Ford Family Memories

By Sean J.

Whether it’s a first date, a family road trip or a big move across the country – chances are you’ve experienced a big life moment while riding or driving in a vehicle. So whether your Ford is the subject of, or just a big player in a great family story, we want to hear about it!

“Family memories” is the theme this week as we share with you two great stories from our Ford Social fans.

Your Stories

She's My Family Time Capsule

As it prepares to be passed down to the next generation, Tonya M. reflects on how her family’s 1993 Explorer has been with them through it all.

Fishing In The Dark

Find out what happens when a romantic midnight fishing expedition meets a powerful thunderstorm.

Ford Social Fan Ideas of the Week

Replace keys with remote

Keys are so 20th century according to this Ford Social user. See how they suggest approaching vehicle entry in the digital age.

Owner Recognition

Since most of us spend so much time in them, why shouldn’t we be on a first name basis with our vehicles? This Ford Social fan envisions a friendlier, more personal automotive interaction.

Solar Panel to power AC

Harness the power of the Sun…to cool off? Impossible? Not according to this Ford Social member.

Ford Social Fan Photo of the Week

Do you think mudding is just a Ford Trucks thing? Bryce B. and his 2007 Ford Focus politely disagree.

Joshua M 05/18/2013
neat picture and article
arvind pal singh 05/17/2013
ford is a most trusted car manufacturer ,Their engineers put the best into every ever car they manufacture, means always wants to give their best................this the reason they proudly say GO FURTHER.
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