Do You Use Social Media? Ford Does!

By Tori T.

Ford has “social media agents,” but unlike government “agents,” the Ford kind don’t lurk in the bushes or try to go by unnoticed. In fact, Ford agents openly converse with customers on forums, message boards and enthusiast sites not owned by Ford, as well as through the official Ford Twitter and Facebook accounts. The social media team uses a customized search engine tool to quickly find and respond to customer queries, comments or concerns, including about new product arrivals, warranties and repairs.

“We are using social media to deliver a superior customer service experience in real time,” explains Elizabeth Foley, Ford Customer Service Social Media Program Manager. “We’re professional, but we’re very personable, and we customize the message to the particular customer.”

Social networking sites have allowed Ford to meet customers it might not have connected with previously through traditional advertising. For example, when Steve Yourstone had questions about his 2011 Explorer, he posted them on the Ford Explorer Facebook page , and received an answer from the Ford Customer Service Division social media team. Elizabeth notes that “we see comments like ‘I can’t believe a company as big as Ford is out there doing is’ or ‘You’re a lifesaver, I’ve never received this kind of service,’ which tells us it’s important to go where our customers go.”

In fact, before the all-new Fiesta went on sale in North America, Ford created the Fiesta Movement, using social media to create a buzz about the car and as a way to introduce it to the market. And in 2009, Fiesta Movement agents and their Twitter friends gathered at the Palladium in West Hollywood, California, to set a new Guinness World Record for the “most attendees at a tweetup.” Social media has allowed Ford to not only go viral, but for Blue Oval brand awareness and new products to go global.

So are you a Tweeter? Have you “liked” Ford yet on Facebook ? Have you visited the official Ford YouTube Channel ? Tell us about your favorite social networking site – and you can use more than 140 characters to do so!
Bartlett A 11/01/2012
Why is the FOCUS ST excluded from any of the rebates or financing? Its pretty lame if you ask me.
David G 09/30/2012
I haven't looked in to the F150. But if what you want are skid plates and nothing else in the package, Ford racing & performance catalog has skid plates I believe. And, as I'm sure you know, they are available aftermarket (although I like to buy factory parts).

A Locking Diff? Sounds nice, but lets be realistic, how many people would really use one? How many people really even need a box framed/chassis full time 4x4?
Does the Raptor even have one? Is it even available as an option?

Why not order the truck without the option, get the skid plates from the racing catalog, they must have them as they are on the F150 based Raptor and order a set of ARB locking diffs?
Jen chieh C 09/11/2012
I just leased a Focus Titanium fully loaded. Love it. However, I am told they removed the feature 'universal garage door opener' but it is shown as 'standard' equipment for 2013 model.
i am also told they remove rain-sensing wipers & electrochromic mirror as well, yet 2013 model is comparably with higher MSRP
anyone also facing the same thing as i am??
Mario D 09/11/2012
Greetings I was just on The "BUILD and PRICE" section of the 2013 "F-150" I am "NOT" happy with the fact that if I wish to Build a "XL" 4x4 and I must purchase the "101A" options in order to get the following "SKID-PLATES" which really should be standard equipment on 4x4's "P265/70R17" tires, "BOX Side Steps" and Tail gate step. This is wrong. A Customer should not be forced to get Luxury items that add cost to get a Nice Functional pick up truck. I would like to express the following: The most important items on a 4x4 pickup truck "LOCKING-DIFFERENTIAL" "SKID-PLATES" these really should be "STANDARD-EQUIPMENT" but I am willing to pay extra for these but I think it is unfair to have to jump up to the "101A" package to get a Nice pickup
David J 09/10/2012
Fusion Hybrid Ranchero!
Do You Use Social Media? Ford Does
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