Five Ford Vehicles Made the 200,000-Mile List

By Tori T.

When you think about buying a vehicle, what factors in? Fuel economy? Technology? Comfort? Performance? What about longevity?

Five Ford models were recently highlighted in a study that set 200,000 miles as a longevity milestone. analyzed 30 million cars for sale on its website, looking for long-lasting makes and models.

Pickups and SUVs topped the results, with the Ford F-250 Super Duty® coming in at number one in longevity. The study revealed that of the vehicles that had more than 200,000 miles, 4.2 percent were an F-250. The other Ford models in the top 20 were the Expedition, Explorer and F-150.

Phong Ly, cofounder and CEO of, noted that this research shows that today’s car owners like to see how far they can take their cars, though there are still those who replace their cars every two to five years. included with its report a few thoughts on why trucks and SUVs topped the list . For example, it noted that work trucks are more likely to be better maintained.

Do you have six figures showing on the odometer in your Ford? We want to hear about it! Submit the details and even a photo to Ford Social, and make it part of Your Stories .
I drive a 97 explorer 4x4 4.0 ohv and 5 Speed trans with 215,000 miles and it starts the first time every time. My brother is in the same boat with his 2001 Ranger 2.3, he is somewhere around 235,000. It is all in how you maintain it! thanks Ford
Brent Eickhoff 07/11/2014
I believe you may have misinterpreted the article when you said, "The study revealed that of the vehicles that had more than 200,000 miles, 4.2 percent were an F-250."Actually, I think the that the study found that, of all the F-250s on the road, 4.2 percent have over 200k miles. That is actually even more impressive because it is not a byproduct of the large volume of sales.
John 06/03/2014
I drive a 2000 explorer xlt, original 4.0 engine and 5 speed automatic. 210,000+ miles. Runs like new.
Five Ford Vehicles Made the 200,000-Mile List
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