Every Clump of Mud Tells a Story

By Cole Q.

Mud. Dirt. Grime. When fans shared pics of their dirty vehicles, we saw everything from a light dusting of road salt to a coating of mud so thick you couldn’t tell the color of the Ford vehicle underneath.

For some of you, getting your Ford dirty was not intentional — getting stuck in an unexpected puddle, for example. But for others, having a “filthy Ford” is a way of life. One that includes rustic trails, mud pits and lots and lots of dirt. And for those of you who embrace that dirt, we salute you.

Here are a few of our favorite stories:


Jeff and Gail R., of Virginia Beach, Va., take their Raptor, nicknamed Dino, to the Canadian River Bed, near Amarillo, Texas. They buy an off-road permit and, “Go out there and just have a blast,” Gail says. Dino easily takes them through the river and across the mud. And now he’s ready for the Rally Dixie 2012, a road rally that benefits multiple sclerosis research.


Blair H., who lives near Tacoma, Washington, remembers taking his Explorer out on a cold day to find the mud. He got his vehicle impressively dirty without even using the four-wheel drive, he says, playing on the trails in an ORV park near his home. While he doesn’t have the Explorer anymore, he plans on restoring his dream car, a 1970 Bronco.

For Blair, like so many others in the Ford Social community, going mudding is a thrill unlike any other. “It’s trying to get through the stuff, to see how much your vehicle can actually handle, how deep a mud you can get through,” he says.


Gabriel T., of South Dakota, might have the dirtiest truck on the road. While he wasn’t planning on going mudding the day he took this picture, his buddy found some mud and he couldn’t resist. “The big draw is to go out, enjoy life in the outdoors, be with friends, waste some gas and throw muddy rooster tails all over the place,” he says. “Also to see who can get the muddiest and go through the worst-looking stuff.”

While we loved seeing our cars and trucks in muddy glory, we had to do something about the dirtiest of them. So we will send these folks a special Ford Social car-wash kit in the coming weeks (let’s hope they take the hint).

So let’s show some love for all the people who keep it muddy. Tell ‘em what you think in the comment section, below.
Delwyn C 04/09/2012
luv it!! mud is awsome!!
Gramps L 03/29/2012
My '99 F250 was so dirty one day, I the CarWash folks refused it. Cost them over $50 but they thought it would stop up their drains. That's pretty dirty. all I did was cross a moumtain after the first snow of the year.
Shiv Sagar 03/29/2012
like ford cars
Christian K 03/28/2012
Best way to have a 4x4 is in mud
Preston G 03/28/2012
When your off-roading...go big or go home.
Jacque H 03/27/2012
1978 Bronco---yeah!!! biggest mudhole whompper I've seen!! My Big Blue Bronco would take on anything & win.
Jeff Krull 03/27/2012
Jeff Krull 03/27/2012
I've had so much road salt on the side of my '97 Ranger it was a full two tone whine/red.
David Hackford 03/27/2012
had same problem with 1999 Ford Expedition with Alternator, but I got the Heavy Duty Alternator and it`s alot better..Good Luck with yours..
Kris Caswell 03/27/2012
Love the dirt & mud, but the cloth seats and carpet are almost impossible to get clean!
Bobby Miller 03/27/2012
Before off roading we took my 94 ranger to the scale, after the trip I went back to the scale and 300lb of mud was on my truck, cost $20 at the car wash to clean up
nnennaya o 03/27/2012
Cynthia A 03/27/2012
Ain't no feeling like mud and 4 wheelin!
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Every Clump of Mud Tells a Story