Spring into Action With Your Ford!

By Tori T.

While the first official day of spring doesn't necessarily feel like it for most of the U.S., we know that spring lies ahead. For many of us, the change of season means we’re preparing to spend more time outside and likely more time in our Ford vehicles, and even more when the summer months come! So, we’ve put together Ford style tips to help get you in the mood to be sprung for spring!

1. Escape the clutter: What is it about spring being synonymous with cleaning? Well, if you can’t beat it, join it! Take this time to clean out and organize your vehicle. Wadded up fast-food wrappers or other trash thrown in the backseat? Toss it for good. Coins deposited in all the cupholders? Organize them and keep them in one place. And do you really need three sweatshirts in the backseat for just-in-case scenarios? Time to clean out the garage too while you’re at it. We’re just sayin’.

2. Maintenance is your super duty: Did you park/store your Ford for the winter? Time to get it raring to go again. Even if you didn’t park it for the winter, maintenance still pertains; make spring the time of year to always do some basic maintenance, such as checking the fluids, replacing window wiper blades, checking the engine coolant and ensuring your tires are properly inflated.

3. Focus on a wash and wax: Winter is the time that all sorts of gross gunk can accumulate since some people don’t visit the car wash that often, from dirt to road salt and brake dust. Head to the car wash, or even better, get outside and do the deed yourself!

4. Go on an Expedition: We spend far too much time indoors in the winter; time to plan a road trip! Maybe it’s a weekend adventure, or simply a day-long getaway. See the world’s biggest this or smallest that, or simple become an explorer in a part of town you’ve always wanted to see. Or just drive your Ford vehicle to the mountains and go for a hike! Embrace The Great Outdoors. And whatever you decide to do, be sure to post a photo of you and your Ford right here at Ford Social!

5. Fiesta now, no more siesta! We’ve been known to get a little lazier in the winter – it’s cold, so we hibernate and want to just curl up on the couch and stay warm. But now that the world around us is defrosting, we’re looking forward to doing more activities. How about you? Itching to get into the outdoors? Attend car shows? Tell us your spring plans!
test 04/09/2013
Nice Car
Wolodyjowski 04/02/2013
Oooops, Don, do you really think that Fusion is SUV? :-)
Joshua M 03/21/2013
Yep spring has arrived ford,hope to see some great new cars...
Don 03/20/2013
I'm just not a fan of SUVs. Now a Ford Fusion wagon...I'll take one in blue!