginered system.
Tom 04/16/2010
Well done! I think we need an AWD/intelligent 4WD Focus or Fiesta. Will you consider any version with the AWD traction?
jm 04/16/2010
It is a ford, what do you expect?
tj 04/15/2010
will you still be able to lock it in 4hi? is there a 4lo? im guessing not since it will have a 4cyl and is car based, i guess that is where the segment is going
Ford Makes Selecting the Correct Four-wheel-drive Mode Easy
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