Ford Customer Service Division Expands its Service to Social Media

By Ford Social Member

When Steven Yourstone wanted answers about the arrival of his 2011 Explorer, he contacted Ford. But he didn’t pick up the phone or work through any complicated message systems. He simply asked his question on the Ford Explorer Facebook page. He got an answer from the Ford Customer Service Division social media team – along with a lot more.

“They really seemed to reach out and care,” said Steven, a department chair at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. “They’re always in the threads, and they’re pretty knowledgeable, too.”

Steven is part of an audience that Ford is reaching by expanding its customer service to social media. By proactively monitoring comments, questions and concerns on Facebook, Twitter, auto enthusiast forums and message boards, agents are able to regularly engage with thousands of customers – and potential customers – in real time.

“Being online lets you cater to an audience that is used to instant gratification,” said Mont Wright, Ford Customer Satisfaction manager in the Business Assistance Center.

“Many of these questions and these comments may never come to the phone – or even to e-mail,” Mont said. “In some situations, we can change a negative to a positive. In others, we can reach out to new customers. It’s been a very positive experience for us.”

Steven is very satisfied. He’s become an active member of the community on

“I’d much rather use social media because the experts are very quick at getting responses back, and I don’t have to go through a menu system and listen to music and press the right buttons – that’s just not for me,” Steven said.


With eight customer service agents at the helm, the social media team uses a customized search engine tool that allows agents to quickly find and respond to customer queries, comments or concerns.

The interactions run the gamut – from queries on new product arrivals to questions on warranties to concerns about repairs. Through social media, the agent can even enhance the experience for the customer through hyperlinks and added instructions.

You can find a listing of Ford social media networks here on
Glad I found your site, I have questions.
Bettie C 04/11/2012
Can you please bring back a 2013 Sports trac Adrenaline..... Please you will have a great sales comeback!!!Please bring back the Sports Trac soonThank you!!!!
Jenifer Rivera 04/05/2012
way to go social media team, this is a great article- Jen Rivera
Becky Frazier 04/02/2012
Proud day to be a part of the Ford team! Great job guys!
Natasha At Ford 04/02/2012
I appreciate the opportunity to look at the details, Paul. Just send it to me via private message and I’ll see what can be done.

@ Sandie – Appreciate the feedback on your husband’s interaction. Enjoy your well-cared-for ‘Stang!

@ Steve – Your other post is still up under your other name; I responded to it earlier. Should you decide to take our offer of assistance, please reach your CSM or send me a private message so I can help arrange for you to be contacted.

Ford Service
Justin Allen 03/31/2012
Hey Ford, hows that new Taurus Police Interceptor working? Still wont be anything compaired to what you monsters killed off last september!
Sandie Anderson 03/31/2012
My husband has experienced this on the Mustang website. We have a 2011 Calif. Special, all black, which we are keeping hidden in the garage now as the pollen is so bad. Husband enjoyes the Mustang website!
Joseph Walsh 03/30/2012
i own a new hybrid
M Walrath 03/30/2012
You guys rock! Thanks for all your help as we early adopters rode the ups and downs of a new model. Still lovin' my 11 Explorer and look forward to many more years enjoying her!
Paul Summers 03/30/2012
Apple doesn't (to my knowledge) deny warranty coverage based, at least in part, on online photos of people using and enjoying their products as they are meant to be used. Apple at least _listens_ to the concerns of their customers and doesn't go online to try and find evidence to deny warranty coverage. I'll try to contact Natasha to seek a fair resolution of my dispute. Ford needs to stop this intimidating and unfair business practice (assuming what my local dealer told me is true).
Barry H 03/30/2012
Forgot tomention..have been a loyal Ford buyer for many years with history of
Linclns and Mercurys --great classy cars..go back to my newly bought 1966 Mustand
etc etc. Just cant get ride of the darn rattle on the newly purchased Fusion
nnennaya o 03/30/2012
soon am gonna drive the explorer! am so excited and can't wait to own it:) i so love the 2011 explorer especially the exterior design.
Dennis H 03/30/2012
I have an 04 F350 with a 5.4, truck is mint and I want to get some more HP out of it. I allready have dual exhaust and K&N air cleaner. Am thinking about headers, programer...any sugestions or recomendations.?
SONIA SLIVKOV 03/30/2012
Great Job Social Media!!!!
Brian L 03/30/2012
Hi, I just wanted to see if you or anyone know's what's the most miles that a ford vehicle has ever had reported on it that is still running with the original motor. I have a 2001 mercury sable that just turned 400136 miles on it and shes still running strong.
Biju Varughese 03/30/2012
Apple are no saints, they are scammers aswell, they wont warranty your phone after the first 3 days of getting the Iphone 3g. Apple is no better
Terry A. Robertson 03/30/2012
1966 289 Mustang, 1972 Thunderbird, 1978 LTD II, 1981 Mercury Capri, 1979 Granada, 1993 Ranger Splash, 1997 Ranger Splash (currently own) 1995 Mustang GTS (currently own) 2007 Mustang V6 and 2011 Mustang GT (currently own). Do not regret any of them and the 2011 Mustang is the best car I have ever driven, it is awesome!
Natasha At Ford 03/30/2012
You’re quite welcome, Drew! While we aren’t ready to undertake new forums just yet, we certainly don’t want you to feel ignored. :) I’ll send you a friend request; please send anyone with concerns my way.

Drew Abel 03/30/2012
@Natasha, thanks for replying! I figured Ford would avoid that forum. Such a shame, lots of good information to be found there. Would really be encouraging for a rep. to post on regarding the EcoBoost problems.
Natasha At Ford 03/30/2012
Hi Patti,

Has your mom tried calling the National Employee Service Center yet? If not, please have her call them at 1-800-248-4444.

@ Drew - Please keep in mind that your forum and community are definitely on our radar when we're available to expand. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us regardless of the communication channel if assistance is needed.

Ford Service
Natasha At Ford 03/30/2012
Hi Patti,

Has your mom tried calling the National Employee Service Center yet? If not, please have her call them at 1-800-248-4444.

Ford Service
Patti VanDusen 03/30/2012
Do you know your Customer Service for your retirees is horrible! My mother has been calling for 3 mos straight for you to fix a deduction in her pension that was incorrect...10% of her pay! It was promised that her April pension check would reflect the error and that FMC would fix it...well guess what? It wasn't in there today. Let's take 10% of your pay and see how you like it! Contact me please!
Sambhaji Aywale 03/30/2012
its head light look like a tata manza and chevorlet saprk!zzz
Drew Abel 03/30/2012
Time to step up Ford. You posted this for all to see, we'll expect to see some participation in the near future. We as an online community look forward to addressing these important problems affecting the EcoBoost.
Paul Summers 03/30/2012
Nick, they promote all kinds of aggressive use of the truck (which is an awesome product). However, in my case, they apparently searched my name online & denied warranty coverage over these photos:

Just a bunch of old guys and kids having fun. This was a very scary Big Brother tactic. Ford should study Apple to learn more about fair privacy and customer service ethics in the digital age.
Michael W 03/30/2012
Very nice Steven. I've been part of many conversations with you and many others since day one and completely agree this has been my favorite way of getting assistance. I am currently being assisted by @Natasha and all of my issues are being resolved one by one!
Natasha At Ford 03/30/2012
Hey Matthew & Damon - Thanks for the kudos! Greatly appreciated!

@ Drew & Michael – Currently, we don't have the resources to expand to additional forums. No worries, though! Any members with concerns are welcome to tweet us at, or they can find us here on Facebook.

@ Paul – I’m more than happy to review your situation! Please send me some details along with your VIN and mileage. I’ll take a look at the case notes and review any options for assistance.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Ford Service
Eric Caldwell 03/30/2012
Bring back rangers!
Nicholas Zahn 03/30/2012
@Paul - Didn't they race/sponsor a Raptor in Dakar?
@Ford Motor Company - Now you can even more efficiently tell me that you won't be bringing AppLink to the Focus anytime soon. Also, how about the focus wagon here in the US?
Paul Summers 03/30/2012
Buyer Beware: After denying me maintenance work by stating a part wasn't covered under Premium Care, apparently Ford's customer service found online photos of me driving my Raptor on a fire trail ("off-road"). They apparently used these photos to deny my warranty claim (according to my local dealer, Santa Margarita Ford). Ford's own website encourages aggressive "off-road" use with trucks jumping, bottoming out, and hitting water at high speed. Don't use their products as advertised and then expect fair customer service.
Michael Regan Jr 03/30/2012
Ford should definitely check out the forum, lot of good concerns there
Damon Decker 03/30/2012
Drew Abel 03/30/2012
Feel free to comment on the multiple issues plaguing the F-150 and the EcoBoost @ we would LOVE some answers on when you're going to fix our trucks!
Matthew Shields 03/30/2012
Thank you Ford for making World class cars right here in the U.S.A.
 The Ford Dearborn Customer Service Social Media team
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