Decoding Design: What Does Your Ford Mean?

By Ford Social Member

The way your Ford vehicle looks isn’t only about, well, how it looks. It’s about the experience, the connection and the feeling you get while looking at it and driving it. And we all have a unique taste–think about a vehicle that you’ve seen on the road and thought, “Yikes, that's ugly!” Obviously that reaction wasn’t the designer’s goal, but the appearance spoke to someone else.

Within a vehicle design is a code that you interpret. How does the vehicle strike you emotionally? The proportions, the stance, the silhouette–these need to convey a message about the vehicle, and designers want you to hear what that message says: sporty, rugged, high tech, refined, elegant or something else. Your response to color and materials is a factor too.

In many ways, vehicles are pieces of art, and think about how art moves you and you connect to some pieces enough to want them in your home, aka your life. That makes vehicle designers and artists after the same thing–wanting you to take a closer look–and of course to buy their masterpiece!

One of the people who helps you connect to your Ford in this artistic way is Moray Callum, the Vice President of Design at Ford. He leads the design of all concept and production vehicles for Ford and Lincoln brands globally. He began working for Ford in 1995, when he designed North America products such as the Taurus and the last-generation Super Duty.® In 2006, when Moray was executive director of design for The Americas, he was responsible for the design of all cars and trucks created in the Ford North America and South America studios. Talk about a person who knows how to connect consumer and design–his work included the Ford Mustang, Explorer and Fusion. His schooling included a bachelor’s degree in industrial design and a master’s in transportation design from Royal College of Art in London.

So, what statement does the design of your Ford say? And what does that design say about you?