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Your Stories


Transporting In Style

Big Shot Bikes bought the Transit last year for our gear. We’ve been touring the U.S. (so far just Colorado) and love it! Comfortable and eye catching – the wrap makes it that much more shocking as well. Driving around in the van with six multi-colored bikes on top sure makes for an interesting commute! Thanks for making our business transportation so much easier and efficient! Read more…


Saved My Dad's Life

Thank you for saving my Father’s life. On the Saturday before Father’s Day, he was hit by a drunk driver while my dad was driving his Ford Expedition. Had he been in any lesser of the car, he would not have been able to walk away without a scratch. Read more…


At 255,000 Miles, This 2001 Ford Taurus Still Keeps Going!

This 2001 Black Ford Taurus believe it or not currently has 255,000 miles on it! It started out as my dad’s company car, and after 140,000 miles we purchased it for $2,100. My mom even drove the car for a while! At 245,000 miles, it blew a head gasket, and we rebuilt the top half of the engine ourselves. It fired back to life, and now has 255,000 miles on it. Read more…

Your Ideas

Console enlarged

There should be more room for a console for a lady’s purse; the shift lever should be on the column where it belongs. Read more…

GT & Probe

Ford really needs to bring back the GT. Right now there's no car that can seriously compete with the Corvette and other cars like that. Also bring back the Ford Probe. Im sure people would love to buy a little sporty FWD car.Read more…

SYNC Macros

Allow the user to create verbal macros for functions of the SYNC system. For instance, you could say the macro 'warm it up', and the SYNC system would crank up the heat and heated seats to your predefined temp, and turn on the heated steering wheel. Read more…

Our Stories


North American C-MAX Update

Good news from the Ford camp, and plenty of it: The production capacity of the electrified vehicle lineup is going to triple through 2013 – to more than 100,000 annually – including higher volumes of the new C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid, vehicles that already have quite a buzz. Read more…


New Colors, Interior Font Among Future Plans for Ford Vehicles

Yeah, yeah, we all hate change, right? Except for good change! And that’s the huge news about future Ford products. Change will be good, because it will include more vehicle colors, improvements and innovations in mobile technology, expanded offerings of safety equipment and improved interior functionality. Here’s a sampling of what’s in store for the Ford family of vehicles. Read more…


What Do Ford and Video Games Have in Common?

You may have noticed several announcements over the past few months pertaining to Ford and gaming. The two have more in common than most people think, and the relationships are growing. In fact, Brian McClary, Ford Social and Emerging Media Specialist, recently attended the E3 Expo where Ford has a sizeable presence. Read more…


Ford Explorer Plays Role in Latest ABC Reality Show

It doesn’t get much more futuristic than this: As Ford increases its presence in Asia, Africa and other markets, the company is using Hollywood avatar animation technology to get a head start on virtual assembly lines. Read more…


Control Mobile Apps With Your Voice for Safer Driving

Based in the grand landscape of Morocco, ABC’s brand new reality-adventure show, “Expedition Impossible”, features teams of everyday people doing extraordinary things as they compete in the adventure of their lives! This is also a story of an extraordinary vehicle doing extraordinary things. Read more…

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Susie Freeman 07/06/2011
I have read some of your articles about Ford automobiles and would like to tell you about our amazing 1988 Ford Bronco II. My husband currently
is using it as his work vehicle. This would not seem unusual but the amazing
part is that our Bronco II has it's original motor and it had as of 15 minutes ago,759,817 miles on it. Pretty amazing, huh!
Rachel G. 07/02/2011
I love my 1997 Ford Escort wagon, 125,000 miles. But I was planning/hoping to replace it with the Focus wagon that Ford sells in Europe. Now I'm looking at other car manufacturers simply because Ford won't/doesn't sell in the USA what it sells overseas. What's up with that? If I knew how to import one I'd consider it. Or if Ford wants to test it here I'd gladly volunteer to drive one.
Paul Brant 06/29/2011
Is Ford working on a mid size SUV like the Edge with a diesel engine as an option? We currently drive the Edge as a company car and it performs well. A diesel version would get better mileage and also be able to use the new biodiesel fuel options currently being developed such as the biodiesel from algea. Please let me know what plans Ford has around creative destruction of it's products. In other words, making the current products even better for the consumers and the environment. This product improvement would decrease the carbon footprint of many companies who use Ford products every day which would be a win win for everyone.
Brian Kargela 06/27/2011
I'm quite disappointed that we here in America are without any sort of update to the Ranger. I've seen different updated variants of the Ranger in Finland and Austrailia which to me seem way better than what we have here. What's the holdup Ford?!
Orion Roen 06/26/2011
we got a 93 ford ranger at auction for 3,200 dollars. almost like new 42,000 miles on it.
Orion Roen 06/26/2011
I wish the "Ford Ranger" came with a four door option. That would be great. Room for the whole family and good gas mileage!
Devenshaw 06/26/2011
When if the Ford Ka car coming stats side?
Will Klein 06/26/2011
98 f150 destroyed duramax in a pull of ford truck has 303000 miles on it and not a problem in the world firs is the best and always will be
Aaron Hawks 06/26/2011
build a new thunderbird
Austin Zellmer 06/25/2011
I have 3 fords as of now and I will say its the most reliable vehicle that you can buy. Used to have a 82 f150 that I bought for 300 bucks. The odometer had rolled over about five or six times and it still had tons of life in it, never had a day that it didn't start. Since this first experience I have been hooked. I would like to say that Ford really needs to bring back manuals for trucks, there just more fun.
Gary Lum 06/25/2011
can you build a better 5.0 litre that not pack to tight had to take the themos ac air cleaner hoses brackets off. Just to get the power steering pipes in. Keep it simple, 207 dollars for the part unbeliveable.
Maurice 06/25/2011
Why they don't make a sport track 4x4 with a diesel engine 3.7L ? I see those kinds of trucks all over south america Toyota tacoma diesel. You can not beat that, everyone will want one. Come on Ford Look Around You Everyone is tired of fuel prices.
Jared Rock 06/24/2011
why not bring back the real powerstroke (7.3l) and some true big block power (460). That's when real trucks were made. Nobody had to defend Ford then!!!
Tyler Dunlap 06/24/2011
I have noticed the price problem as well. Just to get an XLT F-250 with the 6.7 brings the price to around $50,000. When I can equip a Ram 2500 with a Cummins and a G56, terrible tranny but the only manual on the market, comparably for about 4-5 thousand less. I am trying to be loyal to my brand here, but the price difference, and lack of the good ole ZF, is making it hard.
Rod Ruffcut 06/24/2011
The only story I want to hear is that FORD is creating more JOBS in the U.S.A. I am tired of trying to defend FORD against all of those "Americans" that drive foreign car and say my car is more American than FORD. Ford you just said "thanks for you help all of your help we could not have done it with out you" so how about a little help form you?
Caleb Hanson 06/24/2011
I'll continue buying my cars 10 years old so some other sucker takes the depreciation hit
Wayne Mayo 06/24/2011
who wnats to haul wood in a $65-70K truck?
Ron Kennedy 06/24/2011
@ Ryan, I know your pain buddy. Sure was worth the hefty sticker price wasn't it? Here's a story ford, I junked your truck and bought a duramax.
Ron Kennedy 06/24/2011
Actually Braden , chevy now beats ford in reliability. Jd power says so
Brandon Nelson 06/24/2011
I'd like a lightweight mid engined rwd platform with a 500 horse n/a coyote around the z06's price. Something that doesn't have to skimp on chassis design and weight reduction to make the entry level affordable to the masses. A flagship. Probably not enough money in it for you guys, but it's what I want.
Brayden Martindale 06/24/2011
Ford is the ONLY domestic auto maker I'd even CONSIDER paying money for. Ford quality and relability beats Chevy and Chrysler every day of the week!
Henry Klassen 06/24/2011
I have an idea ford. Forget about being the technology leader and get your number 1 quality rating back.
Mel Walters 06/24/2011
"MYFORDTOUCH" by Microsoft needs CTR, ALT, DEL tabs so it can be re-booted!
Mel Walters 06/24/2011
Always dreaded "Jobbie Nooner" at Gull Island / lake Saint Clair!
Wayne Mayo 06/24/2011
Love Fords but lower prices everything worth having is $40k or more gee trucks $ 65-70k that's crazy!
At 255,000 Miles, This 2001 Ford Taurus Still Keeps Going!
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