Happy Friday from Ford Social!

By Tori T.

TGIF! And TGIW (weekend)! What a busy week at Ford Social! The number of Your Ideas submitted had us wondering what’s in the water; there were some great suggestions! And Your Stories about how you believed being in a Ford protected you in a crash overwhelmed us. And keep those stories of high-mileage Fords coming! Your feedback on the Ford Social badges has also been awesome—glad you’re enjoying collecting them!

Check out some of the other cool stuff that happened on Ford Social this week below! You'll notice it's been quite the busy week for the Super Duty!

Your Stories


365,000 and Still Running Strong

I have a 1998 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer with 365,000 miles and still runs great. Read more...


My F-150 Saved My Life

On 02/27/12 I was on my way home from work when an SUV (not a Ford) pulled out in front of me in my 94 Ford F-150. I had no time to do anything except hit the brakes and unable to get Oh Lord out before impact. Was one of the most horrible feelings I have ever had. When it was all over I couldn’t believe I wasn’t injured only adrenaline going wild. Read more...


What a Buy

On March 24 I purchased a 1999 Ford F 150 4×4 for the sum of $100.00. Read more...


My Little Friend

My 2003 Focus Zetec S is a friend and business partner. It has 193k on the clock, it sees between 200-500 miles per day, it sees track days, and car shows. Read more...

Your Ideas

Suicide Doors

With Ford making another revision for the 2014-2015 Ford Mustang (Or so I hear). It'd be a wise idea to make a change in the way people get in and out of their vehicle. I can't say how many times I've exited and entered my mustang with friends in the back, only to look at my F-150 and say, man... suicide doors would be great here - it'd solve a lot of problems. Read more...

Six-Speed Manual Trans

The entire Focus line up needs a 6 speed manual trans option. I as well as others in this type of market, enjoy shifting gears. Read more...

Glowing Ford Logo in EV Mode

The front and back Ford logo should glow when the hybrid or electric vehicle is in EV mode. Read more...

New Bronco

I believe now is a good time to renew the old ford Bronco. Read more...

Our Stories


Get Ready for the First Look at a New 2013 Ford Super Duty Model

Want to be among the first to see the new 2013 F-Series Super Duty, including an all-new model in the lineup? In addition to seeing the new model, we’ll also introduce a great new feature inside the cab. Aroused your curiosity? Good! Read more...


Platinum Coming to Super Duty

From its bold mesh-detailed grille to its exclusive satin-chrome tailgate applique, the new 2013 Ford Super Duty Platinum clearly communicates your hardworking ethic and recognizes your platinum level of success. Read more...


Ford Social Fans Get VIP Treatment at ESPN Bash

A few weeks ago, two Ford consumers and fans, Harry Risher and Branislav Jordavinic got the kind of special treatment Ford fanatics deserve. During the weekend of football’s biggest game, ESPN the Magazine held an exclusive party in Indianapolis. It featured everything from an interactive, touch-screen Mustang customizer to a special musical performance. There would be sports heros there, and we wanted some Ford Social fans there, too! Read more...


New Ford Escape Stars in Escape Routes on NBC

It’s ready for its close-up…. The all-new Ford Escape, that is! It will be featured in the new TV reality show “Escape Routes,” debuting March 31, 2012, on NBC and Telemundo’s mun2. Read more...
N. R 03/10/2012
@Randy Go figure, you blame the engineers for designing a system you obviously don't know how to use, and then you get pissed at Ford for "service" when in fact that's a dealer issue. And all over a broken defroster, which makes the car "unsafe" I don't buy it.
Tony Portelli 03/10/2012
Randy there vare FORDS on this earth to keep all you whingers from driving them, so get out out!
J.w. Crouch 03/09/2012
My dealer left me waiting for my car because they were not paying attention to what was going on in the service deparment.
Avery Confer 03/09/2012
thats a dealer fault not a company fault sir or ma'am. ford actually got an award for most ethical company for the last 2 years including this year. a claim gm and dodge cant make. im sure if ford knew they would not be proud of the actions of your dealership.
Thomas Tickle 03/09/2012
just because your dealership sucks doesn't mean they all do!
Kenneth 03/09/2012
good day
scott 03/09/2012
randy go to another dealer AND go on a road test with a tech and show them the problem and what it is doing,sometimes communication like this is the best. there may be a legit issue or it may be a characteristic of the car,or have them compare to a like car. don't let some thing like this get you down on this car it may be simple fix. hope this helps
Danny Feinberg 03/09/2012
Try a differnent dealer.
Sameer Zia Khatib 03/09/2012
happy birthday figo
Randy Fagan 03/09/2012
Would be much happier if Ford was'nt trying to egt out of honboring their warranty on my 2011 Ford Focus that I purchased in Nov of 2011. I't don't defrost right, I get a v shape just to the left of the driver. I've done nothing but get the runaround from Ford and my local dealer. It's unsafe and can cause a deadly accident. I have to stop and scrape it off if the elements are bad and were getting blowing snow and cold. A genius of af an engineer suggested they put a remote starter on so I could run it for a half hour begore driving it (GAS at 4 a gallon, thats real brilliant and not to mention it still does it when you drive). Guess I'm going to have to go see a lawyer just to protect myself in case I get in a deadly accident. I've owned 3 new Windstars, 2 new f-150's and this Focuse, never again will I buy Ford because of their service. It's sad they treat loyal customers like this.
What A Buy
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