Family Bonds: Our Daily Drivers Bring Us Together

By Becks D.

In today’s busy world, finding time to bond with our family is becoming harder and harder. Whether you’re restoring an old truck or simply taking the kids to and from school, family and Ford go together. And those precious moments on the morning commute are just as important as taking pride in making the paint shine.

Today, we’re sharing fan-submitted stories about family. Were you born into a Ford family or, as in Baby Miranda’s case, actually born IN a Ford? Join us in the conversation and share your Ford story .

Family Tradition

Michael J. remembers a story his grandfather used to spin about having the first Mustang in the Akron area. That orange 1964 convertible became an icon in the family and has spawned many other Mustang-lovers.

Little Car, Big Shuttle

Jeff H. loves the looks and performance of his Focus but is equally happy that it’s the perfect vehicle for a school run. It fits his three kids and all the gear that goes along with them.

Father and Son Time!

A 1997 F-150 brings quality time to Brian R. and his son. Between cleaning, polishing, and cruising, this truck has created many priceless moments for a father and his 8-year-old.

Our Baby Girl is Built Ford Tough!

When Tiffany M. went into labor she still had a 25-mile drive to the hospital. Baby Miranda was born in their Expedition and the story of her birth will be shared with the family for years.