What Do the King Ranch and Ford Trucks Share in Common?

By Eve P.

Did you know that the King Ranch® Edition F-Series trucks and Expedition were inspired by a real working ranch? A ranch that still exists today? And that the King Ranch and Ford share a lot in common?

Both are American icons. Both were founded by visionaries – Henry Ford and Richard King. And both companies are leaders in innovation, conservation and preservation. With all that in common, collaboration between Ford and King Ranch seems rather fitting.

The King Ranch models of Ford vehicles feature the same uncompromising quality demanded by both American icons, along with the bold ruggedness and old-West heritage of the birthplace of American ranching. Be sure to visit ford.com to learn more about the 2012 Ford F-Series trucks and Expedition King Ranch Editions.

Back in 1853, Richard King, a former steamboat pilot, purchased a 15,500-acre Mexican land grant that would become the King Ranch. Located in Texas along the Santa Gertrudis Creek in an area others saw as a wasteland, King saw an opportunity for the cattle operation he had dreamed of for years. Known for its “Running W” brand, King Ranch had grown to 146,000 acres by the end of the Civil War in 1865.

Richard King went on to revolutionize ranching, implementing land management and breeding programs, while investing in railroads, packing houses, ice plants, and harbor improvements to bring his product to market. King Ranch even developed Santa Gertrudis cattle, named for the Santa Gertrudis Creek, the first-ever American-bred cattle.

Today, King Ranch spans over 825,000 acres, with properties in Texas, Florida, New Mexico, and South Carolina. Yep, everything about King Ranch is big! In addition to its involvement in ranching, King Ranch’s citrus operations make it the largest citrus grower in the country. And King Ranch is the largest producer of turf grass in the United States, providing sod for thousands of lawns, athletic facilities, sports stadiums and golf courses.

And then there is the world-famous King Ranch Saddle Shop. The King Ranch Saddle Shop is a living, uninterrupted outgrowth of the original 1860s saddle shop created by Richard King when he was unable to find saddles and other tack that fit his cowboys’ demanding needs. King Ranch models look good and feel authentic because they are – just like the ranch that inspired their creation.

Ford King Ranch Edition F-Series trucks and Expedition wear the same “Running W” brand as the leather goods manufactured there, and share the same understated luxury and commitment to quality. After all, “The quality of the leather and craftsmanship along with what Ford stands for – that’s who King Ranch is,” says current King Ranch Chief Executive Officer, Robert Underwood. And all King Ranch Edition trucks and Expedition models proudly wear the “Running W” King Ranch logo on their floor mats, center caps and front fenders too.

The eight-passenger King Ranch Expedition and Expedition EL offer the flexibility of a power liftgate and a third-row power-folding seat, perfect for hauling around friends, family or a few ranch hands and their gear. And thanks to the standard rear view camera and rain-sensing-wiper, King Ranch Expedition drivers have a clear view of what lies behind and the open range ahead.

The King Ranch F-150 gets its giddyup and go from either the standard 5.0-liter V-8 or an available 365-horsepower EcoBoost® engine that offers up to 11,300 lbs. of best-in-class towing*. Riding herd over big loads is a snap, with trailer sway control which uses motion sensors to activate braking and reduce torque.

Built to work, King Ranch Super Duty® trucks, with available 6.7-liter Power Stroke® engines rated at 400-horsepower and 800 lb-ft  of torque are as hardworking as they are good looking. Lighted step bars illuminate for easy access,while PowerScope trailer tow mirrors and available factory installed 5th wheel/gooseneck prep kit readies this workhorse to tow up to 24,500 lbs.

You can watch a video and learn more about the King Ranch at myfordmag.com.

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Jimmy BILLIPS 11/01/2012
Never wanted a new f150 as bad as I do now. However If I buy a truck that costs $55,000. I want it to be the way I want it. I like the new limited in ruby red, but I can't get it with the power fold mirrors, also I like the 20" wheels that comes on fx4. I will keep my 2010 king ranch with 13,000 miles on it.
Amanda 09/27/2012
I wanted to let you know how much I love my Escape. Since moving to Rhode Island, I have been the victim in two vehicle collisions. The first time someone backed in to me at a drive through. Thankfully only the bumber was cracked. Fast forward three months and someone rear-ends me while I am trying to turn. His Toyota Corolla was gone. The hood was crunched up, the bumper was gone. My Ford Escape, cracked bumper. The mechanic (a Toyota body shop) fixing my vehicle also fixed the Toyota. They could not believe that the only damage to my vehicle was the bumper. This says alot about Ford and their vehilces. I am PROUD to own my Escape!!! Way to go Ford!!!!
Brad B 09/27/2012
Hey Ford & Kevin S. ! 1st congrats to Ford and the mighty F-150 in all is great variations. 2nd, K/S you don't say where you're from. If you're from a heavy snow/ice state then an age old dealer application called "undercoating" is a good thing. Dealers still use that when they know trucks and other vehicles are going to be used by say chicken and turkey farmers. I'd say another $50 to $100 bucks would have saved you the problems you face now. My friends from Canada, Michigan and other northern areas would agree. We work with horses in NC and purchased a used station wagon this year that was a Michigan car. It is 5 years old and it's first owner had it undercoated. A new muffler and tailpipe, belts, hoses, an the other regular tune up parts\an she is ready for 5 more years now. With that thought in the air .... how about a factory fiberglass shell option for the F-150 XLT and up for us old set in our ways Wagon guys out here. The truck caps out there just don't have any favor with me, the one size fits all from the mfgs don't have the right zing. It's like this ....... if you're spending close to $30K for a XLT extended cab then another $2,550 for a real good looking top the dealer can order with the right color codes would be nice, real nice. I'm sure there is a truck cap mfg out there who's like to form a relationship for this.
Yusuf Mohammad 05/21/2012
I Love MY Ranch !!!!
Kevin Spencer 05/19/2012
this is way ford S**Ks ( ford corporate office got a letter from me telling them about my 2001 ford ranger the under carriage roted OUT and GAS tank brackets roted OUT and rear frame roted OUT $ 3,800 to fixed ford say NO recall but ( US DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION in washington ) got copys of the letter i sent to FORD tell them that the RANGER are not safe . FORD DIDNOT HELP THIS ISSUE AT ALL US DEPT OF TRANSPORTATION in washington is looking into this issue
cody s 05/18/2012
Do you have a Chevy?
Nic Scott Beumer 05/18/2012
The king ranch is an amazing truck I worked at a dealership and it was the nicest truck I've ever seen!! I will own one, one day
Carol Bondurant 05/18/2012
I love my Ford Truck! Ford has never let me down ever.
Chris Haas 05/17/2012
Ford is the motor co. Out.
Trần Hưng 05/17/2012
Stephen Sitek 05/17/2012
They are king of the ROAD!
Brad Coyle 05/16/2012
Very disappointed in what has been done to the KR leather interior! Bring back the real Castano leather!!
Charlotte Wright 05/16/2012
Bring a Ford plant back to GEORGIA
Cheryl Munn 05/16/2012
I wanna win the car.....
Kevin Donnell 05/16/2012
Over price
Ceegee Able 05/16/2012
A King Cab!?!
Destin Smith 05/16/2012
There both the best trucks ever made!
Brian Paone 05/16/2012
Probably the multiple TSB's that are plaguing my 2005 F-150. "warranty terms not modified." Arg!
Josh Brinson 05/16/2012
I want an F450 Super Duty King Ranch so bad. I don't need one, per se, but I want one.
Roger Terry Sr 05/16/2012
what s not to like about hand stiched cowhide interior
Swoody Woodham 05/16/2012
They are not sold in dealerships in Australia
Don Peterson 05/16/2012
BITE ME CHEVY BOY........ Real Men Drive FORD's
Donna Jean Hanks-Smith 05/16/2012
Awesome leather seats.
Kinsy Haschke 05/16/2012
Same company... duh
Jonathan Peewee Zavala 05/16/2012
Ford is just ford. But the king ranch is and always will be the KING of trucks. Dodge,chevrolet, toyota,or nissan cant touch it. The only truck is close is the gmc denali pickup
Joshua Nicholson 05/16/2012
You mean they are not the same trucks?
Wesley Bronson 05/16/2012
Got an 07 Gt mustang and 2010 Ford F-350 6.4 great combination!
Robert Pasut 05/16/2012
i do not know about the king ranch - however my first car was a model A ford 1931 - in 1948 i paid 25 dollars for it and since then have only bought fords - so i am a ford man forever
Angelo Russo 05/16/2012
Maybe valve stem caps too!
Angelo Russo 05/16/2012
Blue Ovals.. Duh
Ruby Rodriguez 05/16/2012
Bashar Kasperkhan 05/16/2012
07 king ranch f150 with 11mpg avg
Mary Ellen Marcy 05/16/2012
My first horse came from the King Ranch. My first car came from Ford. Good combination.
Christian Saenz 05/16/2012
Their both awesome
Lilia Knox 05/16/2012
I love the king Ranch :-)
Jacob Warriner 05/16/2012
I like ford but i also love Dodge :)
Rusty Parker 05/16/2012
Love my 2010 F250 Harley edition with the 6.4 and my wifes 2011 F150 Harley edition with the 6.2...I'm Ford and Harley POOR.....lol
Shaun Edwards 05/16/2012
Chapparral leather seats. Duh. Lol
Shaun Edwards 05/16/2012
Chapparral leather seats. Duh. Lol
Tristan Elliott 05/16/2012
Tristan Elliott 05/16/2012
Carl C 05/16/2012
King Ranch!
Luc Jensen 05/16/2012
Ryan Pulcini 05/16/2012
Bad gas mileage
Ricky Vargas 05/16/2012
Like I always say, "If it isn't a FORD, it's just another vehicle".
Luc Jensen 05/16/2012
Tim Johnson, it's only built ford tough with Chevy stuff. Lol
Rico Lerma 05/16/2012
Ford Rules 35 years straight! Truck Leadership! Come see me in King Ranch Country for a great deal! RL.
Jamie Fielder 05/16/2012
Absolutely the exact same radiator cap!!!!!
Mohamed A. Mufeez 05/16/2012
proud owner of 2005 King Ranch
Johnny Johnson 05/16/2012
One of these days I'll own an F250 Diesel Super Duty King Ranch. Truck.
Jimmy Lyons 05/16/2012
Love my King Ranch
Cole Grimsrud 05/16/2012
The same frickin engine
Chuck Nolan 05/16/2012
i am a ford truck man ive beat mine up and still runs great after three hundred thousand miles!!! couldnt give a chevy!
Brian Gliege 05/16/2012
I love my King Ranch!
Sammy Lundell 05/16/2012
Ford Allways...
Mabry P 05/16/2012
First..make no mistake I LOVE FORD..I own a 1932, 1934,1936 ,1940 a 2005 F150 and a 2012 Explorer..having said that.I think Ford has lost sight of what a real buyer wants in a truck ,by restricting options and making the customer get a lot og dodads they really don't want..it is pricing the vehicle out of the reach of many. I liked it when I went to the dealer..looked at the white looseleaf and said..I want this& this etc..I still love you.
Myron Rogers 05/16/2012
They are all built ford tough!
Sheldon Leon Cardinal 05/16/2012
Having major issues with the 2011 F150. Im not too impressed with that truck but my 2008 Escape has been very strong since I got it.
Christopher D Myers 05/16/2012
High Price Tag
Jayson Austin Whitten 05/16/2012
Love king ranch
Robin Nicole Rush 05/16/2012
Tom in almost sank me....I promise there was no one willing to buy it from me....I even went to Ford dealership to trade it in and they offered me $2,000.....kinda a insult to their own product.
Tom Jones 05/16/2012
Ford took a big bailout long before the other manufacturers did and is in bed with the feds more times than anyone else....research please....and the 6.0 diesel is a disaster, way to let Detroit and cummings go!
Patrick Saunders 05/16/2012
Both provide you a truck that you are proud to drive, anywhere, anytime, anyplace :) My Truck, the SVT Ford Raptor 6.2! http://www.atvpt.com/2011fordraptorproject.htm
Robin Nicole Rush 05/16/2012
And what I mean by that...I did push around a broken Ford for a year...the wonderful 2003 6.0 that cost me $10,000 in repairs and still blew the motor. Thanks for that one Ford!!!
Rigo Gonzales 05/16/2012
Ford is the best I hav a 2010 king ranch a 2011 lariet and a 2011 tauras sho Eco boost
Shawn Travis 05/16/2012
I rather have a Ford any day even though I do love my Toyota car.
Robin Nicole Rush 05/16/2012
They both have expensive horses.
Meredith Rekik 05/16/2012
love tim johnsons statemeny, im w/ him...ford all the way babay!!!
Keshauna Fridoulf Dulane Chancellor 05/16/2012
@Tim Johnson: I want to like that x100!! And that goes for the POS foreign trucks. Give me Ford any day :D
Calvin Kennedy 05/16/2012
There built ford tuff. Oh ya whose your Daddy
Madeline Catania Harris 05/16/2012
Brian Sullivan 05/16/2012
Both are too expensive for me to own! LOL!
Tim Johnson 05/16/2012
There both fords, not a government motors product, I'd rather push a broken Ford than drive a new Chevy.
James Chipman 05/16/2012
Rachel Stiltner 05/16/2012
Kurt Engle 05/16/2012
Built Ford tough
Shannon Dunigan 05/16/2012
Neither is a 'Stang! Next!
Greg Watson 05/16/2012
they both are gona have big problems that ford wont stand behind
RaFa Mora 05/16/2012
Everything besides the exquisite interior that was created by the King family Ranch in Texas!!!
Douglas Laws 05/16/2012
love my 2005 F-150 s/c runs good gets great mpg thanks @FORD !!!!!
Trent Halling 05/16/2012
every thing but the badge