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Judging by the volume of ideas and stories contributed to this week, we suspect most of you went into Labor Day three-day-weekend/vacation-during-office-hours modes a wee bit early! Hey, it worked for us – we enjoyed hearing from you as well as seeing which of Your Ideas and Your Stories clicked with other visitors.

As always, we had a full plate of exciting happenings on this week, so here is a quick overview of some of the new stuff:

Your Stories

We Love Our Fords

For the past few years we have had two vehicles as part of our household. Always a Ford vehicle and a non-Ford vehicle. Read more...

100,000 Miles And Going Strong!!!
Our Explorer is seven years old and approaching 100,000!! We have only replaced the tires and the battery! Read more...

A Dream Come True
Coming from a GM family, I remember apologizing to my grandpa that for my last pinewood derby car I crafted a fastback black mustang with flames and tinfoil chrome accents. Read more...

Your Ideas

Midsize Coupe
A coupe based on the Fusion.

Automatic Windows With a Press of the Key
I think Ford should adapt a system that automatically rolls up your windows when you press the lock button twice. Read more...

Towing Mirrors on Expedition
How about offering towing mirrors on the Expedition models that are equipped with a tow package? Read more...

5.5-foot Bed Option
It would be nice if Ford would let you order the 5.5-foot bed on all the trim levels. Read more...

Fold Down Step in Rear Doors of the SUVs
Need a step in the inside of the back doors that folds down so you can reach things you have on the rack on top of the SUV. Read more...

Our Stories

Ford Evos Concept: What Future Ford Vehicles Might Look Like

You’ve heard us use the term “global design” before on; it basically refers to the foundation of new Ford products that can be used worldwide. To simplify that even further, it’s like automotive DNA. And, it’s also part of the One Ford product plan. Read more...

What Can You Do to Maximize Your Fuel Economy?
The last weekend of summer is upon us. And while many of us are focused on one more break before the fall routine sets in, the bill-payer in the family might also be thinking about ways to minimize the fuel expenditure for that last getaway. We hear you. So we talked to two experts in the industry to compile tips to help you save fuel, and also to gain some insight into fuel efficiency overall. Read more…

Ford and AAA to Talk About Helping Teens Drive More Safely
It’s back to school time, and for many teens, that will mean driving themselves back-and-forth to school. Here are a couple of startling statistics to start the school year off: Vehicle crashes are the No. 1 killer of teenagers in America and nearly 3,000 teens die annually in such accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Read more...

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UncleBen 03/11/2014
Hey FoMoCO!!! Just wanted to say that it really is time for an Ford Mustang GTX (the x is for AWD) It's the car Will Smith should have featured in "I AM Legend". Kinda like an All American answer to Nissan's GTR. I live in new england, we'll take that in an Arctic Edition Please!!! Listen to your smart-consumers: BUILD THE THING!!!...
Roger 03/26/2013
Ford definately needs to bring back a small pickup. Either like the Ranger or Sport Track (don't need both). F150 is too large for many casual suburban needs. Have had this comment from MANY folks.
James D 02/27/2012
Hi Ford, I am writing tonight to see if you guys could "Please" bring back your Ford Ranger or Make a Small truck around the F-100. First of all, I was wondering if you could please listen to Juston Preble about putting a 1.6 or 2.0 Eco Boost in the New Future Improved Ranger or F-100. Second, When you do make this new modeled truck make sure that you use the designs of your 2003,2004, & 2011 Ford Ranger Edge Truck Designs & your New Designs of the 2011-2012 Ford F-150 Ecoboost & Lariet can mix the ideas in the new modeled truck..I would leave the Ranger hood & the top(grill-with the holes) in the new truck; but I would have the front and back look like either your Ford F-150 Ecoboost or Lariet. Make sure you add some awesome hub caps (like your 1998 Ford Ranger) to the new truck; as well as have a crewcab and stepside/ flareside models. If you can have the new truck priced affordable..we would greatly appreciate it here/ & Make sure you bring back the light metallic gray paint for the truck. Plus, In the near future try to have your F-150 have a Stepside or Flareside as well, We liked them when you made them like that in the 1990's and early 2000's. Thank you Ford & Have a Wonderful Night, Jay
earl patton 01/28/2012
MOVE THE DEF TANK too easy to contaminate with diesel..
maybe under the hood ?
jorge salazar 11/16/2011
put the new 305 hp V6 on the on a new 2013 or 2014 SVT focus and make it awd like the sho and for it to have selectshift with a 6 speed so it could stand up to the competition like the lancer or suburus yea yall made a turbo focus but it only makes 250 to the engine thats not impressive and on the rangers fx4 should also have that engine unlike that crappy 4.0 gas gusler that only make like 210 hp and 240 torque
Griffin Ripley 11/16/2011
Here are a few of my ideas
--next Fusion should have the 2.5 litre for the base model, the 2.0T ecoboost for the high trim, and the 3.7l for the Sport (give it ALL 300+hp, don't dumb the motor down). And make the trans a 6sp manual (for all 3 or 4 motors!!!) with an optional 8speed automatic. Perhaps a diesel model too. Also perhaps a Fusion SHO??? 3.5TT 6MT Fusion anybody!?!

--- Taurus ---> Tighter steering, lighten it up, revise the rear end a little bit more. It's just a bit too big. Give the SHO an optional 6speed manual

--- Explorer --- Chassis Refinement and liven up that 2.0T!!

--- Escape ---> Same setup as the aformentioned Fusion!! That would be unbelievable!

--- F-150 ---> keep up the fine work! It's perfect

---- Mustang---> Independent Rear Suspension done properly. Make the 5.0l GT have 420 horses, a Bullitt model have 435, and the Boss should go to 450.


I am a huge Ford guy. Aged 16 one of my dreams is to work for Ford. I just love the company so much. I'm actually wearing a Ford shirt right now!! Anyways, even if my ideas are terrible, which you all probably think they are, keep up the unbelievably fine work and the brand will remain as the absolute superior automaker!!

With love, Griffin R, Philadelphia PA
Juston Preble 11/13/2011
Ranger needs an Eco Boost, NAV, Rear Disk Brakes, and over the top Sound insulation from Engine and Road Noise. Also lighten up the hood, it weighs a ton. And make these options available in the single cab....
Juston Preble 11/13/2011
Give us the 3.5L Eco Boost in the E-Series Passenger Van, and make it available with 4x4 just like the F-150.
Michael Hansel 11/09/2011
A no brainer is putting a 3.5L ecoboost in an expediton. Ford would sell tons of them!!
Mark 11/01/2011
My Ford. I like the direction Ford has gone with its vehicles. I was recently, unexpectedly in the market for a new vehicle. I decided I needed an AWD/4WD and it had to fit a bicycle in the back. I am used to pretty good gas milage and good running gear. The new Explorer is a beautiful vehicle, but was just too big, and there is no 4 wheel drive with the ECO Boost 4 Cyl. The 6 is a very smooth engine, but does not get good enough gas mileage to make the list. Escape made the list of cars I wanted, and specifically the hybrid version which sips gas, goes off at stoplights and has great reliability. Problem is, you are building 18 or 19 gas powered Escapes for every hybrid you produce. In addition, the reliability is no where near the reliability of the hybrid Escape because the drivetrain in the gas version is completely different. I did drive the 4-cyl 4WD Escape and priced it. It was much less expensive than the vehicle I eventually bought. That decision was made due to reliability. However, the Escape I really wanted was the hybrid version with cloth seats no Nav and some of the other frills taken out. MSRP on that vehicle would have been about 2 - 3 thousand over the vehicle I bought. Problem was, I could not find one, and couldn't wait 4-8 weeks to order one. I drove two hybrid Escapes in my area, (I'm not sure it wasn't the same vehicle) and they were each loaded with accessories making the cost in the 36K range. I was told that Ford doesn't allocate hybrids in my area because they don't sell here. Well, I would have gladly paid a little more for my hybrid Escape, but I was not interested in paying for accessories I don't want. So really, are they not selling because people don't want them? NO they are not selling because you are trying to make the Escape hybrid a mini luxury car for cool people. Dumb idea. I'm frustrated that you say you are focused on electric and hybrid vehicles if you won't sell me the one I want simply because it is not cheaper to operate than a gas powered version of the same vehicle.
MD 10/31/2011
What the heck happened to the new Mustang?! And I am saying this without expletives. Something is wrong with the Ford body designers...the body lines are starting to look like the awful stuff from late 1979 thru mid to late 80's. Argh...
donna 10/29/2011
Do you see using solar panels on the roof of a vehicle as a Green concept idea?
donna 10/29/2011
I love my high top conversion van-I find trouble in parking it in a parking garage-- Do you see Ford building a high top conversion van on a car frame? It could be lower to the ground for entrance- exit and for mobility- it would be fantastic.
Larry 10/13/2011
I was wondering if Ford will build the Tonka Ford Truck?
I have the best idea ever! My bday is in a couple weeks and you guys should consider taking my 05 f150 and swapping it with a 6.7 f250 baby! Drove one the other day and fellas if you haven't driven one then DRIVE ONE! Unreal.
Carlos 09/14/2011
The Giugiaro Mustang concept was beautiful. That one should be the next production Mustang.
Devon 09/12/2011
Import the Austrailian Falcon. Since the Crown Vic/ Grand Marquis/ Town Car, Ford needs a rear wheel drive sedan.
Randy 09/10/2011
Can we get more than black or white as a stripe option for the mustang gt? Red, blue even silver would be nice.
George Grudziak 09/08/2011
So i just recently saw online that the Ford Fusion is no longer available with a navigation system? What's the deal with that? that was a shouldnt have to make people wait until the 2013 Fusion comes out...which nobody knows because its not listed on the Ford site as a future car. ot a good decision Ford.
joshua morrison 09/07/2011
1993 ford tempo 321,000 miles and still runs yea. go FORD !!!! and 2000 ford ranger 199,991 and is my daily driver.
Zack 09/07/2011
I wouldn't mind seeing a stick in my truck again, it would be refreshing.
Jeff 09/06/2011
Okay I want to see that concept Bronco as a production car...
PeterNYC 09/06/2011
Great that they've got 3 cars with 40+ mileage. I want a 6 seater that gets 40+ mileage. Heck, I'd even settle for 30+ plus mpg. Can you do it, Ford?
kengineer350 09/06/2011
Ford opens a new plan in India... India... In this economy... really, I will never buy a Ford again until they quit selling out our country. Keep jobs here in the US!
Hamad ALammari 09/05/2011
New V6 & GT 6 Speed Manual Transmission Need To Be a little bit Quicker at high gears for Mustangs!
Arizona Scott 09/05/2011
Recall all 6.0 diesel engines and fix them properly! Head Studs, external oil cooler, revised egr cooler! Step up Ford!
Anthony Wozniak 09/05/2011
My 2012 Ford Focus SEL is the nicest little car per buck money can buy. It makes me feel like Im driving a little sports car, with the quietness and electronic features of a Lincoln. Kudos Ford!
Josh 09/04/2011
Newest Ford cars should include 2 things- Profile Driving, where all drivers of one car set a profile with their favorite music, temperature, and if you have no profile, click no profile mode. 2nd, C- shaped headrests, to prevent possible neck injuries while sleeping in a car.
Bob 09/04/2011
All of fords vehicles should have side view mirrors that have an auto tilt from when you put your car in reverse. It would help greatly when trying not to hit the curb when parallel parking.
Jerry Vikla 09/03/2011
2011 Fiesta with SFE. Getting 42 mpg average on last 5 tanks of gas! I just wish it had an armrest but I love the car. Also have a 2012 Focus SEL (wifes) and we love that one as well!
Scribblers Incltd 09/03/2011
First On Race Day....>> FORD
Craig Leeming 09/03/2011
bring back the cortina's!!!!
Mathias Hofstetter 09/03/2011
Yeah, good Idea, the T-bird!
Josh Funk 09/03/2011
For sure the thunderbird
William Kohn 09/03/2011
On the idea of a NEW THUNDERBIRD. Make it as a competitor to the Corvette. Make it so it puts fear into the heart of Corvette owners. Have it handle and capable of driving very fast. Design it so it looks like it is going fast when parked. Race it in SCCA and the Rolex series. Price it between a Corvette and a Viper. Make it fast and light. Oh did I mention that it should be fast?
John Samuelson 09/03/2011
Two words NEW THUNDERBIRD!!!!!
Josh Calaway 09/03/2011
Scrap the new fender design especially the drw fenders love the trucks but something about the open half circles just looks silly other wise keep up the great work building the only diesels worth owning

!proud FORD owner!
Ron Shaw 09/03/2011
I would like to see voice text mags. As well as written ones come up on my f-150 ford truck media screen!!!
Ganesha Moorthy 09/03/2011
ur quality of engines osm n comfortability is great.
James Pitt 09/03/2011
Is this just for yankee-Fords? I'm in the UK and have a Mondeo Zetec (or Contour to you across the pond) Great midsize car for the money, handles well for its size, and has one of the best 4-pot n/a engines i've ever driven.
Dave Tongue 09/03/2011
I'd like a practical 5 seater sports coupe hatchback along the lines of the now discontinued Alfa Romeo GT. Only with the DV6 in and a six speed gearbox and stop/start technology so it gets into the low tax band (Plus more powerful options of course). Make sure it's got a long bonnet and a short tail, stick a Capri badge on the back and make some profit!! Where do I sign!!
Paul Lissona 09/03/2011
Build every single part, product, vehicle in the USA.
Paul Lissona 09/03/2011
More manual transmissions. More dark blue interiors as you had up till about 10 years ago. Keep crown Victorias! Lower prices. Make the Taurus smaller the fusion same size etc. Two door fusion, Taurus.
Adam De Fouw 09/03/2011
ABS on my 2006 Fusion SEL would be nice ... shoulda checked the sticker closer.
Carmelita Gilliam 09/03/2011
I liked it better when the glass of the liftgate opened up
Teresa Moffitt 09/03/2011
I love that the 67 Ford Mustang that I drove when I was 16 came back to me in 1993. Home to stay!!
Shannon Marie Conley 09/03/2011
Todd Latta 09/03/2011
Keep St Thomas assembly and Twin Cities assembly open and making vehicles!!!!!
Quintin ヅ Nel 09/03/2011
My advice would be to tell ford south Africa to be more helpful when it comes to problems with brand new cars.. Would never even consider buying a ford product again in South Africa.
Ryan Randolph 09/03/2011
I'll tell you what new ford I want. That concept names Evo or Evos. Its freaking awesome! As much as I love my stang's. I honestly believe I'd buy it instead. Haha
Vincent D. Turner 09/03/2011
Escort and the Contour
Vincent D. Turner 09/03/2011
Have anyone noticed all ford SUV`s start with E? Explorer, Expedition, Excursion, Escape, Edge
Vincent D. Turner 09/03/2011
Bring back the Tempo
Bill Hight 09/03/2011
Let's be realistic. The engines of the past and body styles of the past were great. Our reality is we need the power and reliability from the past in smaller engines and smaller bodies. A slick Austrian Ranger in the US with the Eco engines, six speed transmissions, and seating for 5/6 would be welcomed with open arms. Also, put some luxury in the small truck like a power seat for tall or short drivers' etc.
Dat Dao 09/02/2011
I love ford escape (north american version), its style is very manly, luxury but in Vietnam have only normal version, when can i buy it. Dream dream .
Steven McKenzie 09/02/2011
I've been the proud owner of a Ford product for quite a while. We've had an LTD, an Aerostar, a Taurus, an Escort, a 2000 Focus ZTS and just bought a 2012 Focus SEL sedan. I instantly fell in love with the new Focus, in fact we chose it over a similarily equipped Fusion, but felt more at home in the Focus. I had hoped Ford would have given us more choices in engines, like a 1.6 ecoboost, or a diesel, as I have a long commmute. The only complaint, is that with Ford's commitment to safety, the Fiesta and the Focus S, and SE don't get rear disc brakes as standard.
Luke Denton 09/02/2011
use the same material and technology that we have today but use the designs from the good ol body styles from say 50's to 86ish do like a throw back kinda deal where the vehicles are safe to todays standards but have the class and classic vibes as the classics bring back the fast back and the galaxy and dont get me started on the pickups you need to bring back the late 70's body styles they were mean i just bought a 77 ranger and its aggressive definatly need to bring the full size ranger back and the ranchero
Rts Bama 09/02/2011
I have emailed many time with phone numbers with no one calling.
Andrew Weigle 09/02/2011
Ford fusion needs a powerful v8 option ok you most likely won't go with that one so here's one if you value your customers' and potential customers input how about a heated and cooled cup holder in the new Lincolns that has a sensor to detect hot or cold beverages and keep them hot or cold and shuts itself off automatically when he beverage is removed make sure you test this well to avoid a recall I feel this feature would be an excellent fit for a luxury vehicle and how about a small safe or lock box inside the glove compartment of the Lincolns for customers to secure valuables???? at least do the cupholder one!! and throw in a heated steering wheel too!!
George Tank Ward 09/02/2011
SVT F250 4X4 ?
George Tank Ward 09/02/2011
The Bronco with the a 5.4 with supercharged so let's do a SVT one.
Androniko Sumartono 09/02/2011
Where are the Ford Laser Series from Asia.. Their design is so futuristic.. People won't believe if it's a 19 years old car..
Travis Thompson 09/02/2011
Don't bring back the crown, its too much of a cop car. Tbirds are awesome.
Matthew Blume 09/02/2011
First bring back the bronco, I've got an 89 bronco and I love it. Second bring back the 4.9 aka the 300ci inline six that and the 351 Windsor were the two best truck engines ever made
Joey Jumawan 09/02/2011
make a 100% electric car, much better if it is a sports car or a SUV... :)
Joey Jumawan 09/02/2011
make a 100% electric car, much better if it is a sports car or a SUV... :)
Joe Hunchard 09/02/2011
How about you keep the Crown Victoria and Town Car going for another 15 or so years?
John Davidson 09/02/2011
...would love to see the straight 6 motor in full size pick-ups come back, great motor !
Gareth Hargy Hague 09/02/2011
So how about a new cosworth capri?!
Gareth Hargy Hague 09/02/2011
And bring back cosworths! The escort was as good as the latest Subaru 20 years ago!
Gareth Hargy Hague 09/02/2011
Bring back the capri!
Jerry Upchurch 09/02/2011
Build another Explorer sport trac or something like it that gets 30 mpg Build in USA
Michael Duffy 09/02/2011
Oh, and please stop naming cars starting with "F"
Michael Duffy 09/02/2011
Bring back the SVT lineup
Terri Bennett 09/02/2011
Bring back the Crown Vic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jordan Ryan 09/02/2011
i 28 my truck 1983 f250 jacked up on 38's bored out 460 4x4 good lord we cry at the gas station :...}
Mickey Atkinson 09/02/2011
I have a 2010 F150 supercab. 4.6 3v. 20 plus mpg. I love this truck!
Annette Ripley 09/02/2011
u turn signal
Miguel Antonio Vizuete 09/02/2011
Consolas desplegables que se lleven como tabletPC´s.
Kelly Marie 09/02/2011
Hmmm...I know of some.
Bj Morrison 09/02/2011
I have a 81 Falcon XD with a 388 Cleveland stroker, not much can make it better although an alternative cheaper fuel or a bigger tank would be handy lmao!!!!
Rosalío Pacheco 09/02/2011
I know, it´s a ´98 Ranger but I love the quality materials used in it.
Nadelle Delzer- Stanvick 09/02/2011
Does anybody have the f150 Eco boost ???
Jay Doverspike 09/02/2011
I created a facebook page for ford technicians. Any and all current ford technicians search page "Ford Technicians" and click on henry fords picture. We got about 46 techs on the page now and are looking for more
Anthony Foster 09/02/2011
I love my 2000 Ford Taurus. All my life me and my family have owned only Ford's, from Mustangs, Crown Vics, Econolines, Windstars, Thunderbirds, F-150's and Taurii. I love the quality and power of all of them. My Taurus is at 150k miles and still going, original everything. The Econoline had saved my life in a crash and I forever will love Ford!
Collins Cathy 09/02/2011
I love my 2006 F150; No one told me they really messed up on the spark plugs! NEED A RECALL ON IT! Spark Plugs shouldn't Blow-Up! Sincerely, Cathy Collins
James Whyte 09/02/2011
Great company....awesome vehicle lineup....great things in the works to come. One one....
Vinnie Adkins 09/02/2011
more crown victorias
Frankyj Jurado 09/02/2011
why is check engine always coming on ford products i own an expediion now?
Debbie Smith-Vargas Locklear 09/02/2011
Just got a 2011 FORD ESCAPE and I love my FORD!!!!
Gavin Allan 09/02/2011
You need a decent medium sized pickup. Ranger is 20 year old design. You foolishly cancelled the body-on-frame V8 Explorer Sport Trac. F-150 is nice but won't fit in my garage.
What's with all the very similar car-based crossovers, but no medium-size pickups?
James Rivera 09/02/2011
F-250 harley davidson 2011????? Where is it!?!?!?!???
Scott Haefner 09/02/2011
I love my 98 Expedition, 341k and running great! Always have had a Ford in my garage! They never let you down!
Ryan McAllister 09/02/2011
Family just got bran new fpv gt (the australian one) 5.0 supercharged V8 335kw. Hands down the best car in the world at the moment!!
Paul Smallman 09/02/2011
bring back the escort, but also keep the focus! :D
Andrew Lefebvre 09/02/2011
Eco boost a V8 more power more torque more buyers! Bottom line
Blaine Zacharias 09/02/2011
Change the taillights back on the mustang and don't change the mustang into a euro mobile like the concept car.
William Vaccaro 09/02/2011
That's easy- make a product that people want, and then back it up with good customer service.
Aaron Justice 09/02/2011
RWD car like a charger or 300 with a 5.0. I like our 2010 Edge but the tranny shifts way to much and doesnt know when to downshift. Reduce the weight of the f-150 and edge. Please build another smaller four door truck like the sport trac and put the 3.7 in it. One last thing, stop building trans in china for the mustang!
Jim Brady 09/02/2011
New transmission for the Fiesta. Had to replace mine with just 1000 miles on the car. Fiesta also needs a trunk release inside the car. It also needs a panic alarm on the remote.
Ron Little 09/02/2011
My ford- 78 F250... What id love to see is ford building solid heavy duty trucks like they did in the 70's cause these new drive trains dont hold a candle to the old ones when it comes to overall toughness, dependability, and ease of repair when something does finally give...
Othman Salem 09/02/2011
I have ford mustang gt 2005 and shelby gt500 2009 and a svt f 150 lightning and I love them all I LOVE FORRRRD !! Best company ever and I will never drive any other , I allways tells ppl get for drive one its the real car !! And one day maybe ill get a ford gt 40 and god bless ya all keep up the good work
Jerry Upchurch 09/02/2011
Build them all in the USA
Chris Timberlake 09/02/2011
Ford Focus RS AWD for the US, and maybe even a AWD Fiesta.
Amir Zarif Ghalli 09/02/2011
RWD sedan, mustang with an (IRS) , a new ford svt f 150 lightining and a new ford gt supercar.. that's it
Gideon Balgobin 09/02/2011
Ford Ranger,built tough!
Marko Polo Limbert 09/02/2011
I got a focus st to week ago I would not change any thing it drives like a dream its like it is gliding down the road with its 2•5 heart pumping I love it and the sound system is stop on well done ford keep up the good work
Edward Highe 09/02/2011
What I love: Mine is a factory custom build. 2008 F250 SD
What I'd like to see: Me working for Ford as an idea man. Here's just a few of mine-Integrated loading ramps, auto dimming side mirrors (in addition to the power fold/telescoping/heated ones). I have some other tailgate option ideas too...
Steven Baltau 09/02/2011
put a 6cylnder diesel in the f150 and put 3 cylinder diesel in the escape edge and explorer. diesels are superior in gas milage.. you would kill the competition
Tee Red 09/02/2011
09 fusion needed to b a v8 with more backseat and trunk space.but ima drive it til da wheels fall off ; )Really wish the 87 crown vic ltd would come back with a hard top and euro front box style all cars are round nw : (
Rustle See 09/02/2011
Keep up the great work. That said, I would love SYNC to be tweaked a little. A little more user friendly. And I find it funny that the car knows my phone is in the car. It knows when I get a text while driving. It knows how to read it. But I can't respond via SYNC till I pull over and stop. I get safety.. but let's be real. Most probably just end up using text on their phone because of this.
Bryan Janak 09/02/2011
Quit releasing vehicles with screwy software. My 2012 Focus is going back to the shop for the 4th time!!!! Unpainted plastic looks like cheap trash, please quit screwing us and paint it. Oh and this no more tan dashboard come live down here in houston with a black dash!!! Ford i used to love you but this is my last one. Too many problems from the factory. Oh and EPIC FAIL for no more eddie bauer model for the explorer!
Colin Williams 09/02/2011
I don't understand why you went for a motor from the older cars for the Territory .That is what Toyota does and they have boring cars
Sam McMahon 09/02/2011
Make a cheap all wheel drive economy vehicle for us mountain folk. I love the tight turning radius on my old F-150!
Colin Williams 09/02/2011
I think a more pwoerful Diesel Motor in the Big car and the Territory would have been a good start .
Sandie Holbrook 09/02/2011
Love my new Mustang but the dealer Freedom Ford was terrible!!! Do not go there!!!!!!!
Fiona Whitie 09/02/2011
Love my fiesta Cheep to tax and 70 mph, best wee car ever!
Fiona Whitie 09/02/2011
Love my fiesta Cheep to tax and 70 mph, best wee car ever!
Ashley Bull 09/02/2011
Eco- boost the 6.2L motor !
Bob Long 09/02/2011
Good idea here...your dropping the Ranger for about you send us the Falcon Ute from the boys down under?
Brandon Nelson 09/02/2011
A boss powered marauder equivalent would be pretty nice
Robert Martin 09/02/2011
y'all foresaw the need for a cell phone slot in the dash in 1991. But seriously, Ford builds great trucks. Drop the price a bit and you'll keep this 22 year old for life.
Stephen Hinzman 09/02/2011
Smart Diesel Ranger c'mon guys the rest of the world has small diesel pick-ups why not us?
Bob Long 09/02/2011
After years of butt ugly Focus's you finally make a good looking one...and its got too many doors. BRING BACK TWO DOORS!
Verona Prescott DeLorenzo 09/02/2011
Sarah it's out and Mazda also has it and it's coming into the Ford lineup
Dwain Enes 09/02/2011
Easy one for you. A switch that makes the 12 volt adapter (cig lighter) either always on or on off with the ignition switch.
Will Schneiderwind 09/02/2011
I'm on my second F-150 and they are the best truck on the planet and wouldnt trade it for anything. That being said if Ford had something the size of a smart car for my after work, weekend, and traveling that would be nice.
Verona Prescott DeLorenzo 09/02/2011
AC power outlet far overdue in all vehicles USB connectors that do more than transfer media and how about a MY FORD APP that allows smart phone users to locate dealerships, schedule appointments, contact sales and the likes thru an app feature
Casey Payne 09/02/2011
Optional run flats?
James Hay 09/02/2011
Stop using Volvo engines in the RS models. Ford know how to build a great engine. The RS badge should only be given to Ford or Cosworth engined models. And why did you call the Focus RS the RS500? It may be good, but it's no Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth.
Muhammad Sheik Oumar 09/02/2011
The grille on the B Max is too big.
Casey Payne 09/02/2011
Optional frigs in the trunk so my to go order or doggie bag don't spoil while I'm still shopping.
John Samuelson 09/02/2011
Build a new Thunderbird
Casey Payne 09/02/2011
How about a metal frame that extends out from the suv bumper with ropes. Has it extends out it becomes a bed to put a sleeping bag
Mike Murphy 09/02/2011
I wish gm would ask this question. Have a lot of suggestions for them. I do like the torino idea.
Sarah Philbrick Sandhage 09/02/2011
I have been waiting for years for SOMEONE to come out with a 4wd SUV-type vehicle that has a sliding minivan-type door. Get on it Ford!!
Mike Murphy 09/02/2011
Diesel everything
Nan Hall-Benton 09/02/2011
Ford Motor Company owes me $2425 and has for quite awhile! Was promised a check in June and then July and August!!!! Hello? If I owed it to you you'd be pounding on my door! Well, consider this a pounding!! Where's my money??????
Andrew Carter 09/02/2011
i think really what you need to do ford is bring back the awesome torino and you could really do good with it if you gave it the same 1970 look but made it out of different materials and gave it a glossy finish
James Foster 09/02/2011
Not putting the 3 valve 4.6 and a 5 speed automatic in the Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, and Town Car back in '05 was a mistake. No wonder you hardly sold any outside of fleet sales. The competition blew them away. Had that been done, I feel enough money would have come out of it to redesign the car to meet the new roof crush standards and old folks, cab companies, and police departments everywhere would have rejoiced.
Our American Cars 09/02/2011
A true sports car would be nice to compete against Chevy's Corvette and Dodge's Viper. I think it would do good for the Ford nameplate. I love the Mustang to death but it is a Muscle car that needs to compete only with the Muscle Cars. We can not keep relying on it to fight the vette as well, even though it does a great job at it. We need a 2 seater!
Jeff Thompson 09/02/2011
Build either a rear wheel drive or all wheel drive luxury sedan that will compete with the Cadilac CTS-V. Take the Ford Five Hundred make it rearwheel drive then throw in a supercharged 5.4 with a killer suspension 6 speed trans and a luxurios interior with a bad azz sound system. And build it in America
Fran Coffey Townley 09/02/2011
Make the Cars in the USA and save this country!!!!
Fran Coffey Townley 09/02/2011
M E R C U R Y!!!!!!!!!
Tom Sable 09/02/2011
Bring the Lincoln MKR into production....FANTASTIC DESIGN !!!
Tyler Allen 09/02/2011
lightning...enough said
Robert Cornell 09/02/2011
Is there any way we can get a venting system for parked cars in the summertime? Gets too hot in the car after being parked.
James Foster 09/02/2011
I like the look of the '11 Explorer steering wheel and I like the secondary controls on it better than the ones on the '12 Focus but, the actual steering wheel of the new Focus is much more comfortable to drive with than the 3 spoke wheel. Looks don't make up for the annoying ergonomics of that design.
Mike Kindred 09/02/2011
Build a midsized Rapter
Andrew Somers 09/02/2011
if you would make a american crew cab ford ranger
Matthew Seneeb Powell 09/02/2011
A diesel ranger please
G.l. Funk 09/02/2011
We have a 2012 focus hatch back and love the power and other things but there need to be a trunk release on the inside. the only way to open the trunk is the key fob and you have to wait sometime for it to work. It sucks.
Danny Jones 09/02/2011
Here's another comment- how about bringing your Mexico plants back to American soil??
Kris Bolton 09/02/2011
Bring back the bronco!!!!!! Bring back the thunderbird rear drive 5 passenger comfort 2 doors and ecoboost with a manual family fun!
James Foster 09/02/2011
Move the 2012 Focus SE's input jack somewhere that the occupants can actually get to it. It's so far up in the glove box that your face has to be nearly in the passenger seat to even see it. Why is it not in the same place that the Fiesta has it? A split rear seat would have been more user friendly as well.
Dawn Mitropoulos 09/02/2011
We are a Ford Family and I am sure you get many suggestions, but The majority of people are gonna say, it has to look good and get the best gas mileage. Ford has come a long way in quality and we love that, but we wanna look good in our ride and have a few bucks in our pocket. I do love my Ford Explorer Sport 2005
Blake Durham 09/02/2011
I think the new ford vehicles should have a sturdier frame
Dennis Garrett II 09/02/2011
Linda Langston 09/02/2011
I love that my 98 Explorer has 226,000 miles and still drives like new! It cranks EVERY time I get in it so I'm keeping it!
Andrew White 09/02/2011
build the highest quality vehicles on the road. I swear, this isn't that hard.
Tim Hall 09/02/2011
Really have great ideas for a commercial series, but none of the emails or contacts I had with Ford are accurate anymore. Please help.
Trevor Stacey 09/02/2011
What I love about my Ford is that it's reliable and a REAL car... Well at least it is for another couple weeks. Until you discontinue it. Yes I'm talking about my Ford Crown Victoria!
A suggestion I have to make this car even better, would be to continue making it!
Alexander Walton 09/02/2011
The boss9 would be nice too.
Johnny Mabry 09/02/2011
Oh, and I was promised apps for my sync system, but for some reason, the Fiesta is the only model this year to get them. What gives?
Alexander Walton 09/02/2011
Gotta 2000 f150, blew the engine at 170000 driving to the floor for 40 minutes, rebuilt it, still love it. And bring back the bronco.
Johnny Mabry 09/02/2011
Put the grab handle back on the driver side of the F-150. My '11 is superior to my '05 in every way but that one. Tired of grabbing the steering wheel every time I climb in.
David Filimon 09/02/2011
all told i have put over $7,000.00 in repairs to my ford ! how about one helluva huge discount if I decide to buy another one ! there's my Ford story
Nigel Carson 09/02/2011
my stereo in my 2003 mondeo amazing it is the longest i have had a car 5yrs 3months i could not think off any way off bettering it
Greg Wavell 09/02/2011
Keeping the crown vic instead of closing the plant and putting 1100 people in st thomas ontario out of work next month even though ford is the #1 selling car in Canada. More profit is made off cars assembled in mexico I guess.
Tristram Birt 09/02/2011
Aussie falcons all tha way!!
Roy Rogers 09/02/2011
To Ford Australia - I love my '64 Falcon, I love my '69 Fairlane, I love my 2000 Fairmont Ghia, I love my '04 Territory, I love my 07 Falcon Ute. My wife loves her '98 Festiva. Please please fit the new LPI motor to the Territory. It is greener than the Diesel and it will be cheaper to purchase and much cheaper to run. PLEASE!!
David Filimon 09/02/2011
well i just got done paying for the second head on my 03 taurus today ! $1698.00 for the first one last april , $1100.00 today for the second one also had transmission work at 59,000 miles $1700.00 and several censors and plug wires and platinum plugs four times for another $2000.00 plus the usual maintenance every car needs tires etc. and the ac is still out , not very happy right now talking about Ford
Tommy Knapp 09/02/2011
I love my FORDS. Bring back the Talledaga. FORD TORINO'S ansewer to the daytona. ROCK ON FO MO CO!!!!!
Jason Mancuso 09/02/2011
Come up with a Taurus sized 2-door sedan with big horsepower and call it Torino or Fairlane.
Danny Jones 09/02/2011
More diesel vehicles, a 4 cylinder 5 speed Ranger like back in the 80's, diesel F-150, diesel Focus. We need mileage any longevity like the Europeans are getting!
Jason Mancuso 09/02/2011
Bring out a Boss 429 Mustang using a punched out version of the 6.2.
Jason Mancuso 09/02/2011
I wish my Raptor came with ambient lighting. The accessory kit is not as nice as the factory install.
Benny Bennett 09/02/2011
Put the bright/dim switch back on the floor of trucks! I hate it on the column when there's plenty of room of the floor. Other than that, what can I say-it's a Ford truck! "nuff said.
Rebecca Rivera 09/02/2011
I just want to say I love MY Mustang..who would not?? 1966 Coupe??
Tom Cottage 09/02/2011
And, bring the Fiesta and the new Ford Focus RS to American dealerships!
Philip Johnston 09/02/2011
one that doesnt need maintenance every week
Christopher Dean 09/02/2011
2011 Explorer... steering wheel is annoying because I can't rest my hand on the bottom of it. (Third post of a three star wheel is in the way)
Liz Carpenter 09/02/2011
I love my '94 Crown Vic!! Why did you decide to do away with them?? I would also love to have my Bronco back!!
Jeff Sherren 09/02/2011
bring back da 300 inline six, white top for da stang convertible, build something i can fix without having to have an engineering degree from MIT
Tom Cottage 09/02/2011
And, build an AWD Turbo charged Fiesta for us!
Donna Arndt 09/02/2011
Son has 1990 ranger and went off three foot jump. Ranger held up great.
Josh Kilgore 09/02/2011
Diesel Expedition!!!!
Lucas Mayhugh 09/02/2011
i would take the new duratec 25 for that purpose as well. mean little motor...for a 4 banger
Mercerders Alexandra Ryan 09/02/2011
My 2008 fusion SEL is perfect but it would be better if all models had sync and power seats!:) and maybe a built in garage door opener! I loveeeeee my ford!!!!
Lucas Mayhugh 09/02/2011
make a crate version of a RWD ecoboost 2.0 available. with a transmission of some sort but that motor would be a power horse in my ranger.
Cody Prather 09/02/2011
Keep all of your stuff American made!!
Donna Arndt 09/02/2011
Had two excursions added chip and got 28 mpgl with my diesels.
Tom Cottage 09/02/2011
Please bring the new Ford Focus RS with AWD!
Victoria Zehm 09/02/2011
I love my 02 focus! It's almost 10 years old but with some maintenance this year, it's still running strong! I get compliments on its color all the time (I have the orange ZTS Mach Edition) and people tell me it looks newer than a 2002 all the time!
Randall Powell 09/02/2011
On my F150 the box could use a little more space from the cab. In the winter's we have in Alberta, the snow sit's there and the melting water from the roof runs down the back window and ceates ice chunks which cause a lot of noise and scratches from rubbing as I drive. Only problem I found.
Bill Faith King 09/02/2011
forget about joining with toyota
Vinny Odee 09/02/2011
yeah, an 2002 F250 xlt cost around $35.000 new. now an 2011 is over $50,000! thats why lots of people are buying crapy dodges and chevy's..
Brittany Moore-McShane 09/02/2011
I too want the Bronco back, and y are the new trucks so expensive? The Ranger use to be the poor mans truck. Might not've been rich, but he could pat the hood and say "I drive a FORD"
Terry Slockbower 09/02/2011
Mustang... needs to be a bit longer and wider, back seat needs to fold down so it is level with the trunk floor and the cup holders are to high, when you put a cup of coffee in them you get coffee all over your sleeve when you shift gears.
Garrett Spicer 09/02/2011
@Charles Rosenow: You usually dont take an old car to a dealership. its not worth the money youre paying to get the car fixed vs what its worth. You should be taking it to a plain inner city garage that you can trust. The shop at the dealership is mainly for people who paid that little extra to have their car covered while under a warranty.
Gustavo Ramos 09/02/2011
2011 Focus, diesel, 50 mpg, GREAT handling, real fun car
Andres Alejandro 09/02/2011
i have alot of ideas but i dont know if you gonna use them :P
Josh Kilgore 09/02/2011
But they don't make the Excursions anymore and they are very hard to find, as their owners don't want to give em up. Diesel expby!
Lungile Mthiyane 09/02/2011
lyk installation of oil filter on diesel focus etc
Nathaniel McComb 09/02/2011
install a better audio system. The 6-CD changer in my '03 F150 only lasted about 4 years. It wasn't used alot and I really DON'T like the $600 price tag on a replacement
Michel Templin 09/02/2011
400 Euro for a Service check is too much...
Kyhle Robertson 09/02/2011
the excursion was a flop and they haven't made it in years
Joshua Levi Lowe 09/02/2011
Freaking bring back the 7.3!!!!!!!
Nick Fritz 09/02/2011
Bring back the 7.3 diesel!
John Gratson 09/02/2011
I love my 02 ranger xlt. I wish the 4.0L v6 had better power and wish it would be offered with bigger cab than the extended cab i have. Toyota offers a crew cab which is really big for the tacoma and also has a 4.0L that puts out a lot of power and torque. I think it would be a good idea to update the ranger front to back top to bottom.
Nick Fritz 09/02/2011
They have a diesel expedition, its just called the excursion
Ronald Clifton Bell 09/02/2011
Svo... Greatest mustang ever.. Put the SHO engine in the mustang. Forced induction <3
Charles Rosenow 09/02/2011
Luis Alfredo Acosta 09/02/2011
my Explorer 97', in Asunción, Paraguay, I have one,,,,, is to much,,,,,,
Richard Coyne 09/02/2011
How about speeding up delivery of new cars
Ken Brooks 09/02/2011
Think my Zephyr is one of the best engineered cars anywhere! However: It needs the 3.5 EcoBoost with a better tranny and suspension. Do that and it will fly!
Guy Norman 09/02/2011
Bring the bronco back
Micah Tuttleski 09/02/2011
Bring the bronco back
Josh Kilgore 09/02/2011
Diesel Expedition. MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Kyhle Robertson 09/02/2011
put a manuel transmission option in every vehicle and add AWD to explorer and edge turbos... An edge with sport package, turbo 4 and 6 speed trans= epic win!! You not building = epic fail
John Holman 09/02/2011
Bring back the 7.3 PSD
Farouk Jacobs 09/02/2011
Richard Holmes 09/02/2011
My 06 Taurus has many problems
Anthony Dulaney 09/02/2011
Pay your taxes
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