Are You a Fusion or a Mustang or an F-Series Truck?

By Ford Social Member

Sometimes we think you provide more entertainment for us than we do for you! We loved the, “I am a Fusion,” story posted this week, as well as stories about a Guinness World Record, being an accidental Mustang owner and more. You can check out all of the stories posted by your friends and neighbors in our Your Stories section, and be sure to add your own!

If stories aren’t your think, but you have an idea to share with Ford, visit Your Ideas to share yours. And if you’re just here for browsing, we worked pretty hard to bring you a variety ranging from innovative safety technology to outrageous custom Ford vehicles that will be part of a spectacular automotive trade show.

Here are highlights of new stories and ideas posted this week:

Your Stories


5.0l Vin Code F

I recently took delivery of my new F150, new Ford #16 for me. The other day I was getting my 1985 Mustang GT ready for winter storage and I realized that both the Mustang and the F150 are powered by 5.0L engines identified in the VIN (vehicle identification number) by the letter F. It’s amazing how far technology has come in 25 years. Read more…


New Guinness World Record

Hello, my name is Brian Jackson. I am a full time motivational speaker and now six-time Guinness World Record Holder. My latest attempt on July 23 of this year (2011) consisted of a rescue bag and a Ford Festiva. We placed the rescue bag under the Festiva and blew into the rescue bag, using only my lung strength. The attempt was to raise the car off the ground using only my breath. Read more…


My Little Pony

Last August I got the opportunity to purchase a car that I’ve dreamed about as a kid. I never thought that I’d ever get this combination: a 5.0L, BLUE, manual transmission convertible. Well, one popped up in Kentucky for a great price. I took a trip to go look at it, and knew I’d be back. The car was located about 280 miles from where I live, so knew it would be taking a chance driving the pony home. However, the car was 100% stock, and being a 302, I KNEW it would make it. And it did! Read more…


An Accidental Mustang Owner

I got into Mustangs completely by accident. I run a company in England renting out classic British sports cars and have never really been into Fords other than my first car a 1968 Ford Corsair. When the latest Mustang came out we started receiving requests from people wanting to hire a classic Mustang. Up to that point I hadn’t thought of buying one One day when collecting one of our cars from my local garage there was a nice 1966 Mustang Fastback parked outside. Read more…


I'm A Ford Fusion

It’s the car-related question that absolutely stumped this car guy: If I were a car, what would I be? Guys, let’s be honest. There are few places left in the world that are still sacred for us. Where can men go to think, to ponder the significance of our lives, or to read a decent magazine? We’re pretty much confined to the garage or the bathroom. And the lighting in my garage isn’t that great. Read more…

Your Ideas

Personalized Key Fobs

It would be a nice treat for customers to be able to personalize the key fobs that come with their new vehicles by allowing them to choose a custom design (e.g. zebra print, floral, paisley, etc), color, sports team or even a personal photograph. Read more…

Gas Gauge & Anti Thief Device

I have thought of two (2) Innovated Ideas for the consumers for when they purchase gas for their vehicles. As a Ford F150 Owner myself I wonder how much gas I place in my tank every time I go to the station and to alleviate that doubt I have thought why not place a small yet readable flat gas gauge on the inside part of the small gas door. Read more…

SHO Badge

Add an SHO badge to the line up. Not just for brand new owners but for all SHO owners from day 1 to present. Maybe even a few SHO badges to choose from. Read more…

Our Stories


See These Custom Fords Before Anyone Else!

The entertainment industry has its annual big-deal shindigs, like the Academy Awards, the Emmys and the Tonys. Yet so does the auto industry, but the cars are the stars! The events include auto shows, of course, as well as the SEMA Show, held annually in Las Vegas. SEMA stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association; the CliffsNotes on that is it’s a trade association made up of tons of aftermarket performance companies, from exhaust to bumpers and tires to roof racks, plus anything and everything else located between the headlights and taillights. Read more…


Technology in the 2013 Ford Explorer May be Better than a Cup of Coffee

While the warning light in the dash will be shaped like a cup of coffee, the technology in the 2013 Ford Explorer may be a lot more valuable. Ford is introducing new lane keeping technologies, including a system that can help detect drowsy drivers, to help them stay alert and in their lane. The innovative Lane Keeping System has three unique features designed to help drivers stay in control behind the wheel: Driver Alert System, Lane Keeping System and Lane Keeping Aid. Read more…


Want to be the First to Drive an EcoBoost?

It’s one thing to read about the new 2.0-liter EcoBoost™ engine, Active Park Assist, Cross Traffic Alert and all the other cool technology available on the 2012 Ford Explorer and Edge, but it’s another to experience them firsthand. Here’s your chance – The EcoBoost Drive it First program is coming to more than 20 U.S. cities, and we’re putting you in the driver’s seat! Read more…


Tell Us Why You Love Your Ford Explorer!

From the stories we read on, we know there are very satisfied Explorer owners out there, and the numbers tell the same story. The Explorer is the fastest-growing midsize utility in the nation, with more than 100,000 sold this year alone! This is the first time it has surpassed the 100,000-sales mark since 2007. And another exciting number? U.S. retail sales of the Explorer are up 290 percent compared to the same period in 2010. Read more…


The Truck of Texas is a Ford

There’s a state flag, a state bird and, believe it or not, a state folk dance (square dancing outshines the chicken dance, surprisingly). So, what about a state truck? Well, the Texas Auto Writers Association (TAWA) has named the 2012 Ford F-150 the Truck of Texas! Read more…

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John Johnson 01/04/2012
mike drake 11/12/2011
im a proud owner of three fords a 1973 ford f 100 with 71000 miles on it a 2002 explorer sport trac and a new 2012 fusion love all three of them
Paul McWilliams 11/04/2011
Well,I used to be F-series truck during the week,on the weekend,I was a MUSTANG!
Tbucket Fromhell 11/02/2011
i had a 65 mustang and two 71 mustangs and now i have a t bucket
Nickolas Little 10/31/2011
how can i say no to a ford raptor??? or maybe a brand new boss?? OR a new 5.0???? theyre all good!!
Erik Olstinske 10/30/2011
1967 or 2012 mustang
Travis Allen Mathis 10/30/2011
AlexZandr BermuDz 10/30/2011
Hey there Ford, I just got thisi pad earlier today for nothing! , its actually very nice :) I got it from here , hurry Ford before they are out!
George 10/30/2011
where can i buy motors? hey is there anybody who can help? i want a 302 cubic inch V8 for my capri !!! please help
Exotic Motorz 10/30/2011
A Mustang for SURE!!!! lol
Cheryl Bullock 10/29/2011
Mustang alllllll the waaaaaayyyy
Akash Deep Rawat 10/29/2011
mustanggggggggggggggggggg and fusion superbbbbb
Andrew Reel 10/29/2011
go mustang!
Andrew Reel 10/29/2011
i always wanted one one of the mustangs from the 60's
Shawn OccupyingDetroit Harris 10/29/2011
Shawn OccupyingDetroit Harris 10/29/2011
Ford focus 08
Don Hughes 10/29/2011
I currently own six F- series trucks ,from my 02 super duty 7.3 p.s. to my 53 F-100 . Love'm all . But I also love my 66 fairlane that I dragrace , and my 69 fairlane cobra (428scj) muscle car . Everybody seems to forget about the fairlanes , till one shows up . But for what the options are you gave us , have to say F- series truck guy . Thanks .
Dicky Clark Rivanno 10/29/2011
live ,, for mustang ,,.
Tiago Figueiredo 10/29/2011
Michael Saba 10/29/2011
A 67 Mustang coupe! ; )
Roshan Trd Harilal 10/29/2011
Just fitted the starter to my buddies 65 red fastback like this red kids touched down this morning in USA n my son wants one too! The pony cars all the way!!!!
Ron Little 10/29/2011
My daily driver, a 78 F-250 with a 429 big block under the hood... If they never would've strayed from this platform, I'd be much more impressed with the newer vehicles...
Sasha Jaafari 10/29/2011
And a V8 Falcon at that
Sasha Jaafari 10/29/2011
I am a Falcon
Aj Boyle 10/29/2011
Australian RWD 2003 BA XR6 Ford Falcon ! ! !
Mike Shaffer 10/29/2011
Adam Sugg 10/29/2011
I pick the FORD BRONCO..................................
Kendall Benavides 10/29/2011
2006 Fusion V6 SEL
Seth Kolarsky 10/29/2011
2011 Crown Victoria
Jennifer Weirick 10/29/2011
Whoever freakn knows...i am sure of this...its one of those f/f's
Luis Muñoz 10/28/2011
Francois-Xavier Lahaie 10/28/2011
F-series but i'll have a fastback '67 or '68 in a few years!!!!
Twayna Spann-Brown 10/28/2011
Randal Morris 10/28/2011
Rodney Pittman 10/28/2011
F series superduty is there anything else
Matthew James Schulte 10/28/2011
Ranchero or Bronco
Carlo Joshua Delgado 10/28/2011
I'm a focus 2007
Eliud Monge 10/28/2011
F Truck all the WAY!!!
Bucky Collins 10/28/2011
Mustang gt
Frank McClure 10/28/2011
Fox body all the way!
Andrew Weigle 10/28/2011
mustang!! a Shelby GT 500!!
Maxime Richard 10/28/2011
MUSTANG all the way !!!!!!
Andrew Reel 10/28/2011
mustang rules, camaro is slow
Kyle Blindauer 10/28/2011
I'm a mustang for sure!
Kris Eiting 10/28/2011
Wow tough choice between Mustang and the F Series!
Allan Pryor 10/28/2011
as much as i love mustangs the Aussie Falcon is my choice
Mark Blevins 10/28/2011
I was an '08 Escape. Now I'm a 2011 Mustang GT 5.0!
Paul Thrash 10/28/2011
I'll never buy a new Ford Fusion that's assembled in Mexico.
Angelo Matteo Capelli 10/28/2011
Ford Fusion!!!
David Lee 10/28/2011
I have two out of three,,2007 f150 and a 1967 mustang.......
Tim Garnenez 10/28/2011
Steven Baltau 10/28/2011
F-series/mustang hahahaha
Jean-François Caron 10/28/2011
I'm a Fusion AND Mustang guy!! Being the proud owner of a 2006 Fusion, a 1991 LX Coupe Mustang & 1985 Mustang GT T-top!! :D
Jo Rice 10/28/2011
Have had a Mustang in younger days. I think a Fusion (have rented one) would fit me just fine. Just as long as it's a FORD.
Chris Westphal 10/28/2011
Super Duty
Walter Marquez Fierro 10/28/2011
Ronaldo Minowa 10/28/2011
A Ford muscle !!!
Tom Sing 10/28/2011
Well let's see I have a Mustang and had a F-150 and own a Escape 09 and a 1976 starsky and hutch gran torino
Ernie Hubbard 10/28/2011
I used to feel like a Mustang when i was younger but now days i feel more like a good 'ol reliable F-150
Bayard Davis 10/28/2011
I am a Ford Guy....
Wade Harper 10/28/2011
Jarred Morse 10/28/2011
Bob Long 10/28/2011
I am a 78 Pinto Crusin' Wagon....wonder what that says about me. LOL
Ben Perry 10/28/2011
F 350 all the way!
Gregory Sitarski 10/28/2011
I have had my New 2012 Fusion for a week now. I am getting 25.9 overall average so far. Just 960mi on odomder. This one is going to be a round for a long time.
Paren Patel 10/28/2011
Mustang, classic! Nothing can compare!
Sarah Whited 10/28/2011
All of the above..been driving fords/lincolns for work for 10+ years and wouldn't think of driving anything else
Tyler Karman 10/28/2011
Fred Webber 10/28/2011
Ford Mustang, Ford Galaxy 500, Ford Thunderbird, Mercury Cougar XR-7, Lincoln Continential & Lincoln Mark VIII are my vehicles of choice... If I need a truck it will be an F series though.
Joey Calderon 10/28/2011
1966 Mustang (:
Chris Harvey 10/28/2011
Well I was a Fusion then an Edge now I'm a Fiesta and F350
Adam Armstrong 10/28/2011
Australian Falcon ;)
ALbert D. Campos 10/28/2011
Kyle Osburn 10/28/2011
Nick Ramirez 10/28/2011
Luke McCallion 10/28/2011
F-150 Baby
Kyle Osburn 10/28/2011
Ford cars are bleh.. I'm an f series guy. Two 73' camper specials and a 93' f250 fwd. 390, 410, and a 460 =) best motors I've owned =)
Donnie Blackburn 10/28/2011
nothing better that mustang
Cesar Mendez Agudelo 10/28/2011
I'm a mustang guy...i'd like to own one...a '67 or '12 boss 302 laguna seca...or anyone..i'd be very happy
Alejandro Ayala 10/28/2011
i got a stang n f- series!
Jacob A. Weinstein 10/28/2011
Crown Victoria
Mário César Buzian 10/28/2011
F-Series Truck
Omar Al-Nahdi 10/28/2011
Kellee Edenburn 10/28/2011
Have an F150 and want a mustang too ... so both!
Jason Fernandez 10/28/2011
Lucho Gianoglio 10/28/2011
Damian Wilhelm 10/28/2011
Mustang 4 Valve
Mickael Wertheimer 10/28/2011
Mustang 5.0 !
Taelin Wunnenberg 10/28/2011
Truck! cars suck!