First Look at the all-new Ford Explorer

By Ford Social Member

The wait is over – the official unveiling of the all-new Ford Explorer took place today on the Ford Explorer Facebook page. In case you didn’t catch it there, you can watch it here.

The 2011 Ford Explorer has a bold new design, yet is instantly recognizable as an Explorer and a Ford. As with the exterior, the Explorer interior design brief was to modernize, making soft-touch surfaces and occupant comfort key priorities. A goal was to make the Explorer interior a three-row medium for the technology, convenience and connectivity it contains, while inspiring driver confidence in dynamic driving on any road, anytime, anywhere.

World-class Explorer craftsmanship mandates precision engineering to uniform tolerances and margin gaps, adding high-quality materials and soft-touch trim to change customer perceptions about SUV fit, finish and quality

A smooth, quiet ride results from the noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) team sweating the details throughout the virtual, prototype and validation phases of Explorer development

All-new Ford Explorer SUV offers best-in-class fuel economy from high-tech powertrains, featuring multiple enhancements to improve mechanical efficiency.

The Explorer 3.5-liter V6 is offered as standard equipment across base, XLT and Limited models. Delivering an anticipated improvement in fuel economy of more than 20 percent versus the current Explorer, this smooth and powerful V6 enables intelligent four-wheel drive (4WD) with terrain management. The improvement in efficiency helps Explorer to surpass fuel economy figures for the 2010 Honda Pilot and other vehicles in the segment. This engine delivers an estimated 290 horsepower and 255 lb.-ft. of torque.

For SUV drivers seeking maximum fuel efficiency, Ford introduces the all-new Explorer with an available EcoBoost™ 2.0-liter I4. Combining direct injection of gasoline and turbocharging, this advanced engine delivers performance comparable to normally aspirated competitive V6 engines. Developing up to 237 horsepower at 5,500 rpm, this I4 delivers 250 lb.-ft. of torque. Estimated fuel economy improves by more than 30 percent, putting the fuel efficiency of the Ford Explorer in line with sedans such as the 2010 Toyota Camry V6.

A pair of six-speed transmissions – unique to each engine – help deliver high performance and engaging driving dynamics with class-leading fuel efficiency.

The new Ford Explorer democratizes 4WD technology, previously limited to luxury SUVs. Models equipped with intelligent 4WD with terrain management use technology to provide the driver with security and confidence in a variety of climate and surface conditions. Terrain management gives the driver a choice between four settings on a center console-mounted knob. Each setting has a unique engine calibration, throttle command, transmission shift schedule, traction and stability control calibration – all optimized to a range of driving situations. The four settings are normal, mud and ruts, sand, and snow. You can learn more about the new terrain management system by clicking here.

The new Explorer offers a Ford technology unique in the automotive industry in the first-ever inflatable second-row seat belts. Rear seat passengers – often children or mature passengers – can be more vulnerable to head, chest and neck injuries. Rear inflatable seat belts demonstrate Ford’s ongoing commitment to occupant safety. The Ford inflatable belts spread impact forces across five times more area than conventional seat belts. This reduces pressure on the chest while helping to control head and neck motion. Read more about the industry-first inflatable second-row seat belts by clicking here.

Come back to later today for more information about the all-new Explorer. For the latest information, click here to visit the Ford Explorer Facebook page.
Audrey Hertel 08/16/2014
This is an amazing audio. It is convincing that this is one thrilling vehicle! I have never driven a Ford Explorer, but the audio with the creators of the Suv are so enthused about their work and results that I am eager to see it and to drive it and to ride in it. Congratulations FORD!
Chris 11/13/2010
Two words: Watered Down
gmfanatic 11/11/2010
actually the acadia is a great looking vehicle i have to say as i owned one and it was AMAZING though the explorer is pretty sharp looking but its a little to boxy for me. and the acadia i thought comes with a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty which im pretty sure the explorer has a 3 year 60,000 mile warranty. i have a malibu that does great and the tail light went out in it and they took care of it with a shuttle service and everything. gm wasnt the only one to take the bailout, chrysler did it to. anyway gm is still no. 1 thank you thank you :) ford is still behind toyota at no. 3. thats right gm is always on top and ford people are a little jealous but thats okay we enjoy it ;).
David A. Wier 10/15/2010
The 2011 will be my 5th Explorer and I have loved everyone! The first one was a 1992 Eddie Bauer and I put 310,000 miles on it and sold it for $2,500.00. The last four have all had over 100,000 miles on and all have been trouble free. The 2011 looks awesome and I can't wait to get the new one. When will they be in the Arizona showrooms. Way to go Ford, you're doing everything right!!!
Dee 10/10/2010
If you want junk buy foreign, I only buy American made vehicles. Much better built!! And I like the looks of this one.
Joseph 09/09/2010
Very impressed. My father in law is from Korea, born and raised. He came to America and always wanted a FORD and that's all he has owned over the last 25 years. I'm the only American married into the family. Embarrassed to say I've owned mostly Toyota something my father in law hates..LOL I'm moving to FORD for sure. This Explorer is amazing in looks, features and safety. The rear seat belts are everything you can want for your kids to be safe.
FORD isn't just leading with this SUV but all the new options in all makes are amazing!!! GREAT JOB!!
Salina Morris 09/02/2010
When will we see the new explorer at Ford Dealerships?
EricaZ 08/26/2010
Beautiful...I want one! In black!
rob 08/19/2010
I agree with you, it is ugly and the interior prooves that it is a fake suv, it is a cross over. They of course will say it is a great SUV but lets face it they designed this suv for soccer moms and city streets, if i buy anything else it will be a Jeep Grand Cherokee it has a proper frame and is actually built to go off road. For me to say that takes a lot i have only owned fords, but their new products are just designed so that they won't meet my needs.
frank burns 08/11/2010
FORD have come a long way since the early pioneering days when they released their first model, the FORD - T. Back in those earlier days, my wife's father, Frederick George Baker imported the Ford from America whilst employed by Graves & Dwyer in Hay Street, Perth, Western Australia. They had the monopoly here and shipped all of the incoming models by rail from Perth to the Eastern States.
To preserve a significant piece of yesteryear's motoring history, we donated an award for Mr. Baker at the Whitman Park Motoring Museum which consists of a silver sugar bowl and spoon, 1917. What is important in my entry here is focused on our motoring history for everyone to enjoy.

The Royal Automobile Club (R.A.C.) should also have relevant documentation to support Frederick Baker as a foundation member and in his time, everything was the rage as Ford and other car makers entered the spectrum.

The Sugar Bowl was donated by me and my wife(deceased), Sylvia baker around 2001.
K Cope 08/07/2010
That "American Junk" kept Americans working, and for a decent wage and benefits. And the domino effect spelled jobs for others in the industry. So, Jake....before you critize American auto products, make sure you know of what you speak. Did your parents work in America, and do you? Fact, Ford Mtr Company has surpassed Toyota in TGW/1000. That;s, "Things gone wrong." American vehicles has surpassed the foreign competition already, and Ford did it without bailouts.

What do you drive, a really cool Kia, or Nissan, or a Red Flyer Wagon? Do you work in an American industry, or is your job immune to cutbacks? You can't have it both ways,,,,drive a foreign auto to your American Job...well, wah, wah, wah. when you lose it. Maybe you can find one in the Amazon. And Ford carries it's own weight, they are NO 1 in truck sales, near the top with the fuel efficient Focus. And carry a 43% improvement in sales, assets, etc. year over year.
sk808 08/05/2010
What the heck is a toyota 5runner? do u mean 4 runner? This vehicle looks better than an Acadia plus the powertrains they offer in it are way better than GM's....good luck finding service with GM when they finally go down the crap shoot because they can't even bail themselves out...go ford! BTW this vehicle looks better than the new 4runner if thats what u mean
gpac 08/01/2010
It's ugly. I was holding off to buy a new vehicle. I love my 1998 Explorer. I was planning on buying a new Explorer, but after seeing the 2011, I will likely go buy a GM Acadia or Toyota 5Runner. Too bad.
Jim 07/30/2010
Great looking vehicle. I partially agree with Jake, we need to see more clean diesel technology in light trucks. The new Explorer could be a world class leader in fuel economy if it were diesel powered. Imagine an SUV that gets 30 mpg or better.
Jon 07/30/2010
Great work Team Ford! You guys keep on making cars, trucks and SUVs that people want to have and watch the other manufacturers who are awash in taxpayer funded bailouts try and compete. Testament to the "can do" American spirit!
Just the Facts 07/29/2010
Wow an LR3 with Ford badging..
Ernesto Rowe 07/29/2010
Looks like I´m going to be back to the Ford Explorer family!
Glad to see you really went much further than the disguised facelifts of the last few years, which forced me to switch to GM.
Jake 07/27/2010
Same old american junk. Put a 4 cylinder diesel in it and then you might have a real SUV.
randy johnson 07/26/2010
HI: What is the biggest engine you can buy? I have a aviator now .
edvard 07/26/2010
I just wanted to say that you all did a great job on this. The Explorer has been so badly outdated for so long, but this new version is fantastic. This is perhaps the best-looking SUV I've seen and I generally don't like SUVs. The styling is modern and current. I especially like the styling of the rear glass. Almost reminds me of the treatment you see on a European SUV like a Land Rover.

Anyway, it looks great. Way to go!