Explorer Has Game Spirit

By Ford Social Member

On November 13, 2010, a flash mob appeared around a 2011 Ford Explorer in support of the Buckeyes. The mob flash was in conjunction with the Ohio State / Penn State game, held at Ohio State University. By the way, Ohio State beat Penn State, 38-14.

Not sure what a flash mob is? It’s a large group of people who come together quickly to do some type of performance. It’s meant to appear as if a random mob of people turn into an organized performance.

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Ryan Crossman 11/30/2010
I just wanted to say Thank you. My name is Ryan Crossman I drive a 1996 ford f250 powerstroke diesel best truck EVER built I am a huge ford fan and always have been and probably always will be and i wanted to say keep up the good work guys
Jay Ward 11/29/2010
Not sure why this should be an issue. The powertrains we offer are among the most advanced in the world. The standard TiVCT V-6 delivers best in class fuel economy while still delivering horsepower that is among the best in the class at 290hp (by the way, that is only 2hp less than the current V-8). With a standard 6-speed gearbox (unlike the Jeep for example) and fuel economy that blows everyone else away, we think we have the perfect package.
Jay Ward
Ford Communications
Charles Brown 11/27/2010
The new 2011 Explorer is an awesome looking vehicle but the changes in the power train effecting it's usability and versatillity has already cost me some clients for the coming year. Ford might as well call it the Eacape Ultra.
Explorer Has Game Spirit
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