Keep Track of Your Fantasy Baseball League From Your Vehicle

By Ford Social Member

It’s that season, America’s favorite pastime: baseball! Wait – make that fantasy baseball. (And nearly 7 million people are playing it.) Yet as with most of the things enjoyed in life, carving out spare moments to partake in said enjoyment can often be difficult, and we all know managing a fantasy team of any kind requires dedication and special attention. That's no problem for owners of some Ford vehicles – if your Ford is equipped with SYNC® with Traffic, Directions and Information (TDI) Services, you can receive weekly player updates, on-demand and hands-free.

Leaders in both the American and National leagues will be read aloud, as will hitting statistics, such as batting average, home runs, RBIs, stolen bases and runs scored, as well as pitching stats, including records, saves and strikeouts. SYNC TDI also connects users to other cloud-based, on-demand, voice-activated information, such as traffic and weather reports, turn-by-turn navigation, news coverage and business searches, all free for the first three years of vehicle ownership. And, of course, there's that sports feature, which includes the Fantasy Update using easy voice commands.

Plus, Ford has taken this service up a notch with all-new offerings for no additional charge to current and future SYNC TDI users, and it’s good stuff: movie listings, horoscopes, stock quotes as well as travel, with a direct connection to 150 airlines, 50 hotel chains and 11 of the largest rental-car companies in the U.S.

Another bonus: SYNC Services offers portability, because the service is mated to the user’s Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, not the vehicle. It can also be utilized when on the move outside the vehicle, accessing the voice-command portal, which provides free access to information for which network service providers usually charge additional fees.

SYNC TDI is available on the 2010-2011 Ford Edge, Escape, Expedition, Explorer, F-Series, Flex, Fiesta, Focus and Fusion; the Mercury Mariner, Milan and Mountaineer; and the Lincoln MKS, MKX, MKZ and Navigator. It’s also available on the 2011 Lincoln MKT.
Aaron Bleuel 06/16/2011
Why would this be anymore distracting than listening to the radio? It's reads to you player updates, stats, etc. You're not staring at the IP the whole time, just listening. I think it's awesome and when football season rolls around you can guarantee that will be the next big thing. Good job FORD, keep up the good work.
Steve Engelman 06/16/2011
Like people need another distraction while driving. Dislike.
Dave Evans 06/16/2011
Yeah... and Ford can get away with promoting this behavior by sticking the legalese line of "Never drive distracted." Right.
Van Pudlo Jr. 06/16/2011
Undistracted driving???
Lee Schooling 06/16/2011
As long u r in ford oth other wize home tun a holden,lol
Thoroughbred Ford 06/16/2011
way too cool
Tom Funke 06/16/2011
My other car is a Haro.
Joe Zendt 06/16/2011
I remember a time when a person got behind the wheel of a car, they were there to safely drive the two ton killing machine...
Jeffrey Terry 06/16/2011
if you get football maybe ill care.
Tom Funke 06/16/2011
Why? Aren't we distracted enough?